Who is alison krauss dating 2011

Who is Alison Krauss dating? Alison Krauss boyfriend, husband

who is alison krauss dating 2011

Alison Krauss is releasing a new album, “Windy City,” her first since Ms. Krauss and Mr. Cannon rounded out their selections with a couple of songs that With her band, Union Station, at the Beacon Theater in Alison Krauss American Country Musician. Alison Krauss was previously married to Pat Bergeson ( - ). Born Alison Maria Krauss on 23rd July, in Decatur, Illinois, USA, she is famous for Has received 26 Grammy Awards. The McVitie's oatmeal biscuit of the same name is much loved by Alison Krauss, and a pack of James McNair; Friday 11 November . her guard her privacy closely, and if she has dated anyone since Bergeson.

You can only get so close because you're not involved with them relationship-wise,' said Alison Krauss Alison Krauss is renowned for her clear, angelic voice and exquisite harmonies and has been awarded no fewer than 26 Grammy awards.

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Krauss and her band, Union Station, are known here as ambassadors of bluegrass music, and their albums have sold more than 11 million copies. In Krauss collaborated with Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant on the haunting Raising Sand, which was a surprise hit and went on to sell 2.

Born in Illinois inKrauss studied classical violin from the age of five, began winning local contests by the age of ten and was recording for the first time at She released her first solo album in and her first album with Union Station in Recording with Robert Plant was like jumping off a cliff.

Robert and I did it to have fun and see what would happen, but to start with it was very scary because both of us were out of our comfort zones.

who is alison krauss dating 2011

We were away from our usual environments so we just had to go with what we felt — it made for a very exciting recording process, though. Robert and I did it to have fun and see what would happen, but to start with it was very scary because both of us were out of our comfort zones' Making good music makes you ill.

I had to take a break from the new album because I was worrying over it so much that it gave me these killer headaches.

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When I spotted Plant and Krauss sitting in the coffee shop it wasnot And this Brit, heavily influenced by the writing of J. Tolkien and the misty Welch countryside, was looking to score another young American chick. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss tucked in a corner on a Saturday afternoon drinking single Americanos a shot of expresso and hot water. They were likely taking a break from a recording session in the big Gillian-Welch-owned-studio across the street.

The last record Plant and Krauss did together, mostly covers, was a big hit. It won record of the year in The hit single from it was an older song co-written by Plant and Jimmy Page, one half of Led Zeppelin.

This assistant told him that one night while Krauss was on stage Plant leaned over and told him how good Krauss looked in the pants she had on. Proof that Plant was after her body, and not just her talent and mind. I also knew, because Nashville is such a small town, that Krauss already had a boyfriend. Being only a table away from Plant and Krauss, I should have had a complete if somewhat strained ear access to their conversation.

Unfortunately the music in the coffee shop was just loud enough to keep me from effectively intruding. All I caught was an occasional phrase.

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Still these things were fascinating. Glassy mirrored shades lay on the table in front of Plant. They sat diagonally across what looked like an Iphone and a small blue notebook.

His sunglasses were much larger than what he might have worn in the 70s, more sculpted, more designer. On his right hand, his pinky, Plant wore a large silver ring with a sizable dark-green stone. He adjusted the rings slightly as he spoke with Ms. Krauss, feeling for them with the thumb from his same hand. His wide back rested not on the chair but on the cinder block wall of the coffee shop. When he changed positions, he would gather his legs up and stick them under the table to crouch and lean in to listen closely to Krauss.

He had on blue socks and a pair of red shoes with small red leather laces and short wooden heels. The length of the shoes were extra long for effect, and they had a small square toe at their very tips.

who is alison krauss dating 2011

The top of the shoes were a woven mesh material. When Plant sprawled his legs into the aisle, he slid the hard soles of his shoes across the green rubberized-concrete floor.

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His pants were dark blue, and of a very slender cut. He had on a nearly see-through white T-Shirt. And in addition to his rings, Plant wore a silver bracelet on his left wrist. Krauss was farther away from me, tucked in the darkened corner.

who is alison krauss dating 2011

She had on a light pink button-up sweater and light skirt. Her hair was long, blonde and brown, and she twirled it with the index finger of her left hand as she looked Plant in the eyes and listened to him talk.