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Tag: Student-Teacher Romance . Anal * Teacher ~Kando Ryoukou!? Chop Chop Fruit salad Mystery Jam DokiDoki Dating Sim THingy, , Part Supplementary Lesson #1: The Teacher Archetype. The teacher archetype is difficult to define. In the case of male-oriented dating sims, teachers tend. Product description. *****A Romance Novel for the mature audience!!***** The romance 1,, users date-sim; The storyline will develop depends on your choices in the game. Besides the story itself, there are also many illustrations.

He also claims Sue ost cyrano dating agency jessica not be allowing Vocal Adrenaline to take breaks, stating that he saw them walking on hot coals. The scene then transitions to a flashback of Vocal Adrenaline walking over hot coals, screaming from the pain. Sue, using her megaphone, yells that if Oprah can do it, then so can they. Yuor in the present, a Warbler states that they all suck. Myron proceeds to tell the Warbler that he s the one that sucks, to which another member retorts leading to a short scohol between the two sides.

Dating your school teacher

Kurt quickly stops them, saying they re doing well, but now is not time to panic. Skylar states that it is the time to be pragmatic and they won t win top 10 best dating competition with the moves they have, insisting that Will s choreography is not good enough.

Will is shocked, and Madison and Mason defend Will s dance moves. Skylar continues, stating that the Warblers have discussed who should be taking center stage and who should stay in the background. Skylar clarifies that he wasn t talking about them, but instead about Roderick.

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Spencer sticks hour for Roderick, stating that they need to give teqcher time to get the moves and justifies his presence with his powerful voice.

However, The Warblers then tell Spencer that he s just as bad as a dancer, possibly even worse. Spencer brushes the comment off and states that he only has to look good, but Super Gay Warbler states that they all look good, even Alistair. Kitty sadly states that she agrees with Super Gay Warbler. She turns to Roderick and Spencer, saying that if they can t get better that second, they should stick to the back of the group.

The two move to the back, while Kitty looks guilty. In the hallways of McKinley, Roderick opens his locker and the contents of it spill onto the floor. Spencer comes by and helps him pick dating your school teacher stuff up. Roderick confides in Spencer he s worried how the two are suppose to practice the dance routine when neither of them know it.

Spencer agrees, saying he s better dating your school teacher the field. They both think of people who would help them, deciding on Kitty due to dating thai girl dancing abilities and harsh, but honest criticism. They high-five, and walk away from each other when the bell rings.

The following day in the dance room, Spencer and Roderick practice their moves with assistance from Will and Kitty. After failing to get the choreography down, Will chooses teacherr commend them for their effort.

Spencer apologizes, saying that he s not a dancer, but Roderick states that he should be the one apologizing. Will tells them to take another try at it, where Kitty joins in to help the two as Will plays some music. When they practice what is teen dating spins, Spencer sprains his ankle.

In the locker room, Spencer is seen sitting with his injured leg, with Sheldon, Sam, Will, Kitty, and Roderick surrounding him.

Sheldon tells Spencer that the sprain is one of the worst ones he s dating your school teacher seen, but Spencer claims he s fine and can perform at Sectionals. Sheldon tells him that to put weight and dance on it will require a cortisone shot, which Spencer immediately agrees to. Sheldon however warns him of the dangers of doing so, as the dating my daughter extra content pack shot will take away the pain, but not the injury and further stressing it can cause permanent damage. Even when Sheldon shows Spencer his damaged knees as proof and Will and Dating your school teacher claiming it was insane to do it, Spencer insists on taking the shot.

He defends his choice dating your school teacher stating he is an athlete who is supposed to look and be tougher than everyone else and that whatever happens after Sectionals, he will deal with it. On the following day, Will passes by Sam who dating your school teacher drinking from a water fountain.

The two exchange greetings as Will enters the choir room, which is littered with boxes. As the New Directions excitedly examine their new gifts, Rachel tells Will they got dating hentai dating sim special delivery. Kurt notices the return label says GLAAD and suggests that the transsexual dating your school teacher choir sent them as a thanks for hosting them in Transitioning. He even has a running pranking competition with his homeroom class.

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Since then, Naoshi has feared romance and relationships. After spending time with Tsukiko and going together with her to see his comatose friend, Naoshi learns to love again. A rumor spreads throughout the school that the two are dating, and they both deny it and they put their relationship on hold.

Then after Tsukiko graduates they start dating again. Naoshi is probably the most similar to the other Starry Sky characters, as he is still a generally positive character and his conflict is a relatively small part of his character.

teacher dating sim

Kotarou Hoshizuki is the school nurse and a Libra. He is 26 years old, a whole 10 years older than Tsukiko. Kotarou was inspired to become a doctor because one of his best friends had an unspecified sickness. Unfortunately, she died before Kotarou could finish his studies, and so he blamed himself for her death.

After that, he lost all motivation to become a doctor, and settled for becoming a school nurse. He has no attachment to his job, however, and often leaves the infirmary unstaffed so that he can sleep.

teacher dating sim

Then he returns to medical school to finish his doctorate. As a university student, he is only four years older than Tsukiko and is at her school as part of a teaching internship.

dating your school teacher

He is a playboy who does not value love or intimacy and believes them both to be a waste. He also tries to assert his dominance on Tsukiko and threatens to assault her on at least one occasion.

This is a character you are supposed to like and want to date.

teacher dating sim

Under his playboy attitude hides a fear of trust. Before, Iku had been a singer in a band that Tsukiko liked. After his sister died, he overworked himself in grief and ended up destroying his voice. His bandmates, who he considered friends, had only kept him around for his voice and immediately fired him. His other friends, who were only interested in him because of his status, left him as well.

Since then, Iku has had trust issues and hides it all behind an indifferent attitude and his sexual escapades. It plays like a life simulation, where you decide how to spend your free time through a calendar mechanic and have all three years of high school to date characters and study and work. After graduating, if you have gotten enough affection points with a character, they will confess to you and you live happily ever after. There is a large pool of dateable characters in each game, and at least one teacher is included in all three games.

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All of the teachers are treated very differently, however. The teachers in this series have high stat requirements in order for them to confess to you at your graduation, and often require for you to wait for them to set up a date on their own schedule, rather than being able to date whenever like with the students. It has a better sense of realism to the student-teacher relationship than most dating sim games in general, which is nice.

Also, compared to Starry Sky, there is no drama involved in any of the characters, just romance. He also runs the band at school. He is 27 at the start of the game, making him 12 years than the main character. He is very stern and serious, trying to always look as professional as possible.

Ikkaku Aminohashi is the principal and chairman of the board at the school. He is a staggering 35 years old at the start of the game, making him an even 20 years older than the main character.