Who is katniss everdeen dating

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who is katniss everdeen dating

Nov 19, I'll be your host for the duration of this segment, as I've already covered Haymitch's ending as well as Mrs. Everdeen's story finale — so let's get. Jul 28, Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games Trilogy is a special case. Unlike most fictional characters, we know her birth date - May 8. . Jul 1, My First Date with Katniss Everdeen. Today isn't different from any other day, not really. It's a Tuesday, just a boring every week Tuesday.

So why does Katniss later fall for Peeta? Sure, in the first movie she is ambivalent about her feelings for Peeta, the kind-hearted boy with a sexy baby-faced look.

who is katniss everdeen dating

But psychology would have predicted their blossoming feelings for each other due to their experiences together in the Hunger Games. The Bridge Experiment In a classic social psychology study conducted ina female experimenter waited around next to two bridges.

One of the bridges was low and sturdy — very safe. Whenever a man would cross one of these bridges, the woman would pretend to be interested in their answers to a series of questions. But the study was really all about whether the men would be physically attracted to the woman, which the researchers measured by recording how many of the male bridge-crossers called the woman later. You can probably predict what happened in this study: More men called the woman from the group that had crossed the shaky, scary bridge.

Why did that happen?

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The woman was the same in both conditions. The answer, according to Dutton and Aron and tons of later researchers who have tested this phenomenon in other waysis the misattribution of arousal. Your heartbeat increases, your blood pressure goes up, and you start sweating. So the researchers argued that, because we experience these physiological symptoms of arousal in several different settings, sometimes our cognitive interpretation of the symptoms can be incorrect.

You might be scared or anxious and mistakenly interpret the signs as being attracted to someone who happens to be around.

who is katniss everdeen dating

Katniss shoots an arrow at Marvel's neck, killing him. Katniss then goes over to comfort Rue, Katniss promises she'll win for the both of them and sings the valley song that she sang to comfort Prim the morning of the reaping.

Katniss giving the silent salute in the arena. Rue dies after Katniss finishes the song. Seeing Rue dead, this angers her the Capitol enjoys watching innocent children die.

To make Rue an example, Katniss picks white flowers and decorates Rue's body with them, hiding the wound and weaving them into her hair. When she finishes, Katniss realizes how peaceful Rue looks and does the signature District 12 farewell gesture to Rue.

Later, this is seen as an act that defied the Capitol. She then takes Rue and Marvel's backpacks, knowing that she would have wanted Katniss to have them. Locating Peeta By the time of the announcement that two tributes from the same district can win, Katniss's left ear is completely deafened.

She cries out for Peetabut then suddenly regrets it, realizing the potential danger. She seeks out Peeta and finds him hiding in the mud of a riverbank, totally camouflaged. He's suffering from a severe cut on his leg that Cato gave him, tracker jacker stings, and multiple burns.

She washes him off at the river, treats the burns and stings, but cannot do anything for his leg but stuff leaves into it, drawing out infection and pus. Katniss does everything she can to care for him, but he eventually gets blood poisoning. Once Katniss and Peeta hear the news about the Feast Peeta makes Katniss promise that she will not risk her life for him saying that he wouldn't be doing him a favour either.

The Feast Katniss kisses Peeta in the cave to gain the support of sponsors. A feast is then announced by the Gamemakers near the Cornucopia, where Katniss will find the item she needs most, as do all of the other tributes as well: Katniss, knowing that going to the feast will be dangerous, insists on going, though Peeta refuses to let her.

Immediately afterwards, Katniss receives sleeping syrup from their sponsors and tricks Peeta into consuming it by mixing the sleep syrup with berries, telling him it's "sugar berries. At the feast, Katniss forehead gets cut by a knife that Clove threw at her.

She taunts Katniss about Rue's death and Peeta's predicament. Clove tells her that Cato let her "have Katniss," but made her promise to give the audience a "good show". Just as she is about to make the first cut at Katniss' lip, Clove is hurled away from her by Threshthe boy from Rue's district, who slams a large rock into her head after accusing her of "cutting up" Rue. Katniss is surely afraid of what Thresh will do to her, but because of her alliance with Ruehe allows her to escape.

He does not want to owe Katniss anymore and states that they are now even.

who is katniss everdeen dating

She flees the feast with her life, and returns to the cave to heal both Peeta and her own wounds. While they are both recovering, they see that Thresh has been presumably killed at the hands of Cato. During one night of rain, Katniss asks Peeta when he started loving her. Peeta tells her it was their first day of school when he heard Katniss sing the Valley Song.

After the storm ended, the two went to hunt. When Katniss whistled for Peeta and he did not answer, she ran towards him and the two argue for a bit until a cannon fires.

Peeta had gathered deadly nightlock berriesthat he didn't know were poisonous.

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Katniss expects Peeta to die, but it appears he hasn't eaten any yet. They see the body of the girl from District 5whom Katniss nicknamed "Foxface", being taken away. A few days later, the river is found empty, as well as the ponds. They figure that the Gamemakers want them to go to the lake.

who is katniss everdeen dating

The Death of Cato When they make it there, they wait a few hours for Catothe only other remaining tribute, to arrive. They are almost going to give up when he runs towards them. When Katniss sees that he is running away from a pack of wolf muttationsshe and Peeta immediately ran away with him toward the Cornucopia.

