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solomonster sounds off 420 dating

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solomonster sounds off 420 dating

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They beat the heck out of each other in the ring. They end in a standoff. Orton attacks HHH on the ramp during the match. Then JBL attacked Orton. He talks about money, his new company and wrestling. He says the torch he passed will come home on Sunday.

He sits in the throne. Video of Show taking Khali down with one punch. Finlay comes out to the ring, Horney is by his side. Finlay throws kicks and punches but is slammed down. Khali scoops Finlay up onto his shoulder and slams him down. Finlay takes Khali down and hits a couple low dropkicks. Finlay gets slammed around and down. Horney enters with the sheleighly. Khali turns and goes after him.

Finlay protects his son. Finlay gets Horney out of the ring. The ref counts Khali out. They glare at each other as Show slowly approaches. Khali backs away and around the ring. Show keeps advancing, Khali keeps backing off. Show gets in the ring and call Khali in. Khali points and shouts, but then leaves. His left knee is the possibly injured one. Finlay and Horney are at the top of the ramp. Finlay tells him no and they keep going out back. Regal goes up the ramp and grabs Horney.

Horney gets tossed in the ring and Regal glares at him. Regal rushes Horney and pushes him down. He applies the Regal stretch and Horney taps out. Regal Finlay somehow got back in the ring to help his son. The refs are trying to help both father and son in the ring. HBK is out back heading for the ring. Looks like it was amazing!

He knows Batista is there and he has a question for him. He invited Batista to the ring. A rather long lull. Batista is in a wife beater and jeans, not one of his normal dapper looking suits.

HBK says he appreciates him coming out. Last week on SD! That he wanted to be the one to face Flair at WM? Batista asks if he wants HBK to say yes? To absolve HBK of any blame? Well, this has nothing to do with Flair. He respects where HBK is in his career, but not how he got there.

HBK says he appreciates the honesty. This last little bit gets him some shock from the fans. He knows Batista is focused on facing Taker for the title this week on SD! Batista drops his mic and smirks. He walks past HBK, brushing him hard with his shoulder.

solomonster sounds off 420 dating

HBK stays there while Batista leaves the ring and goes up the ramp. HBK glares at a retreating Batista. I have to say it was a well written, well delivered and cute speech. Holly and Cody come down to the ring. Carlito comes down to the ring. Santino is by his side.

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Holly is the one fighting. They lock up and Holly gets a side headlock on Carlito. Carlito gets slammed down. They go back and forth with slams until Holly covers for two. Holly backs Carlito into a corner and stomps him. Carlito gets whipped but get his foot up. Carlito gets slammed in the center of the ring and Holly covers for two. Carlito comes back with lots of punches to a downed Holly. Side slam to Holly and Carlito covers for two.

Holly runs into a drop kick. Carlito covers for two. Scoop slam to Holly and Carlito covers for one. Holly face first into the top turn buckle until the ref makes Carlito back off. Hard chop to Carlito. Holly hits a bunch of punches. A couple clotheslines to Carlito and Holly then hits a drop kick. Carlito reverses into the back stabber for three. Carlito Santino grabs a mic and tells them to get used to that feeling.

They are number one contenders to Holly and his little boyfriend. Cody grabs a mic and tells Santino to shut up. Holly and Cody clear the ring. He says they can say all they want, but this Sunday they will have to prove it.

There will be only one winner. One will be WWE Champion. He says he can tell with every bit of his being that it will be him. Lillian announces the next KOTR match.

Y2J comes out to the ring. Punk comes out to face him. Video of Punk beating Matt to advance.

solomonster sounds off 420 dating

Shoulder block by Y2J and he covers for less than one. A couple head leg kicks from Punk. Snap mare from Punk who covers for one. Y2J then goes for a springboard and Punk moves. Y2J lands flat in the ring. Punk lands flat and Y2J covers for two. Y2J stretches Punk over his knee. Punk wraps a hammerlock into a clothesline on Y2J. Y2J hits a hurricanrana and covers for two. An enziguri from Y2J and he covers for two. Power slam from Punk who covers for two.

Y2J gets whipped but gets an elbow up. They go back and forth, Y2J lands on his feet and locks on the walls. Punk manages to get to the ropes and break the hold. The fans are not happy. Y2J stomps Punk until the ref makes him stop. Y2J rushes Punk and gets lifted over the top rope. Y2J lands on the apron. Y2J climbs but Punk hits a high enziguri laying Y2J across the top of a corner. Punk is able to cover for three. A couple replays of the GTS. Punk leaves the ring as Y2J slowly gets to his feet.

Punk gets to the stage and smirks back at Y2J. It was very well written, but not at all well delivered. Video of Horney losing to Regal. His knee is heavily taped.

Finlay is able to monkey flip Regal with one leg. Regal hit the ropes as they were off their Mark. Finlay goes out of the ring after Regal. Regal slams Finlay legs first into the stairs. Regal keeps working over that knee. Finlay comes back with punches and forearms. Regal gets tossed shoulder first into the ring post.

Finlay covers for two. They go back and forth, fighting hard. Regal manages to get the Regal stretch on Finlay. Regal Video of the high points of the match. He goes through a lot of call phrases. More so than any of the others.

He says we watch wrestling to celebrate our freedom. His is actually pretty good too. He used more call phrases and seemed to understand what they meant more than the other two. JR and King go through the matches slated for Backlash. He rips up JBL. He says he talks to send a message to the other three. He will make them earn it. The ring is being decked out in red, white and blue.

A really bad Hillary comes out with a really good Bill. Bill falls on his ass getting in the ring. She calls people Hill-O-Maniacs. He shakes hands on the way to the ring. He gets up on a corner and poses. They back into their own corners. They ref is checking Hillary and bill tells the ref not to touch her. That no man has touched her in over twenty years. She takes him down hard and throws punches. She hits a damn fine scoop slam and leg drop.

solomonster sounds off 420 dating

She covers for two. Obama hits a knee lift and hits a HARD rock bottom. Bill is in the corner with Hillary. The ref calls for the bell and leaves the ring. Umaga pulls up Obama and hits a Samoan spike. Umaga moves at Bill and he runs up the ramp. JR says the match appears to be a draw. I have to say the woman playing Hillary has taken quite a few hard bumps tonight. Kelly, Michelle, Cherry and Ashley. Maria says they all wanted to come out because last week something happened that they never thought possible.

Video of Mickie beating Beth for the strap. Mickie comes bouncing out in tight black capris and a black halter. Mickie says this is great. Everyone said Beth was un-stoppable, but she proved her wrong. This whole thing is a slap in the face. Mickie is ready to fight but the girls hold her back. Beth takes Michelle down and all heck breaks loose. The face Divas clear the ring of the heel Divas. Cherry dumps the last heel from the ring.

Beth is seething as she and her cronies are backing up the ramp. Punk is holding his lower back and cringing a bit. They lock up and Punk is backed into a corner. Lots of rights and lefts to Punk. The ref backs him off and Punk comes back fighting. Regal comes back with a suplex. Regal covers for two.

Regal stretches punks arms back with a knee in his back. Punk gets to his feet and out. They throw a lot of blows and kicks. Punk is able to get up and out. Punk tries to get Regal up.

solomonster sounds off 420 dating

He gets him there, but Regal grabs the ropes and gets out. Video replay of the high points of the match. Regal climbs up and sits on the throne. He sits there glaring around. His actions speak louder than words, so he has nothing to say about that. He has nothing to say except No one can do anything about the fact that he will remain the champion.