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Early in the course a student stood in the back of the room waving a Viet Cong flag. Campus security officers escorted Fishel around campus until the turmoil subsided. Fishel remained at MSU until his death. He died in after suffering a stroke. Included are resumes, academic appointment papers and award certifications received by the scholar.

Materials in the first nine folders reflect the beginnings of Fishel's early academic career, such as his appointment as an instructor of political science at UCLA.

This series is arranged chronologically by subject. Also included are other letters of direct relevance to the Vietnam Project, such as Hannah's letters to President Kennedy regarding the deteriorating political situation in Vietnam during The correspondence found here charts significant movements in Fishel's career and provides insight into the relationships between Fishel, other public officials and the media.

The general correspondence is arranged chronologically, while the specific material is arranged alphabetically by correspondent's name.

This series consists of three major projects: Atrocity Study; Operations Research Office: Following these three are miscellaneous smaller research projects and notes on projects. The Atrocity Study is a collection of specific research projects from Fishel's collection which document and categorize various forms of political and physical persecution. The Korean Language Study follows a series of documents discussing Korean Language School, language surveys, and reports of language problems in Korean.

The Vietnam Political Elite Study contains specific documentation on Vietnamese Political Elite, analyses and reports concerning political maneuvers and parties. These conferences and seminars expressly dealt with the issues of revolution and social change in world politics and were organized to stimulate student interest and involvement in the field of international relations.

Non-MSU conferences and seminars found here were ones that Fishel either had a part in presenting, had an interest in, or papers that were sent to him of general academic courtesy. Many of the items deal specifically with the discourse surrounding Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. Much of the collection sets up an early and late dialogue of possible and immediate problems with the U.

This series is arranged chronologically within each box. In some speeches Fishel addresses contemporary political issues relating to Vietnam. Also included is Fishel's testimony regarding the refugee problem in Vietnam given before the U. Senate's "Subcommittee on Refugees and Escapees.

In addition to the Fishel given speeches is a short group of speeches given by others, the transcripts of which were kept by Fishel. Fishel's speeches are arranged chronologically, additional materials are arranged alphabetically by name of the speech giver or speech title. The broad time span covered by the collection provides temporal progression in Fishel's academic and political positioning, specifically in relation to Vietnam.

Included is his publication, "Vietnam's Democratic One-Man Rule," in which the professor upholds Diem as a democratic leader. Also of significance is the tempe-set manuscript of the anthology edited by Fishel, Vietnam: This exhaustive anthology comprises of various articles, including several written by Fishel which analyze the political climate in Vietnam.

Each section of the volume is introduced with a commentary by Fishel. The first portion of the series also incorporates correspondence, reviews and opinion cards, and thus provides an overview of the critical reception surrounding Anatomy. The second portion of this series box contains both Fishel authored and edited publications, as well as those collected and annotated by him and used for his work.

The first section is arranged chronologically, while the second section is arranged alphabetically. Included in these materials are notes, publication, newsletters, pamphlets, statistics, conference papers, and meeting minutes from various organizations, as well as various correspondence with or about them. The MSU related organizations found here emphasized student participation in international relations, including fundraising for charitable concerns in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Certain groups, such as the International Relations Club, encouraged scholarly debate among students on international and political issues. Organizations outside the University include those both national and international, and Fishel served as an executive committee member for several of these groups. Also of interest here are various selected and annotated bibliographies, concerning the political climate of Vietnam, compiled by the American Friends of Vietnam.

This series is arranged alphabetically by organization name. Fishel was a major figure in the administration of this project and he served as its Chief Advisor from to This project was established under contract through the Vietnamese Government and the U. The materials incorporated include documentation outlining the initial goals of the special mission from MSU and a statement of philosophy. The series charts the progress of the project with semi-annual reports regarding the organization of police services, public administration and administrative services in South Vietnam.

Also located in this collection are correspondence, monthly reports, budgets, articles, pamphlets, as well as the final report which provides an overview of the entire duration of the project. This series includes much of the early information of Fishel working with Diem and MSU to start the friendly intellectual exchange. It includes many reports of early field trips to Vietnam, budgets, bibliographies, and correspondence regarding this project.

