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live love hina dating

Gopod luck with the grandest game ever made,Love-Hina SIM Date. . Ace:I look at Keitaro and leave too,then go to the floor in the living room and close my. Contents[show] Media Cameos in Love Hina Anime and Manga Dragonball of Love Hina, where a distraught Keitaro checks in at hotel while on a date with like Keitaro, and is constantly ridiculed by others in regards to his life choices. With Yûji Ueda, Yui Horie, Masayo Kurata, Yu Asakawa. When Keitaro was a child, he was friends with a little girl. When the girl had to move away, the two made.

The 14 Iro Hina volumes were released between July and April Eight volumes were produced under the bilingual format between October and July In doing so the artwork remained unchanged from the original.

Both songs were written by Ritsuko Okazaki and performed by Megumi Hayashibara. The two themes were released as a CD single, which debuted on the Oricon charts at Number 7. A new boxset of the television series across 4 discs was released by Funimation on February 24, A box set was later released on December 3, In Chapterwhen Keitaro defeats Motoko Aoyama, using the same technique she often deals to him, he compares it to the Lancet ability of Final Fantasy X's Kimahri Ronso, which absorbs a small amount of HP and MP and sometimes, the ability of a monster.

In Chapter 32 Page 2, Sarah is seen balancing a lot of artifacts on Keitaro's head, one of these being a Cactuar made out of clay.

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In Chapter 39, page 6, Kaolla also ties a Cactuar out of a Cherry stalk with her tongue to demonstrate her kissing prowess. Earlier in the same arc Kaolla Su also wears an outfit that bears strong resemblances to Rikku's outfit from Final Fantasy X.

Kaolla Su wears a similar outfit throughout the Pararakelse Island story arc. The Season of Maidens in Love to make her feel better. In the Downpour With You, in the background of the toy store where Keitaro attempts to apply for a job, a model of Thunderbird 2 can be seen hanging from the ceiling. A Sudden Resume, when Naru proclaims her rivalry with Keitaro while assuming a martial arts attack stance, a child exclaims that she was a Kamen Rider.

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Trouble on the Hinata Front?!. The answer was "Mother Father Brother Sister". The manga episode where Naru finally confesses she's in love with Keitaro with a screamed confession and a tasty deep kiss is called Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me the "Kill Me" part strangely omitted, considering this is Love Hina.

The Eve of Goodbye, the Christmas banners lining the street that Keitaro walks down parodies the Japanese department store franchise Isetan. Starbook Coffee is a parody of the Starbucks Coffee franchise.

live love hina dating

Palpitations on the Love Love Boat is a real world book store in Japan. The english voice actress of Naru also plays Kagome Mishima. This is noted when, when visiting the alternate version of Hinata Houseshe notes that it feels like she had known this place in an alternate life.

In this reality he has failed the Tokyo University entrance exam four times. Misora encounters him in the woods on Mt. Fuji in chapter 17 of the manga just as he is about to fail to commit suicide for the fourteenth time. Misora cheers him up just in time for him to receive 40 e-mail messages from the people who love him.

However, he is briefly mentioned by Naru in the Episode 20 preview. In this reality she has turned the Hinata House into an inn with her husband Keitaro, and is another victim of the cute aliens' shenanigans. The Cosmic Tama -chan is a turtle-like Cute Alien who two years prior had been taken and cared for by a group of female Japanese Defense officers. Before leaving Cosmic Tama-chan laid four egg-like capsules. Three of which are the alien technology badges that is given to Mao-chan, Misora and Sylvie.

The fourth egg contained a warning that Earth is targeted by Cute Aliens. Interestingly the events of Negima!

Kitsune and Mei, Naru's little stepsister also spy on them on their own. Kanako gives a particularly vicious one to Naru after running out from shampooing Keitaro's hair and learning that he didn't remember his promise to her.

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The girls as a group do this a few times as well, especially when Keitaro, or even a random train employee, gets in their way of carrying out whatever slipshod plan they've hatched. It turns out to have been a dream, although it does help break Motoko out of her mold a little when she sees the other characters having fun and inviting her to join them.

Sort of happens when Motoko loses to Keitaro the first time. She realizes that he's worthy of at least a tiny amount of respect and starts to warm up to him. In the anime, it happens to Kentaro after he "loses" to Keitaro in one episode at trying to win Naru's heart. He even helps them out, such as flying Naru to the island Keitaro went to in the Spring episode. Motoko and Kanako though she still doesn't take it well that her brother wound up with her rival.

Deliberately Bad Example s: Shirai and Haitani, who really are perverts and whose lecherous behavior is exactly what it looks like. It takes one of epic proportions in order to bypass Keitaro's amazing healing abilities and force him home during the first term of university. Somewhat averted when he re-breaks the same leg right in the next chapter due to Kitsune tickling him.

live love hina dating

At one point in the manga, Mutsumi appears to have lost her memory and begins acting like she did as a child. Keitaro and Naru play along to help her revert back to a more adult state, which leads to Mutsumi forcefully diapering Naru. As noted various times, the girls tend to humiliate or beat up Keitaro simply because he arrives at the wrong time when they are changing or violate them accidentally. Its even more absurd when one also remembers that they themselves are perfectly all right with it if it's with themselves.

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Furthermore, the girls frequently "punish" Keitaro for their own mistakes, such as walking in on him naked. One chapter has them worrying about his marks, so they try to cheer him up by letting him bathe with them. When he tearfully thanks them and mentions his score which is quite high - their concern had made him worry he'd done a terrible jobthey attack him, even though they'd assumed he'd failed, and none of them had bothered to ask him how he did.

Distracted by the Sexy: Happens often to Keitaro, especially from Mutsumi who's too innocent to pay attention to this. In the manga, when Kitsune, Motoko, and Mutsumi are trying to get a ride to the airport, Kitsune lifts up Motoko's shirt to entice travellers A scene in the manga has Keitaro distracted from a Panty Shot of a random girl before take a train Does Not Like Shoes: Kaolla Su is usually barefoot.

Also, her sister Amalla Su is barefoot all the time. Abuse, Female on Male: If anything turns you off of this series, it will be this. Had any of the genders been reversed The anime has it somewhat less frequently, but gets correspondingly more violent when it does happen. Kanako does call them on it very late in the manga, subjecting the worst offenders to almost a volume's worth of A Taste of Their Own Medicine. Motoko even beats up Haitani and Shirai for talking to the girls while they're on the beach.

Averted when Motoko gets a stern warning from the police for hitting a man who supposedly groped her. There's a joke amongst the fandom that Keitaro should have studied Law instead of Geology at Tokyo U; that way, he could get payback by filing excessive force lawsuits against the girls, and win really big. Played for laughs with Motoko; whenever things go really bad for her, she suddenly and over-dramatically threatens to commit seppuku, Jidai Geki style. Defied in the manga. The girls like to assume an unlikely worst-case scenario of Keitaro killing himself if hit with extremely bad news or misfortune.

So they try to keep him away from the problem or just be exceptionally nice to him for a change. He picks up on it quickly, but assumes a different worst-case scenario than the girls did. Seta, then later Keitaro since the former taught the latter how to drive!

Happens quite often in the series with fumbling for his glasses getting Keitaro another Megaton Punch in one episode, and in another leading to both he and Naru both Blind Without 'Em having a great time on a date, without realizing they were with each other. Drunk on the Dark Side: When Naru wields the Cursed Sword of Hina.

She comes completely unhinged. She provide the trope pic that is particularly noteworthy because she runs across a rooftop to deliver one through an open window Earn Your Happy Ending: