Learning to be patient when dating

3 Ways to Learn Patience in a Relationship - wikiHow

learning to be patient when dating

Don't lose your cool this summer. We've got expert advice on how to stay calm and loving in all facets of your life. The other is about being patient with the person you fell in love with. Make the most of the time you are dating people. In the process, you learn more about yourself in the context of a relationship and what does and doesn't work for you. Being patient in a relationship when you really like someone can be daunting. them and not being intimate with them until at least the third date, for example.

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  • How to Be Patient in a New Relationship
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Some couples are going along, thinking everything is perfect, until a discussion over a pack of gum leads them to discover they have conflicting points of views on something that will be crucial to them getting along.

Give yourself enough time to turn over every stone. Those things will not wait for you. Somebody else will get promoted at work and somebody else will step in to hang out with your BFF. You need to make a point of balancing it all from the beginning. And spending six nights a week with a guy does not let you do that.

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Point of view Remember, you see the world through your frame of reference; your past experiences, your memories, your upbringing, your traumas and so forth. Our intuition gets us far in life, but when it comes to love, our emotions are the one thing that can lead us astray. But these fears all tend to be louder than our rational thoughts.

learning to be patient when dating

The bigger the decision, the more time you should allow for your emotions to subside before you make it.

There will be rent and mortgages and bills and in-laws and children and health insurance to argue about.

learning to be patient when dating

Think about that when picking your battles. Life will give you issues. And you could see the two of you being happy for a few years.

learning to be patient when dating

What about beyond that? Could you see this man stepping up his game if life gets difficult? Could you see yourself happy to hang out with him every day?

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Could you see the two of you living harmoniously under the same roof? Even if you are constantly thinking about your partner but you want to be patient, finding another activity will distract you from the thought of them. Sometimes waiting for the next contact can be like waiting for Christmas morning when you were a child, but it could keep them interested in you.

Put the Situation into Perspective Taking a moment to put the relationship into perspective will help you realize what the next step should be.

How I learned to get over being impatient while dating

If you have only dated a person a few times but you want to see them every moment, you are probably feeling infatuation, not love. While it is difficult for many people to be rational in relationships, taking the time to realize that you need to know someone better before taking the next step can improve your patience.

Intimacy Finding the nonsexual joys in your partner can help you be patient if you are waiting for the right time to sleep with them. Avoiding any intimate situations so that you can prevent the temptation will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed with impatient desire. On a date, for example, go for a walk in the park or go out for dinner. Ending the date without inviting your partner inside will decrease your desire and help you be more patient.

Follow Your Impulses Instead When you feel like you want to go against the conventions of waiting for a few days to call or wait for him to call, follow your impulses.