Because essentially the project was the reason the U. Arranged largely chronologically, with an end section arranged alphabetically. The papers within the Vietnam Collection deal specifically with the region and the Vietnam conflict, including activities during the war itself, as well as historical, social and economic background of the region and its people.

Covered in this series are Indochina and North Vietnam. Materials include articles published by Vietnamese and U. Publications issued by the U. Department of State relating to the political climate of Vietnam are also located in this series.

This series is arranged alphabetically by country and folder title. They cover a wide range of topics including the history of the region and its people, as well as the subjects of the Vietnamese economy, education system, government, industry and legal system. Featured are biographical files on major Vietnamese political and project players, and materials on the civic programs.

This series is arranged alphabetically by subject. Content primarily comprises of articles published by U. This series is arranged largely alphabetically by subject with a section of bibliographies at the end. This series is arranged alphabetically by publication title.

They cover a wide range of topics and subjects. This series is arranged alphabetically by subject per box, with some box of materials arranged chronologically. State Department's involvement in the project.

This is a rather small series, though more State Department materials are scattered throughout the collection. This series is arranged alphabetically by box. This group was affiliated as a field service for the main foreign aid agency of the U.

This collection incorporates documentation of major significance in any research concerning U. Included in this series are various reports and records which document political activity in Vietnam, specifically the period spanning to This series is arranged by subject. This series covers a broad range of topics from racism to U. Box contains clippings that have been processed, or transferred to acid free paper. The remainder of the boxes contain clippings considered not fully processed.

They have been arranged by either date or subject then alphabeticallybut they have yet to be transferred to acid free paper. They are this way at present so they may be open for public access.

All clippings in this series were kept by Fishel on various topics, or in date order to follow the chronology of specific events. This series is arranged alphabetically by subject title, some portions chronologically. This series is arranged largely alphabetically. This series includes information on various Asian countries including Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, and their relations with Japan.

This series is arranged by subject and country, then largely alphabetical. Emphasis is placed on Asian countries. Included are African, European and American countries.

Types of materials include correspondence, articles, reports, studies, statistics and pamphlets. Memoir by a senior Vietnamese leader who defected to China in Hoang Van Thai, Nhung nam thang quyet dinh.

Translated from General Thai's memoirs as serialized in the Ho Chi Minh City newspaper Saigon Giai Phong, March 13 to May 14,not necessarily identical to the version published as a book the previous year. Deals mainly with the period to Probably just a different English translation of the above item. Dai Tuong Hoang Van Thai. Also another version might be a preliminary draft done within FBIS before formal publication? Hoang Van Thai, "The U.

National Salvation Cause to Complete Victory. Huynh Tan Phat, con nguoi va su nghiep. Huynh Tan Phat, cuoc doi va su nghiep. Probably a further revised version of the previous item. Su That, Le Duan, Chu nghia yeu nuoc va chu nghia quoc te vo san Patriotism and proletatian internationalism.

Le Duan, Mot vai van de trong nhiem vu quoc te cua Dang ta. Le Duan, Nhung nhiem vu lich su cua phong trao cong san quoc te. Foreign Languages Publishing House, Le Duan, Selected Writings.

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Fundamental Problems, Essential Tasks," written in Foreign Languages Press, See also a U. See also the original Vietnamese-language text: Le Duan, Mot vai van de trong nhiem vu quoc te cua dang ta. Nha Xuat Ban Co Do, This collection of directives to senior Communist personnel in South Vietnam is an extremely important source for DRV policy during the war. There is an English translation: Letters to the South.

Judging from the page count, this may be abridged. Le Duan, Tiep tuc nghien cuu xay dung ly luan quan su Viet Nam [Continue to study and build Vietnamese military thought]. Ren min chu ban she: Xin hua shu dian fa xing, Le Duan tieu su.

