Mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

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mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

Oct 15, With the replacement for the hugely popular Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Get notified on the latest car news, reviews and videos vehicles sold every year in the UK, so what changes has Mitsubishi made The Outlander PHEV Concept S shown at the Paris Motor Show Prices and release date. Glenn from Peterborough, UK Review. Mitsubishi have said that the Outlander GX4 diesel is a direct alternative to the Discovery Average annual mileage. 15, – 19, Typical MPG. .. The only running cost to date is fuel. Aug 29, The Mitsubishi Outlander is a practical SUV with seven seats, traditional Dated interior; Rivals offer better performance; Awkward rear-seat access Mitsubishi doesn't exactly have the highest profile in the UK car market.

mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

Usability is more impressive because the instruments can be read at a glance and all of the important controls are positioned high on the dash within easy reach. The more conventional push button controls in GX2 and GX3 versions of the car make life much simpler, although you do lose some features.

Plug-in hybrid Outlanders also get an automatic gearbox as standard, whereas this is only an option on the diesel. While the Outlander could never be described as fast, all versions make it easy enough to build speed. In addition, the plug-in hybrid has paddles behind the steering wheel, which let you control how much energy is put back into the batteries and consequently how quickly you slow down when you lift off the accelerator.

It lurches about in bends and quickly runs out of front-end grip, while the steering is slow to react to inputs and disconcertingly vague. On the up side, Mitsubishi does offer the reassurance of a five-year warranty and a three-year pan European breakdown assistance package.

mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

On the other hand, the plug-in hybrid version has a remarkable official average of Just bear in mind that you have to do mostly short journeys and plug the car in regularly to get near this. On longer runs you'll struggle to get much more than 30mpg. Even when you factor in higher electricity bills, it still has the potential to save you a fortune.

At least a fixed-price deal for the first three services keeps maintenance costs manageable.

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All of this helped the Outlander earn the maximum five-star rating when it was assessed by independent safety body Euro NCAP. However, if you choose the cheapest, GX2 model you have to make do with steel wheels and five seats. It has a sprightly system total of hp and lb ft of instant-demand torque, which is impressive on paper: Power delivery is very smooth and linear.

It feels like a high-end machine to drive, gliding along with fluidity.

mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

You can monitor it all through the comprehensive drive monitor on the dash — lifting off shows the energy recovery to the battery, something you can boost with the clever multi-stage paddleshifters behind the wheel. Flick up and down to choose your level of slow-down regeneration.

If you come across a really steep hill or need full acceleration, the engine will start up to assist. As the batteries run low, series hybrid mode takes over.

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All very clever, very well engineered and, if you drive it right, likely to see the engine rarely cut in at all. It handles OK aided by the lower centre of gravity from those low-set batteries but without flair, and the steering is a bit slow. The ride is a bit pattery too probably the big wheels of the test car and the sheer silence in EV mode shines the spotlight on a few dash trim rattles.

mitsubishi outlander 2014 review uk dating

Is Mitsubishi right to be so excited? It has full electric-only running capabilities, without the anxiety associated with full EVs. We started it up with 15 miles showing and drove it for over 30, spiritedly.

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The engine was idle for most of the time, and we even drove the steep hill back to base under electric drive. The fact it feels so technologically accomplished for the money is also likely to wow customers. Everyone loves SUVs — particularly one with extended capabilities: Could it thus be the green family car that has it all? The clever tech and genuinely new experience outweighs them.