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pisay crushes dating

Just the daily blog of an innocent Pisay kid starting in her freshman year in Philippine Science High School- Main Campus. Feel free to ask any. Parang atheist ang dating namin dyan a. We took our morning baths behind the classrooms hoping our crush doesn't pass by and pass out. Also known as Pisay Ilocos, the Philippine Science High School-Ilocos Region . crushing of the grapes, your grudge distils a poison in the wine. DATE. Public Speaking. January 9, SMT Wizard. February 7,

So I prepared some tips for you guys hehehe. Before you fill up for college entrance exam forms, give the courses you will be writing down much thought. Do you think you really want to be doing that job for the rest of your life?

Manage your time well! In your last year in Pisay, not only will your subjects be very very difficult, you will also get bombarded with a lot - and I mean a LOT - of requirements.

Pisay crushes dating

When listing down things to do, weigh each one according to what needs to be done first based on their due date, difficulty of work, resources needed and weight of requirement. Lay low from the social networking sites a bit.

And tbh, you need to train yourself with that because college professors are ruthless. Read-up, participate in class and take down notes. Although some topics will be familiar, a lot of the lessons you will learn in fourth year will be new ones.

With that and the difficulty of lessons, it would be really helpful if you read up on your topics in advance and give yourself an idea of what the lesson will be.

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pisay crushes dating

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pisay crushes dating

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pisay crushes dating

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