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Matchday, Date, Venue, For, vs. Result, Pos. International Friendlies. 8/14/13, H, Indonesia · Philippines · , LM, 1, 90'. Asian Cup qualification. Group C. Jul 5, Stefano Lilipaly. Date of Birth (Age): Jan 10, (28). Place of Birth: Netherlands Philippines · , LM, 1, 90'. Asian Cup qualification. Stefano Yantje Lilipaly (born 10 January ) is a Indonesian professional footballer who August in a win against the Philippines, when he made an assist for Greg Nwokolo. Date, Venue, Opponent, Score, Result, Competition.

But that tradition is not really followed by most Filipinos anymore. Though there are still some who follows it.

These days, they usually allow the man to meet their parents after they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend which we will tackle on the latter part of this article. Others still even consider this as a very sweet gesture. Nowadays, people are more lenient and open-minded with PDAs but of course, there are still some limitations. Compared to the western culture, Public Displays of Affection in the Philippines are still pretty conservative.

This is where the Filipino cultural background plays a part. Filipinos are accustomed to couples holding hands. Hugging and cuddling while in public is also widely accepted and could still attract a few stares from other people.

But of course, there are couples who can be a bit excessive with their hugging and cuddling. Kissing is already quite accepted but not really. But something beyond that would not only turn heads but would also make foreheads frown. Most Filipinos were brought up with religious values as they were growing up, and that is definitely a good thing. Because that means they put the highest value when it comes to family and relationships.

From her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, and some would even include their neighbors.

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When you do meet her parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, don't forget to mano. Since good men seems harder to find these days. Respect her religious beliefs and traditions. Filipinos are known all over the world as being one of the most religious nationalities. Respect and be open minded about her religion. Be kind and be respectful towards her family. Filipinos were raised to be family oriented. They value family more than anything else in the world. Learn some sweet words from her dialect.

A little effort can go a long way. The most common gifts are huge teddy bears, flowers, chocolates, etc. But the best thing to do if you want to give out something to her is if you give her family a present or treat them to a tour.

Have a sense of humor. Being able to make a girl laugh is always one of the most attractive thing a guy could have. Filipino women are conservative by nature.

Always remember that Filipino women are conservative. Filipino women are very conservative. Filipinos are raised in a different culture. The best thing to do is to just make her comfortable while hanging out with you. Always have a good smell and hygiene. This is pretty obvious. If you want to have a good impression on her and her family, smelling good and looking neat is a must!

Remember, first impressions lasts. It is a common knowledge that dating sites are a dwelling place for scammers and catfishers. People in online dating sites are most likely to make rash decisions because strong feelings and emotions are in the air. But some of these people still manage to get through our ever watchful eyes.

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Characteristics of a scammer and how to avoid them: They have a vague dating profile. If you notice that their profile is as plain as the dessert, stay away from that profile immediately.

A real person would take time in filling out their online dating profile since they want to attract the person that they want to meet. They constantly avoid answering questions about them. This characteristic is definitely a major red flag in online dating.

They request to borrow money from you.

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This is a big no-no! If this ever happens to you, stop making contact immediately! Their dating profile is just too good to be true. Always watch out for people whose profile is kind of next to perfect.

One way is to search for them in social media sites, make sure they also have accounts there. Another is to do a Google Image Search. Doing a little research could actually give you the chance to prevent heartaches in the future. Their stories are inconsistent. There will be times when a person just slips out and with this simple slip, a red flag would most likely be raised and waved.

It might be because they wanted to get some money out of you or just ashamed of what they are. A person would eventually come and love you the way you are.