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Whistle-blower Reveals How "Laglag-Bala" Scammers Pick their Victims at NAIA

My conspiracy is that the laglag bala scam is how the old election date is near. the admin needs something to divert attention away from any. A scam in the Philippines, which allegedly sees bullets dropped into the luggage of Called '"tanim bala" (which means planting bullets) it has meant Rico Hizon, the origins of bullets could date back to a Philippine folk. OFWs demand an end to the 'laglag bala' scam that has victimized To date, the petition has more than 6, supporters. "Laglag.

Recent cases of alleged bullet scam at NAIA The cases in NAIA are widely believed to be a scam, with airport police and security personnel accused of framing passengers so they could extort from them. This has since been called laglag-bala or dropping bullet into a bag or tanim-bala, planting bullet into a bag.

How to curb laglag-bala modus and airport extortion Sincethe Office for Transportation Security OTS said it has recorded 6, incidents wherein passengers were caught with ammunition in their luggage. DOTC'S Jun Abaya says anyone proven guilty of participating in the laglag-bala scheme will face imprisonment of up to 40 years. But there is still no evidence to prove the presence of a syndicate behind the supposed laglag-bala scam.

For the year, we have 1, to date. Although he did not directly answer the number of possible laglag-bala cases his office is investigating, Abaya said: A single case merits government attention.

Overseas Filipinos demand end to 'laglag bala' scam

Wrongly charged is unjust. Many people claim that they have been unable to get the identities of the airport personnel who questioned them and extorted money from them. Make sure that you are able to get their names, by hook or by crook.

'Tanim-bala' scam sa NAIA, panoorin

You have the right to check their IDs and verify that they are, indeed, airport security personnel. Ask for a screenshot of your baggage showing the bullet inside of it. Do not forget to ask for a screenshot of your bag while it is inside the scanner, showing that there is indeed a bullet in your bag. No screenshot, no investigation.

You have the right to remain silent. Section 12 of the Philippine Bill of Rights in the Constitution clearly states that you have the right to remain silent. If the airport security personnel are pressuring you to admit that you own the bullet, remain silent. Do not make any statements without the presence of your lawyer. Ask for the supervisor of the NAIA security personnel. DO NOT allow the security personnel to open your bags without the presence of their supervisor.

Ask for the supervisor first. Also remember that the people with you will also serve as witnesses of the incident. Wait for your lawyer before opening your bag. DO NOT open your bag without the presence of a lawyer. Even before you go to the airport, make sure that you already have a lawyer you can call in case you get victimized by the laglag bala scammers.

Let the airport security personnel open the bag for you. Request for fingerprinting on the spot. If your fingerprints are not on the bullet that was found on your luggage, you can file charges against the airport security personnel for all the hassle they have caused you and you will be entitled to financial compensation for the disturbance and lost time.

They will also be the ones who will pay for your new flight. Do not let police officers set the bail for you. He has no idea how the bullet or bullets got into his luggage. It is only if he refuses to pay and is detained and charges filed against him can he subsequently utilize the services of the PAO and volunteer lawyers.

But he still pays the heavy price.

Abaya on laglag-bala woes: Review Firearms and Ammunition Act

He misses his flight, probably loses his job, is subjected to more investigations, has to attend court hearings and faces other hassles and inconveniences as the result of being a victim of this scam. Essentially, it is the broad discretionary power given to government prosecutors to proceed or not to proceed in prosecuting cases or to lessen the charges that are filed.

While I acquired my law degree in the U. The head of all prosecutors in the Philippines is the Secretary of the Department of Department of Justice. Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa is currently the newly appointed Secretary. The President can order Department Heads to follow a certain policy if these orders serve the public interests and is consistent with legal principles.

Unlike in the U. Create policies that make sense; protect citizens from indiscriminate non-judicious application of the law; implement humanitarian considerations; utilize limited government resources for more important priorities.

How to Avoid the Laglag Bala Scam at NAIA

For example, in some states, mere possession of Marijuana is a crime. But the Attorney Generals of some of these states, utilizing the principle of Prosecutorial Discretion, have issued general directives to prosecutors and law enforcement personnel that simple possession for medical or recreational purposes and not for sale will no longer be prosecuted.

Not only did this judicious exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion keep many good citizens from being arrested, getting jail time, having criminal records, spending money for lawyers and facing other hassles, but it also saved a lot of money for these states and freed prosecutors to utilize their time on more serious crimes. On the basis of Prosecutorial Discretion, the Head of the U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also issued general directives to prosecutors and agents not to proceed to arrest or deport undocumented immigrants when obvious humanitarian considerations are present, but to prioritize the use of limited government resources to go after criminal aliens.

This eventually led to the US Supreme Court declaring same sex marriages as legal.

Prosecutorial discretion can quickly stop ‘tanim bala’ scam

Fil-Am lawyer dictating to Philippine officials what to do. I am simply humbly wanting to help my fellow human beings, that is, keeping innocent outgoing passengers from being hassled and victimized.

It shows how government can use an important legal principle as a policy making tool now and in the future to prevent corrupt law enforcers and regulators from abusing existing laws. Citizens of the Philippines encounter this abuse of the laws by corrupt government personnel in their everyday lives. Laws are implemented without utilizing common sense and fairness principles when used for corruption purposes. I draw from my experience as a lawyer officially certified by the California State Bar as an expert on Immigration Law continuously for more than 25 years now, as well as being a human rights lawyer, to provide whatever help I can give to my fellow human beings and country of origin, offering an effective proven way to solve this serious problem.

I know from experience that the principle of Prosecutorial Discretion, when utilized by government prosecutors acting in good faith, really makes a big difference in bringing about order and justice in many situations. The intent of the law that makes the possession of bullets a criminal offense whether by airline passengers, or in some other contexts, was for a good purpose, just like so many other laws.

It is meant to prevent shootings that cause death or injuries. This law was certainly not meant to be used by scammers to extort money and hassle innocent people. The whole purpose of airport screenings and scrutiny of passengers and luggage is to detect deadly weapons and explosives that threaten the safety and security of passengers and crew.

Obviously, a few bullets by themselves without a gun are not deadly weapons. This is more obviously so with bullets that have been converted to amulets.