Most dangerous airlines askmen dating

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most dangerous airlines askmen dating

Before you start planning your next trip, find out which airlines to avoid at all costs . Having already considered the top 10 most dangerous airlines, we thought it was important to offer some balance. Airline travel is traditionally. Overall, the good outweighs the bad when dating a flight attendant. We have one of the world's most dangerous jobs that we live one day at a time. And this is .

Thai Airways This year, the largest Thai carrier is celebrating its 50 anniversary.

most dangerous airlines askmen dating

During its existence, the company has been honored with numerous awards for the quality of passenger service. The biggest occurred in a flight from Kathmandu inwhen the airliner crash killed people. Avianca Avianca boasts the longest history of flight in the Western Hemisphere. The first carriage, it began to perform at the dawn of aviation in The company currently has the most modern fleet in South America, but its reputation was severely marred by several incidents.

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In the 80 years of airliners airplanes have been chosen for the attacks of the Colombian drug traffickers. To the sad list a plane crash in Madrid was added killing passengers.

Pakistan International Airlines This state carrier of Pakistan was established in and now flies to 25 countries. Despite the fact that the company was established with the birth of the state, it has always tried to keep pace with the times and follow the latest trends in the airline industry.

The World's 5 Most Dangerous Airlines

For example, PIA became the first airline in Asia, in a park of which there were jets. However, incidents involving airliners PIA has happened a lot. The most fatal of them killed people inwhen the plane crashed into a mountain due to poor visibility. Egyptair The largest airline flies to the African continent more than 70 destinations worldwide, annually transporting about 10 million people.

The biggest tragedy, which killed people, occurred over the Atlantic Ocean. Kenya Airways The airline was established in to meet the increasing demands of tourism industry of the country. And although it accounted only two plane crashes, statistics are alarming since it has not done that many of operations.

In addition, two incidents occurred in the past 10 years, and both during night flights. InKenya Airways plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing people, and in another airliner airlines crashed in a swamp, killing passengers.

Philippine Airlines Established inthe Philippines state carrier made to the list of dangerous airlines solely because of the unfortunate coincidence. For one, Air Koryo received an EU ban in due to safety concerns about their equipment. While parts of their fleet has begun complying with international standards and thus been allowed to operate internationally, the majority of their planes remain banned.

Also, Air Koryo's planes were made in Russia, which automatically costs you a star in AirlineRatings's score. Blue Wing Blue Wing is an airline based in Suriname, flying domestically as well as internationally to surrounding countries such as Brazil and Venezuela.

most dangerous airlines askmen dating

Their one-star rating is due to the many crashes that have occurred since they launched in They were banned from operating in the EU inwhich only affected their ability to fly to French Guiana, an overseas French territory subject to EU regulation. Blue Wing planes have been involved in three major crashes in the last ten years, in, and Two of those led to the deaths of all passengers on board, while the third mercifully only resulted in injuries.

Blue Wing claims that the crashes were due to poor airport infrastructure which did not allow them to land safely. However, no matter who or what is to blame, you should probably use another airline when flying in South America. Nepal Airlines Nepal Airlines is the flag carrier of Nepal, and yet another one-star airline.

It fares even worse than the other two airlines listed so far, given that it fails to meet every criterion listed by AirlineRatings apart from being FAA endorsed, which the vast majority of airlines are. It was banned from the EU in due to its abnormally large number of crashes. Of these, a few were particularly tragic.

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Ina plane collided with some trees on Jarayakhali hill and caught fire, killing 22 passengers and 3 crew. More recently, Nepal Airlines Flight crashed into a hill inkilling all 18 people on board. The investigation following the crash established that the reason was lack of coordination and awareness by the crew, combined with poor weather conditions.

Trigana Air Trigana Air operates out of Indonesia.