Ryan atwood relationships dating

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ryan atwood relationships dating

Given how beloved the relationship between Kirsten and Sandy was, however Ben McKenzie and Cam Gigandet as Ryan Atwood and Kevin. Seth Cohen, the dream boyfriend of alternative girls everywhere in the early But when Summer finally shows interest, he doesn't even date her, and It's obvious many high school relationships take a much-needed break. Taylor and Ryan, on the other hand, began their relationship as adults, outside They started slow, had plenty of successful dates that didn't involve of The O.C. not one character ever accuses Ryan Atwood of being funny.

Similarly, Melinda Clarke's delightfully devious Julie Cooper was only a recurring guest star for the show's first few episodes, before also being upgraded to series regular midway through the first season. If the wrong person is cast for the wrong part, there's no coming back from it. Re-casting can assuage some missteps that may have been taken along the way, but the initial mistake can't be undone.

Earlier versions of Ryan's character could have had far different faces, with the likes of onetime teen heartthrobs Garrett Hedlund and Chad Michael Murray both having been considered for the role prior to McKenzie's casting. Could we really see anyone else filling Summer Roberts designer shoes, or brooding the way that Ryan Atwood was born to brood?

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As it turns out, Mischa Barton wasn't guaranteed the role of Marissa Cooper, either. Before they decided on giving Barton the role, Marissa was very nearly played by future Alex Kelly actress Olivia Wilde. However, as much as the powers that be behind the series loved Wilde's acting, they realized that she would come across as too strong and put together, when they needed a Marissa who was far more vulnerable and in need of saving.

However, it's not as often that you encounter a show that loses its way in the third season. However, that's exactly what happened for The O. According to Josh Schwartzthe network requested the addition of new characters and increased ridiculous drama for the sake of heightening the melodrama.

It was just flat.

Ryan & Taylor - The best of (Humor)

All of a sudden, everything the show mocked, it kind of became. The star-crossed couple were such a crucial part of the short-lived cult hit that it's hard to imagine any other duo captivating audiences quite the way they did.

However, it's another thing entirely to learn that Seth Cohen -- arguably the series' biggest breakout character -- was almost not played by Adam Brody. Also, further, that Josh Schwartz in particular initially hated him for the role. Is this even from our show? I kind of hated that guy. However, when resident waif Marissa Cooper began a short-lived relationship with bad girl Alex Kelly, it was a galvanizing moment in terms of representation of an underrepresented population.

Thanks to the network's interference, though, it turns out that we never truly got to see their relationship as it was intended to be portrayed. According to Josh Schwartz, the network insisted Olivia Wilde be written out of the series earlier than planned due to concerns with the storyline.

Josh Schwartz has Seth's comic book Atomic County framed on his wall. Chrismukkah was almost called Hannamas.

ryan atwood relationships dating

Arcade Fire refused to appear on The OC because they didn't want to licence any music. When Seth learns that Lindsay is his half-aunt, he says "You're a Cohen.

Welcome to a world of insecurity and paralysing self-doubt"… He also used this line when he welcomes Ryan into the family in The Debut. In the episode The Rainy Day Women, Sandy asks Rebecca whether she wants "ding dongs or cheese sticks" when they're stranded in a cheap motel. Ryan offers Marisa the exact same options in The Escape, when they're also stranded at a cheap motel. Writers were initially going to make Seth part of the popular crew. But they changed their minds and decided to make him the outcast.

When Kaitlin Cooper leaves in season 1 to head off to boarding school, she is years-old. When she returns in season 3, she is So she aged four years in 18 months.

Shailene Woodley plays younger Kaitlin! She is only 5 months younger than Willa Holland, who ended up playing the older Kaitlin. The waiter in the pilot episode and "The Best Chrismukkah Ever" is also the same guy who lives in the Cohen's house in the last episode.