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NXB Ching tri quoc gia, Le Duan va cach mang Viet Nam. Nguyen Khoa Diem et al. Zachary Shore, A Sense of the Enemy: Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, Shore argues that Le Duan had a good understanding of the Americans, a "strategic empathy for America. Le Duc Tho, Mot so van de ve tong ket chien tranh va bien soan lich su quan su.

Nho anh Le Duc Tho. NXB chinh tri quoc git, I believe this is a collection of biographical sketches of Le Duc Tho. I haven't seen this book, so I don't know whether it is things he wrote, or things others wrote about him after his death, or what. Nguyen Binh Christopher E. Vietnam since Paris: Nguyen Hung, Nguyen Binh, huyen thoai va su that. Nguyen Chi Thanh, a. The text and another version of the text. Originally published in Hoc Tap, July The text possibly incomplete--there appears to be some front matter missing has been placed on-line in the Virtual Vietnam Archive of the Vietnam Project, at Texas Tech University.

Truong Son, The Winter Spring victory and five lessons concerning the conduct of military strategy title on title page or Five Lessons of a Great Victory Winter - Spring title on cover. The text of this pamphlet and also a substantially different version of the same essay published as "Our winter - spring victory and the lessons drawn from it," pp. Neither of these two version released in English by Hanoi appears quite to match the versions released in Vietnamese see above for U.

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Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dang ta lanh dao tai tinh chien tranh nhan dan va xay dung luc luong vu trang nhan dan Our party cleverly leads people's war and builds the people's armed forces. Nguyen Chi Thanh, Luon luon giu vung va tang cuong su lanh dao cua Dang doi voi luc luong vu trang nhan dan. Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ve xan xuat nong nghiep va hop tac hoa nong nghiep. Nguyen Chi Thanh et. Nha Xuat Ban Thuan Hoa, Most of the volume is articles by General Thanh.

A collection of General Thanh's writings. Despite the title, a significant part of the volume pp. The August Revolution of Nguyen Duy Trinh et al. Foreign Relations Publishing House, [?

Nguyen Duy Trinh, The di len cua ta tren mat tran ngoai giao: Nguyen Duy Trinh, Mien Bac xa hoi chu nghia trong qua trinh thuc hien hai nhiem vu chien luoc. Nguyen Duy Trinh, Mat tran ngoai giao thoi ky chong My cuu nuoc, Nguyen Huu Tho, Gan bo voi dan toc, voi nhan dan, voi cach mang. NXB Chinh tri quoc gia, Luat su Nguyen Huu Tho, ca nuoc ton vinh anh: Tran Bac Dang, ed.

Chinh Tri Quoc Gia, Nguyen Thi Binh, Gia dinh, ban be va dat nuoc: NXB Tri thuc, Translation, by Lady Borton, of the preceding item. Nguyen Thi Dinh Mrs. Memoir of the Communist movement up to the end ofespecially in Ben Tre in the Mekong Deltaby a woman who joined the movement in the 's.

Vietnamese original Khong con duong nao khac: Tran Thanh Phuong, ed. Pham Van Dong, Selected Writings. Materials written between and Pham Van Dong et al. Quan doi nhan dan, I believe this is primarily about the First Indochina War. Song Hao, Ky luat cua Quan doi nhan dan ta. Song Hao, Phat huy ban chat va truyen thong cach mang cua Quan doi nhan dan Viet-nam. Song Hao, Ve nhiem vu cong tac chinh tri trong quan doi nhan dan.

Thuong tuong Song Hao: Aggressors," Hoc Tap, Decemberpp. The translation with two page missing is pp. By "basic unit" he seemed to mean both the companiy as a military unit, and the chi bo, the Lao Dong party organization within the company. Cuu Long see above is said to have been a pseudonym for Tran Do. Bui Anh Tuan, ed. NXB Cong An, Trinh Thuc Huynh, ed. Tran Quoc Hoan, Mot so van de ve dau tranh chong phan cach mang. Cong An Nhan Dan, Van Nghe,and was translated as Vietnam: History of the Bulwark B-2 Theatre, vol.

