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kino dating

Friday, October 13, at PM – PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. 1 rue oscar II. Show Map. Hide Map. Get Directions · About. About. Kino dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. If you are a middle-aged woman. Quick Definition: The physical escalation of kinesthetics (kino) with a serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in.

Depends on the situation. I will start touching her hair. It really, really turns women on when their hair is touched in a sexual manner. If for some reason the gal is still very nervous or seems unresponsive, I will skip the hair touching. If things are going well between us, I will caress her face.

kino dating

Just for a few seconds, then pull away. Usually more than once but never more than two or three times. It it feels gooooood for both of us. When we wrap up the date and say our goodbyes, then I will give her a big hug.

I will NOT kiss her. Kissing is a big topic but suffice it to say in my extensive testing, kissing a chick on a first date where sex does not occur actually reduces the odds of you ever having sex with her.

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, and I have had sex with women I did kiss on the first date when the sexual fires between us were just unbearable, but those were the unusual exceptions.

Worry about kissing on the second date when you going to escalate all the way to sex. The second date is a completely different story. Traditionally, men are expected to take the risks and lead the way through the entire series of physical steps towards sex. This gives the girl the power to reject him at any step on the way. Although you must be the one who takes the steps, you do not have to take the risks.

If you understand how to move smoothly from one step to the next you can avoid these issues altogether. Time frame Kino escalation starts in the Attraction phases and continues all the way to Sex.

How To Touch A Girl During Daytime Interactions - Getting Physical

Try to get physical right from the beginning, as soon as you know there is attraction, and then continue escalating slowly over a number of hours. The escalation is based on her comfort level, not on any time limit. Your comfort level as the man is not really an issue. You need to limit your kino escalation according to the location you are in. Otherwise you may embarrass the girl and lower her social value, which will only reduce her comfort instead of increasing it.

If she is with her friends or in a public venue only light kino may be appropriate. To go further, into mid and heavy kino, you should first isolate the girl or move her to a more private venue. For most kino escalation steps you should be sitting down next to her, on a couch or similar area.

This opens up the most options. The best time to go for an escalation is when she is at an emotional highpoint, or you can create the mood you want as part of the kino routine. Be aware that a girl who likes you will often touch you a lot to help build the physical connection. The girl may also skip ahead to a later kino escalation step than the one you were on, in which case you can also skip ahead to that step by reciprocating her touch.

Whenever the girl escalates, you can consider all lower levels of kino to be unlocked. Furthermore, the girl may also drop hints that she wants you to escalate, such as looking at your lips to indicate that she wants to be kissed. Make sure that you are open for anything and take it as far as it will go that night.

Kino steps There are a certain number of kino escalation steps in the game plan.

kino dating

There are only so many things you can do to advance your relationship physically. It is important to memorize these steps. You do not need to do all of them, but there is a particular order to them. In essence, you start with neutral, playful touch and step by step increase the intimacy of your touch without making her too uncomfortable.

Light kino Start first with light kino to break the initial physical barrier. This is short, almost incidental kino that you can use in a public setting. You focus on the most public parts of her body: Your touch should be friendly and playful, the same way that you would touch your buddies.

It makes her feel more comfortable and shows her that you are physically compatible. Keep it light and do not linger.

kino dating

As long as you keep things playful she will not resist the touch, as opposed to you trying to take something from her. Here are a few examples: Greeting — When you are introduced to a girl that is a good opportunity to start breaking down the physical barrier. Rather than going for a regular handshake, introduce yourself in a way that immediately sets you apart and makes her remember you.

For example, by giving her the rock or some other special greeting that you have made up.

Three Basic Guidelines for Kino - Seduction Tips, Dating Grils, Pickup Lines, Style

Accidental arm touch — While talking to her you can lightly brush against her arm. Emphasis — You can touch her arm with the back of your hand to emphasize a point in the conversation. Shoulder touch — Briefly touch her shoulder while speaking, as if pulling her in to hear you better.

Poking — Lightly tap her arm or shoulder to reclaim her attention if it temporarily wanders. Patting — When the girl says something even remotely uncool, you can pat her on the shoulder and shake your head. Palm reading — Put out your hand with the palm up and tell the girl to give you her hand.

When she gives it, study her palm intently and gently trace the lines in her palm with your finger. Then, give her a look as if you now have her figured out and let go of her hand. When she asks what you saw, make something up that leads the interaction forward. Short handholding — Another cold reading routine you can use when you have her hand is to place two fingers on her wrist, as if checking her pulse.

The heart never lies.

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Thumb-wrestling — This is a great game to use when challenging the girl to do something. You always want to win. High five — Can be used for instance to highlight a commonality you share. Mid kino After she is comfortable with light kino you progress to mid kino. This kino is still playful, but a bit more intimate and overt.

You can now go for slightly more private body parts such as her back, waist and legs. At this level longer touches can also be introduced. However, before you do it is a good idea to perform a short or incidental kino escalation move around that area first, to test her comfort level before you go for a longer touch.

For instance, you can let your leg brush against hers, or gently tap her thigh while making a point, to see if she would be comfortable with longer kino on her legs.

kino dating

Here are some more mid kino escalation examples: Tickling — Start tickling her and get into a tickle fight. Any physical play like this is great for building comfort. Arm-in-arming — As you are walking you can lock arm in arm with her to escort her. Hugging — Can be used for instance to reward her when she has done something good. Hand on her leg — Put your hand on her knee. Then, when she expects that is all you will do you squeeze her knee, going from sensual to playful in an instant.

Hand on your leg — Take her hand and place it on your leg. Dancing — If you have a dance floor you can take advantage of that to get some serious kino going. Hand play — Let your fingers play with her hand. Keep in mind that as with most kino escalation this is just subtext.

Your conversation should not reflect what you are doing. Soft touch — Run your fingertips slowly over the backside of her hand, her inner arm or neck. This touch can feel really good.

kino dating

Caressing back — Put your hand on her back and start caressing her. Then, when she expects you to be sensual you go back to being playful by tickling her or snapping her bra. Stomach touch — While you talk about fitness you can give her a compliment on her flat stomach as you slide your hand over it. When you do this you can get a sense for whether she would be comfortable with a longer touch around that area, such as having your hand around her waist.

Heavy kino When she is comfortable with mid kino you can move on to heavy kino. This includes more intimate areas — such as her neck and facial area: Note that this is still comfort building. Heavy kino does not include erogenous zones such as her breasts, crotch or inner thighs. Those areas are not paid any direct attention until Foreplay, where the intent is sexual arousal. Making out can arouse you, so make sure not to cross the line until you are at a seduction location.

As with mid kino, you can go for incidental touches first before you go for more overt ones.