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Doddabetta Peak Located at an altitude of meters, Doddabetta Peak is the highest peak in the Nilgiris. At the junction of Western and Eastern Ghats, it is around 10 km away from Ooty.

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Covered by dense sholas, this peak is trekkers favourite point. The view fro the top of the peak is absolutely mesmerising, there is a telescope house at the peak with two telescopes presenting captivating view of the valley around. Rich flora and fauna here add on to the overall charm of Doddabetta Peak.

kachampuli in bangalore dating

Wenlock Downs Ooty Over 80 acres of lush green landscapes also housing Hindustan Photo Films Company presents vast spread of greenery and calm environment. A walk here, amid the soothing touch of nature and its calm surroundings with nothing but the sound of birds and leaves hustling as the wind passes by, is something that will make your Ooty tour complete. The sight of sheeps grazing and long stretch of eucalyptus trees is sure to mesmerise you. Ooty Lake One of the most important parts of every Ooty tour, Ooty lake is indeed a place to visit.

This lake is popular for boating. Tourists can be seen enjoying a refreshing ride on its serene waters. There is boating house located near the lake offering a wide array of boats on hire. Cycling by the side of lake is also worth experiencing. There are also a few shops located around the lake, selling various locally made items.

This national park boasts of many wild animals and rich avian fauna along with equally rich flora. It has also been declared as a tiger reserve as it is home to approximately 50 tigers. If interested one can also find accommodation as many guest houses are offered by the Forest Department at different location of the park.

It is situated around 25 km away from Ooty. A beautiful lake offering an ideal place for picnic where you can relax and spend some quality time with your loved one. Tea plantation surrounding add on to the overall beauty of the lake. The view of sunrise and sunset from here is breathtaking and not to be missed. Wax World Ooty Located at a distance of 2 km from center of the town, Wax World is definitely as place to see in Ooty.

Many real-like statues of great Indian personalities have been displayed here. Abdul Kalam and many more.

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Replica of local people and their living styles has been been displayed here. Spread over 55 acres of land, this garden is divided into five different sections such as Fern House, Lower Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory and Nurseries.

The flower show conducted here as a part of Ooty Summer festival is a major attraction. Another popular attraction of Botanical Garden is the Fossil Tree Trunk that is said to be around 20 million years old. The wide variety of plants here are worth exploring. Developed as a picnic spot, this place is ideal to come and relax while admiring the scenic beauty of the waterfall and greenery around. There is boat house and a restaurant can be found also near the waterfall, where you can enjoy snacks while the beauty of pristine streams of water mesmerises you.

The surrounding area is also popular for Toda settlements. This waterfall can be reached via a trek of 2 mile from Kalahatti village. It is believed that great Hindu saint Agastya has once lived here.

With its rich avian fauna, it is often visited by bird watchers as well. Its scenic beauty is sure to leave you spellbound. Kamraj Sagar Dam A popular place for picnics and film shooting, this dam is situated around 10 km from Ooty bus stand.

kachampuli in bangalore dating

Also known with the name of Sandynallah Reservoir, this dam offer peaceful environment with beautiful surrounding where tourists can spend some time at ease. Along with being a popular picnic spot, it is also visited by tourists for bird watching as well as for fishing. It is a popular site for researchers who come to study environment.

Mukurthi National Park A part of Nilgiri Bio reserve, Mukurthi National Park promises a memorable time to everyone amid its enthralling scenic beauty and rich nature. Spread across 80 sq. On some days it was luncheon meat, on others it was salami and sometimes even ham and chicken loaf. Bacon and sausages were reserved for weekends when we had time for a longer breakfast served with scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs and toast, all made in butter.

Although pork as meat was never cooked at home, no breakfast was ever complete without dried, cured, or smoked parts of the pig. I daresay my ardour started there.

In many parts of India, pork has acquired a cult following. There are pop-ups and Facebook pages dedicated to it.

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To be fair, there is little that can compare with the melt-in-the-mouth scrumptiousness of roast pork belly. Till I spoke to historian Kurush Dalal. One position assumed is, that while Hindus like the Rajputs and warrior classes may eat wild boar, the local pig is reputed to be a filthy, scavenging animal that wallows in muck and litter and has accordingly been deemed inedible.

It proffers that ancient Hindus, respecting the canonical embargo on pork by their Muslim brethren, sacrificed eating pork to create harmony and unanimity. That said, there are still large parts of India where pork remains customary, like Goa, Kerala, all of the north-eastern states and even Karnataka. My first taste of pork outside of charcuterie was Pork Vindaloo and Pork Sorpotel, both Goan preparations full of red spices and vinegar. My granddad was big on seeking out authentic food and bringing it home.

To my young palate it was a masala like no other. Distinctly different from the north Indian gravies and Maharashtrian curries, the vindaloo was robust yet nuanced. The vinegar gave it a racy acidity and sourness unmistakably different from the tartness of lemon.


And the meat was so salty, gamey and above all fatty. This is a meat so versatile,you can turn it into cold cuts, juicy roasts, curries, or chips! Pxhere The most commonly available pork dish in the Continental restaurants of Mumbai in those days was Ham Steak Singapore — a huge slab of the cured meat, caramelised with cloves and pineapple. You could also order a pork chop with apple sauce.

Faraway Bassein now called Vasai also had streets lined with pork shops, to feed the large population of East Indian Christians there.