They reach the Cornucopia and scale it, though one of the mutts manages to injure Peeta. Once at the top of the horn, Cato finally gets back to his senses and fights Katniss. He overpowers the duo, and strangles Peeta to the edge. Katniss shoots Cato on the back of his hand and he releases Peeta. Peeta then pushes him off so he wouldn't attack them again.

Cato is later disarmed by the mutts and gnawed at, being left to suffer. After some time, Katniss decides to kill him out of pity, not vengeance. It is then announced that the rule of two tributes winning if they are from the same district has been revoked and so she and Peeta must fight to the death.

Winners Katniss and Peeta watch as a hovercraft descends to pick them up. Victory They pitifully realize that the former was just a ruse. Katniss aims her bow at Peeta when she sees he has picked up a weapon, but immediately drops it when he proceeds to throw it into the lake. Feeling guilty, she then takes out some of the nightlock berries and gives a handful to Peetaand the two of them threaten to commit double suicide so there will be no winner.

They later discover the Capitol sees this as an act of rebellion. The plan works and both her and Peeta are crowned victors of the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss is crowned victor. After their final interviews and dinner, they board a train that takes them home. Katniss is confused about her feelings for Peeta and becomes even more confused the closer they get to home. Soon, she and Peeta will have to leave again for the Victory Tour where the winners of the previous Hunger Games travel to each district and make various appearances and public speeches.

During much of the day, Katniss is bored with her new life, because now she has everything: One day after Katniss returns Katniss' conversation with President Snow. He explains to Katniss that during the last Hunger Games when she tried to commit double suicide with Peeta by eating poisonous nightlock, she ignited a possible uprising in the districts.

President Snow and Katniss have a lengthy conversation about the fact that if she doesn't convince the districts that she made the decision out of temporary lovesickness, then he will personally make sure she suffers. Katniss, now convinced she has started a fire she cannot control, tries her best to convince everyone that she and Peeta are madly in love. When she and Peeta finally set off for the Victory Toureverything is going smoothly and Peeta has agreed with Katniss that outside of being star-crossed lovers, they should try to be friends.

When the tour arrives at their first destination, District 11, Katniss tells everyone the story of how Thresh spared her life, and how Rue became a Katniss and Peeta giving speech to District After her speech an old man whistles her and Rue's four-note tune that meant they were safe, and that signals the end of the work day in District 11the crowd simultaneously does a traditional District 12 gesture to show their thanks to Katniss.

Soon after Katniss finishes her speech, a Peacekeeper shoots the man who whistled in the head, along with two others. Near the end of the Tour, they visit the Capitol and when she and Peeta are being interviewed by Caesar, Peeta performs a fake proposal to Katniss, which she accepts.

President Snow makes a surprise visit to congratulate Katniss and Peeta. He motions to Katniss that she was unsuccessful in convincing their love. President Snow decides to hold their wedding in the Capitol. There is a party held in the banquet room of his mansion.

Katniss there learns that in order to taste each and every dish the people of Capitol drink a clear liquid which causes them to vomit and empty their stomach in order to continue eating and do this again and again. This disturbs her since she had seen her mother treating emaciated children whose parents didn't have anything to afford for them, not even their medicine, and she was also poor before winning the games and had almost starved to death once.

They then travel to District Katniss suffers from nightmares throughout the night on the train, so Peeta sleeps in her bed to calm her and keeps her company. Finally, they get back to District 12 and a huge party is thrown for them at Mayor Undersee's house. While in the mayor's home, Katniss sees on his television that there is an uprising going on in District 8. Katniss arranges a secret meeting with Gale, during which he confesses his love for her.

Gale gets angry and disappointed but before he leaves, Katniss accidentally tells him there was a rebellion in District 8. Gale then says that they could have a rebellion in District 12 as well, and he runs off to spread the news. Katniss then goes to Peeta to ask him if he would run away with her and he agrees to go with her, but while they are discussing the plans, they see that Gale is being violently whipped in the square by an unfamiliar man.

Katniss steps in to stop the man, whose name is Romulus Threadthe Head Peacekeeper but he gives her a lash across the face. Katniss gets severely hurt. Eventually, the people of District 12, including many who frequent the Hob, convince Thread to stop whipping Gale. Haymitch steps in and holds her up and shouts at Romulus since she has a photo-shoot next week.

In the movie, Haymitch and Peeta step in to save her. Purnia, a female Peacekeeper, steps in, saying the proper amount of lashes has been given.

Romulus warns all of them and leaves with the Peacekeepers including Darius, a male Peacekeeper who had been hit on the head by Thread and was lying unconscious. They manage to pickup Gale on a countertop provided by an old woman of her clothing stall. Katniss tells Leevy to call Hazelle, Gale's mother.

Bristel and Thorn, Gale's crewmembers from the mine told everyone the situation. Gale had killed a wild turkey and went to Cray the previous Head Peacekeeper to bid for it. Cray was lenient, alcoholic and overlooked such crimes.

who is katniss everdeen dating

But he was replaced by Romulus Thread and Gale didn't have any idea about it. Expecting Cray to pay him, he went to his house and found Thread there.

Gale could not say much in his defense and was punished with whiplashes.

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Darius, a Peacekeeper who was unconscious had stepped in first after 20 lashes saying that it was enough but didn't do it as smartly and officially as Purnia did and grabbed Thread's arm. In return, Thread hit him on his head with the butt of the whip forming a large purple lump on his head, making him unconscious.

Gale received forty lashes until Katniss showed up and he passed out at around thirty. Katniss and the others take Gale to her mother. Katniss' mother tries to soothe the pain by giving him medicine.