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In practice, the formal registration might take place weeks after the date the . “ Modello C/3 - Modello per il riconoscimento dello status di rifugiato ai sensi della . To date, there are no international instruments providing for a universal Italian law defines “refugee” as “a foreign citizen who, on the basis of on a per Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati, SPRAR)[23] and the respective tribunal of. What are your fundamental rights as a migrant and an asylum seeker in Italy and . write on a sheet of paper your general information, date and city where you are Centro Astalli – Servizio dei Gesuiti per i rifugiati in Italia Address: Via degli.

A lawyer or a social worker at the reception centre where you are staying will help you to write your case called "memoria" and will send it to the territorial commission. In any event, ask for help with the organisations listed in contactsbecause, in some cases, the operators of reception centres do not have the relevant skills and knowledge to help you sufficiently. It is also revelant if one of your relatives was a victim of this kind of violence. It is also important to explain in details why you can't return to your country, if in your country there are laws or habits violating your rights and your freedom and the reasons why you can't ask for help to your family or to the police.

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Remember to tell if you are still in contact with someone in your country. For further information read the below and in any event, ask for help with the organisations listed in contactsbecause, in some cases, the operators of reception centres do not have the relevant skills and knowledge to help you sufficiently. What are your rights? However, this must be certified by your doctor; - You can ask to be interviewed by a single member of the Commission or by a member of the same gender; - You can express yourself in your mother tongue.

It is your right to have an interpreter who speaks your native language. If you do not understand the interpreter or if you are having trouble understanding, report it at the beginning of the hearing. The Commission may decide to suspend and to postpone the hearing; - In the event that you have a physical or psychological problem during the hearing, you are entitled to request assistance from an official.

Ask for the translation of all that has been written to ensure that everything you said was transcribed correctly. In all the Italian regions, there is a Committee responsible for your application. In the decision phase the Commission may require additional documentation.

Seek help from officials at the centre to forward those documents to the Commission. In any case, remember that you will be helped by the operators of the centre and by your lawyer.

rifugiati in italian dating

Below we give you some tips on how to prepare your case in the best way: If you can, send an original letter from a friend or family member who is still in your country of origin. They should attach any document with your name and the letter should say that you cannot return to your country because you are in danger.

Explain also the reasons for this danger. You can have other documents directly in Italy: If you are religious you can obtain a report by a priest if you are a Christian or by an imam if you are a Muslim. By law, the Commission shall decide within three working days. However, it may take several months to hear the final outcome of your application for asylum.

The Commission may decide to: In case you cannot go to the Embassy in your home country, you will be granted permission to travel in the same duration of the residence permit this is also renewable at maturity - You may be told by the commission to go to the Embassy of your country even when it could be dangerous for you to do so. You have the right to demand the permission to travel without going to your Embassy.

The request for the issuance of a residence permit must be submitted to the police headquarters in your place of residence. It is possible that permission will be granted late, that you will not be provided information about the status of your requestor that they will ask you to give additional documentation, which is not required by law for example the size of your accommodation in square metres, or registration at the land registry. If you have been granted refugee status, it is enough to indicate the relatives with whom you want to reconnect and show documents proving kinship and your family will obtain a residence permit for the same length of time granted on your residence permit; If you have been granted subsidiary protection, you have a right to accommodation and a minimum income; - Right to health care; - Right to travel documentation if you obtained refugee status or the right to travel if you have been granted subsidiary protection; - Right to public education; - Right to free movement in the European Union without a visa for a maximum period of 3 months; - Italian citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence in Italy if you obtained refugee status or 10 years of continuous residence in Italy if you obtained subsidiary protection; - Right to social assistance provided to every Italian citizen: The Questura of Naples only allowed asylum applications on Monday morning for a limited number of applicants during Once an appointment is made, the applicant obtains a printable receipt with the date when the fotosegnalamento will take place.

Still at the very early stages of implementation, this new system seems to have only avoided the physical presence of applicants at the offices of the Questura, as access remains limited.

rifugiati in italian dating

In Rome, ASGI has documented limited access to the asylum procedure, with numbers varying from one day to another. In some cases, access is prevented for some nationalities due to a large number of people from the same region present in the Questura on the same day. In addition to a reported practice of allowing a number of about 20 asylum applications by day on the basis of nationality, the Questura of Rome has also requested applicants to present a national passport in order to be admitted.

rifugiati in italian dating

In Bari and Foggia, Questure allow people to seek asylum only twice a week. Where they prevent access to the procedure, Questure do not issue any document attesting the intention of the persons concerned to seek asylum.

This exposes them to risks of arrest and deportation. Nevertheless, during and Questure still denied access to the procedure for lack of domicile.

rifugiati in italian dating

The law does not foresee any financial support for taking public transport to the competent Questura. In practice, the NGOs working at the border points can provide the train ticket for that journey on the basis of a specific agreement with the competent Prefecture.


However, this support is not always guaranteed. C3 and verbalizzazione The preliminary phase is followed by a second step, consisting in the formal registration of the asylum request, which is carried out exclusively at the Questura within the national territory.

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rifugiati in italian dating

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