Speed dating questions esl lesson

Speed dating esl

speed dating questions esl lesson

Speed dating cards esl - Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Find five fun the concept of really good speed dating questions on valentine's day, dipped it. A large number of esl lesson instructions speed dating. In this lesson students participate in a wide variety of role plays with on conversational practice to encourage English learners to use a wide In this exercise, students "speed date" each other to practice role Go through a variety of situations calling for specific language functions asking questions like. This is a speaking activity that I made for my teenage classes on Valentine's Day, but It's based on the concept of speed dating so you will need to orga. There is a “scorecard” to fill in, usually by the girls, as well as questions to stimulate.

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Draw a graph on the board. It should look something like this: Put your name in the middle. In each of the smaller clouds the best number is write a word that somehow describes you: Now, it is time for your students to ask you questions in order to find out what each of the clouds means to you.

speed dating questions esl lesson

Is blue your favourite colour? Are you from Brazil? Have you ever been to Brazil? Would you like to travel to Brazil? In my case here is what each cloud stands for: Once they have finished, ask them to tell you something they remember about you at this point. Now, give your students a couple of minutes to draw similar graphs about themselves in their notebooks.

Ask them to try to remember as much about their partner as possible.

speed dating questions esl lesson

After they had finished, elicit at least one piece of information about each student. I always play this game together with my students but at the same time I try to keep an ear out for grammar; once again question word order is crucial here. The game below has been prepared with intermediate students in mind.

Distribute one worksheet per student. They will need pens or pencils. Tell them they need to find other students who can answer YES to the questions. Agree on a task time limit say, 5 minutes. If you like, you could turn this task into a game: The first group to finish AND have all the questions correct wins the game. Start the activity and monitor it.

Only help if you feel you have no choice; and be prepared to agree an extension on the time limit if your students ask for one. When the class is ready, stop the activity. Nominate different students to read you their completed questions, while the others listen carefully and check their versions — do they have the same?

speed dating questions esl lesson

Again, you could turn this into a competition: Ask your students if anyone can guess when these questions might be asked? On a date, especially on a speed date. Ask them to work together in their pairs or small groups to think of more questions they could ask, and to write these down.

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