The text is available as a single huge. PDF file, very slow to download, at an Army website. This volume covers the period from to It was widely rumored that General Tra got in trouble for having published this.

TP Ho Chi Minh: Nha Xuat Ban Tre, Tran Van Tra, Goi nguoi dang song To the living. Tran Van Tra, "Tet: Werner and Luu Doanh Huynh, eds. Sharpe,pp. Originally published in Vietamese as two articles, "Tet Mau Than, chien cong hien hach [Tet, the Year of the Monkey, a glorious feat of arms]," and "Thang loi va suy nghi ve thang loi [Victory and reflections on victory]," Tap chi lich su quan su [Journal of military history], Februarypp.

Ty Thong-tin Saigon-Cholon, In Phan Thien Chau, ed. Library of Congress Orientalia Division,reel 1, item Truong Chinh, Ban ve cach mang Viet-Nam: Bao cao doc tai Dai hoi dai bieu toan quoc, thang 2 nam Library of Congress Orientalia Division,reel 2, item Truong Chinh, The August Revolution. The story of the Viet Minh siezure of power in Truong Chinh published the Vietnamese original of this work in Su That in By the time the English translation was published in Hanoi, Truong Chinh had been demoted as punishment for his errors in the Land Reform campaign of Originally written in Truong Chinh, Primer for Revolt.

The full text is available online to paid subscribers of Questia. Advance under the Banner of the Party! Truong Chinh, Selected Writings. Originally published in Hanoi in andwith the authors using the pseudonyms Qua Ninh and Van Dinh.

Translated and introduced by Christine Pelzer White. Translation of the above item. Dong chi Truong Chinh. NXB Thong tan xa, Dong chi Truong Chinh voi que huong Nam Dinh. Duc Vuong and Nguyen Van Khoan eds.?

Chinh tri quoc gia, Hoang Tung and Duc Vuong eds.? Hoi ky ve dong chi Truong Chinh. Pham Hong Chuong et al. Van Tien Dung et. All or most of this material appears to have been written in and Van Tien Dung, Dai thang mua xuan Our great spring victory.

Monthly Review Press, The final Communist victory ofas told by the general who commanded the PAVN forces in that campaign. Van Tien Dung, Chien tranh nhan dan, quoc phong toan dan [vol.

Van Tien Dung, Buoc ngoat lon cua cuoc khang chien chong My. Van Tien Dung, Cuoc khang chien chong My: Van Tien Dung, Di theo con duong cua Bac: Van Tien Dung, Ve cuoc khang chien chong My, cuu nuoc. See comments below, under Vo Nguyen Giap. Vo Nguyen Giap, Nhiem vu quan su truoc mat chuyen sang tong phan cong. Uy ban Khang Chien hanh chinh, Foreign Language Publishing House, Vo Nguyen Giap, Nhung kinh nghiem lon cua Dang ta ve lanh dao dau tranh vu trang va xay dung luc luong vu trang cach mang.

Basic work by the man who beat the French. Vo Nguyen Giap, Cuoc chien tranh giai phong cua nhan dan mien Nam chong de quoc My va tay sai nhat dinh thang loi. Revised and enlarged edition. Originally published in Nhan Dan, December 22, Emphasized the importance of "revolutionary violence"; Giap may have been trying to defend himself against suspicions of revisionism.

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Also emphasized the problems that Vietnam had faced, as "a small nation struggling against a much stronger enemy. Translation of an article published in Hoc Tap January Aggressors," was broadcast in English by Radio Hanoi, 31 January The textpublished as a special supplement to the U. National Salvation Struggle of Our People. An English translation published as a special supplement to the U. Introduction by David Schoenbrun. Liveright,pp. Fallaci also published in the Washington Post, April 6,pp.

B1, B4, a detailed account of the interview, and a discussion with phrases like "official mutilation of the truth" on the difference between what General Giap said to her in the interview, and what was in the official text of it that she was given afterward. Selected Writings of Vo Nguyen Giap. Contains material from various of the books listed above.