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Can you imagine Ryan being played by anyone else? The school counselor discovers some technical drawings and sketches of the lower floor of the Cohens' home in his notebook and advises him to consider architecture as a career. When he overhears Marissa admitting to Summer that Ryan is the only one she ever loved and she misses him every day, he confesses his own lingering feelings for her. The two get back together, just as Ryan's brother Trey is released from jail. However, during his trip to Florida with Sandy and Seth to pay Sandy's mother a visit, Trey tries to rape Marissa while intoxicated on drugs.

ryan atwood relationships dating

Marissa does not tell anyone, causing tension with Ryan, who suspects she cheated on him with Trey. After he questions his brother, who hides at a bar in Chino and blames a drunken Marissa, Ryan bumps into Theresa and confides his problems. She tells him that out of the two, Marissa would never hurt him and she would be the one to trust. Following Theresa's advice, Ryan makes up with Marissa. Meanwhile, Sandy becomes concerned with Kirsten's alcoholism and decides to stage an intervention.

Ryan reassures Sandy he is doing the right thing.

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Ryan takes part, stating that, having lost his mother to alcoholism, he would not be able to bear it if he lost someone else he loved to the bottle. Following similar statements of love from the rest of the Cohens, Kirsten gives in and checks herself into rehab. Seth, knowing he cannot lie to Ryan, tells him, who prompts a confrontation with his brother. The brothers fight, and Trey almost kills Ryan.

Marissa turns up and shoots Trey in the back with his own gun. Season 3[ edit ] Marissa's death in " The Graduates " episode 3. When he regains consciousness, Marissa's mother Julie blackmails him to place the blame on Ryan so Marissa's innocence will clear her reputation in society, but following Ryan's initial arrest, Marissa convinces him to tell the truth.

With Ryan's charges dropped, Trey flees Newport, leaving Marissa expelled from Harbor High to instead attend public school. When she befriends amateur surfer Johnny HarperRyan becomes suspicious of their closeness, fueling their on and off relationship. After Johnny dies in an accident, Ryan questions Marissa's true feelings towards Johnny, ending their relationship.

Following their split, Marissa begins spiraling down a disastrous relationship with Kevin VolchokJohnny's former surfing rival, while Ryan develops his own rivalry against Volchok, including instances of blackmailextortion and violence.

In the season finale, Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer graduate from high school, following their prospective futures. Ryan became the first in his family to graduate from high school [20] and is accepted by the University of California, BerkeleySandy and Kirsten's alma mater. Volchok attempts to blackmail Ryan, threatening to inform the authorities of Ryan's earlier involvement in a robbery which he was forced to assist him with. In an effort to fulfill Volchok's ransom, Marissa gives Ryan her mother's graduation gift: Volchok doesn't accept the money, demanding more, including a talk with Marissa, which she refuses, instead staying with Ryan.

While Ryan drives Marissa to the airport, Volchok, drunk and furious, attempts to crash Ryan's car. In a blind rage, he sideswipes Ryan's vehicle, knocking it over a barrier to roll down an embankment. Ryan manages to pull an unconscious Marissa out of the wreckage before the car exploded due to the leaking gas tank. Marissa dies of her injuries in his arms minutes later. Season 4[ edit ] Following Marissa's death, Ryan moves into a storage closet at a bar where he works while avoiding the Cohens and starts cage fightingwhich becomes an outlet for his anger and grief.

The Cohens repeatedly call him up to check up on him and ask him to come over for dinner and Sandy even goes to the bar to look for Ryan himself but Ryan continues to elude them on purpose.

Meanwhile, a desperate Seth calls Summer, who is away at Brown University in Rhode Islandto come back and hopefully convince Ryan to return home with the Cohens. Sandy, Kirsten and Seth finally convince him to return home after they reveal to him, through Seth's Atomic County comic strips, how he has changed their family for the better.

ryan atwood relationships dating

Julie, finding any way necessary to cope with her griefhires a private investigator to dig up evidence of Volchok's whereabouts, in hopes of exacting her revenge.

She passes the information to Ryan, the only person who can truly understand the pain she feels, and suggests he do with Volchok whatever he wishes, as giving the police the information is too valuable a deal to pass up. Ryan heads to Mexico to finish the job, but Seth tags along to ensure Ryan doesn't ruin his life by committing murder.

Seth calls Sandy and Kirsten, who have driven to Mexico to find the boys, then warns Volchok to leave town before Ryan gets to him and advises that he take advantage of his lawyer father. His plan fools Ryan, who returns home; his relationship with Seth is severely compromised, however. Heeding Seth's advice, Volchok contacts Sandy to be his defense attorneyalthough Ryan discovers it.