Line matrix printer tenders dating

line matrix printer tenders dating

Il I 8/lT CelI/AMC (Lipi Printers)/e-tender/20 I Office of tlre L p Line Matrix Printer L Start date for downloadine bid documents. Supply of Line Matrix Printer as per NIT. has been closed on 28 May Bid Submission Start Date: May PM, Bid Submission End Date. West Bengal Tender - Supply And Installation Of Lipi-Make Heavy Duty High Speed Line Matrix Printer Tender Posted on: 10 Aug, Tender Due Date.

The bidders shall upload the scanned copies of all the relevant certificates, documents etc. The bidder shall attach all the required documents for the specific tender after uploading the same during the bid submission as per the tender notice and bid document. The system would only authenticate the Encryption certificate uploaded into the Eprocurement system at the time of User Registration or updated through User profile.

Supply of Line Matrix Printer as per NIT.

The bidder has to ensure that the uploaded certificate in the eprocurement system is used for the Bid submission and no other certificate though valid will not be recognized by the eprocurement system.

Registration with eProcurement platform: The bidder shall authenticate the bid with his Digital Certificate for submitting the bid electronically on eProcurement platform and the bids not authenticated by digital certificate of the bidder will not be accepted on the eProcurement platform.

For obtaining Digital Signature Certificate, you may please Contact: Address for submission of Application for Digital Certificate: The list of CAs are available by clicking the link https: In support of the qualification criteria before concluding the agreement. Besides this, the department shall invoke all processes of law including criminal prosecution of such defaulting bidder as an act of extreme deterrence to avoid delays in the tender process for execution of the development schemes taken up by the government.

line matrix printer tenders dating

Other conditions as per tender document are applicable. The bidder is requested to get a confirmed acknowledgement from the Tender Inviting Authority a proof of Hardcopies submission to avoid any discrepancy.

It is mandatory for all participant bidders to electronically pay EMD Online by utilizing the? Payment Gateway Service on E-Procurement platform". This is in compliance as per G. A GST of Bidders are encouraged to use only Net banking facility for payment of EMDs as far as possible for faster refunds in case of unsuccessful Bids for the Tender.

line matrix printer tenders dating

Bidders are advised not to use RTGS Challan downloads at the penultimate hour of Bid submission closing as any delay by their banker would not enable Bid submission on the platform.

Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes for enabling?

line matrix printer tenders dating

Continuation of Bid Submission? Bid submitted by the bidder is not the lowest bid.

Tender Keywords

Upon Finalization of the L1 Bid. Technical Disqualification of the Bid in case of 2 cover system. Bidders are requested to use discretion in their choice of payment channel for remittance of EMD.

line matrix printer tenders dating

Time taken for Refunds under Ideal conditions: However, this may be longer in case of certain bank cards. In case of delays, bidders are requested to contact the Card issuing Bank for faster resolution.

Line matrix printer - Wikipedia

Applications[ edit ] Line matrix printers are used for high-speed printing applications in industries such as manufacturing, banking, supply chain and back office environments.

In these high-volume printing industries, line matrix printers are used to produce invoices, bank statements, product shipment and transportation documentation as well as product compliance labels. Line matrix printers can print text, bar codes and graphics.

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Line matrix printers were originally popularized by the mini-computer craze and continued its growth as a bar code printer. Today they are sold in virtually every corner of the world and while they print as rapidly as line printersthey can print bar codes and other graphics as well.

When implemented as impact printers, they can be the least expensive to operate per page. How It Works[ edit ] Often considered the "backbone" of many industrial and back-office systems, there are several types of line matrix printers used today across diverse enterprise production environments including: Dot matrix printers, also known also as impact printers, represent the oldest printing technology, are still widely used today, due to its lowest 'cost per page' ratio.

Dot matrix printers are divided on two main groups: Line matrix mechanism A serial dot matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head that runs back and forth, or in an up and down motion, on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like the print mechanism on a typewriter. However, unlike a typewriter or daisy wheel printer, letters are drawn out of a dot matrix, and thus, varied fonts and arbitrary graphics can be produced.

Because the printing involves mechanical pressure, these printers can create carbon copies and carbonless copies. Both line matrix and serial dot matrix printers, use pins to strike against the inked ribbon, making dots on the paper and forming the desired [2] characters. The differences are that line matrix printers use a hammer bank or print-shuttle instead of print head, this print-shuttle has hammers instead of print wires, and these hammers are arranged in a horizontal row instead in vertical column.