My girlfriend is dating other guys

Girl friend went on a date with another guy. What dhould i do? - guyQ by AskMen

my girlfriend is dating other guys

My basic assumption is that she is seeing two other guys who do not have any game. This basic assumption keeps me on my toes without. Edit: I'm the worst, this is an AskMen question. Hi, lady here. I think maybe my opinion might still help you a bit, though, seeing as she said a lot. Corper Caught Having Sex With Another Guy After Fiance Sent Her k Is More Painful Than Seeing Your Girlfriend Dating A Rich Guy.

my girlfriend is dating other guys

She recently admitted to me she was seeing other guys particularly on lunch dates. We often say we love each other because we do.

4 Reasons why you MUST encourage the girls you're dating to see other guys

The feelings and emotions are there. We haven't had sex until last week so I am guessing she is getting more attached to me than before. Before we even had sex, she felt it was necessary to wait until she met my parents, I met hers and we waiting around 5 months before engaging into sex.

She Found Another Guy

She told me earlier how sex was a big deal to her because she gets attached right afterwards and didn't want to have sex until marriage or until our relationship got really serious. She said she has some personal pictures and it was not because she was hiding text messages or phone calls from me. I told her a serious relationship.

my girlfriend is dating other guys

During the relationship, she told me was a virgin however I found out otherwise a few months later. Basically it was a white lie on her part. Secondly because she told me on the phone, and that was shitty when taking into account that three days ago we had been together.

I mean, we are out to our families and our closest friends, but her co-workers do not know that she is dating a woman.

I found out my girlfriend is casually dating other guys, without sex? - GirlsAskGuys

And what makes it even worse is that if she keeps on dating that guy, everyone from her workplace will know. But no one will know about me.

She said that he does know I exist, but, really, what does he know? I just feel completely tossed aside. You must be feeling really terrible right now! This is so much. And something could have been figured out, maybe a lot of pain could have been averted and we could all be having a picnic right now. The bottom line is that a good relationship requires everyone in it to think about how things will affect 1.

Girl friend went on a date with another guy. What dhould i do?

Even though we live in the real world, and there will be times when at least one of those things has to take a hit, that should never be business as usual. But your girlfriend has certainly been advocating for her own wants and needs, and now you need to do the same. Your hurt, your fears, your concerns, about this situation and about your relationship as a whole are important; you deserve to have them reckoned with as much as your girlfriend does hers.

Maybe it will be.

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  • I found out my girlfriend is casually dating other guys, without sex?

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