Who is zach miller of chicago bears dating

Holding On: Zach Miller’s fight back

who is zach miller of chicago bears dating

John Fox's update on Zach Miller was short on details Tuesday, but the Bears completed one of two practices heading into their open date. The Chicago Bears footballer Zach Miller is a married man. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Kristen Miller. As a loving couple, they. Zach Miller knows getting over the mental hurdle will be the most Zach Miller had a more difficult season than anyone on the Chicago Bears roster. In 33 games with the Bears dating back to , Miller caught

who is zach miller of chicago bears dating

He still remembers the pain. All I wanted to do was hold onto the ball as long as I could. They carted him into the locker room and began examining his left leg. I didn't know that it snapped back that far. That angle, the severity of it, the gruesomeness.

At first, like everyone else, she celebrated what she thought was a touchdown catch. He said he could. They got off the phone, and that's when his situation took a turn. Miller began losing feeling in his foot. His leg turned a shade of blue. The standing operating procedures for player injuries in the stadium called for Miller to be transported to a hospital more than 20 minutes away. Bears former assistant athletic trainer Sid Dreyer knew Miller needed more immediate attention and demanded an audible.

They'd go to a Level 1 Trauma Center about five minutes from the stadium. It was an on-the-fly decision that may have saved Miller's leg. At the hospital, doctors determined that Miller had dislocated his left knee and torn his popliteal artery in his left leg, which cut off most of his blood supply below his knee. Typically, in this scenario, if blood supply isn't restored within hours, it leads to amputation.

The medical staff prepped Miller for surgery. After a seven-hour operation, Miller woke up in the hospital. A little groggy from the surgery, and with his lower body covered with a hospital sheet, he initially had no idea if the doctors had been able to save his leg. The first surgery, by all measures, was a success. He had two more surgeries in New Orleans, and on Nov.

In total, he had nine surgeries. Two weeks after relocating to Chicago, Miller was sent home from the hospital on a stretcher. Nine days afterwards, he walked for the first time on his own since the injury. With no football, and no place to go, Miller didn't mope. Instead, he found new ways to keep himself entertained. He's always just taken this injury day by day.

It's just so slow, and now we're already approaching a year, it's like it just went by in the blink of an eye. Three weeks before Miller's injury, Ruiz suffered a nearly identical one on Oct. He ran a zone-read and opted to keep the ball. He got caught up by defenders at the line of scrimmage and waited for the whistle.

Before the play was blown dead, one more player ran into the pile. Ruiz went down, but his cleat got caught in the grass. His right leg snapped.

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Originally, it was believed it was just a dislocated knee. Later, he received the same diagnosis Miller would: He thought nothing of it at first.

who is zach miller of chicago bears dating

His mom, though, learned of Miller's injury and reached out to the NFL star. She told him her son had just suffered the same injury, maybe the two could talk. Nearly two months after the Oct. He told him they had some tough times ahead, but together, they'd get through it. The two swapped stories and formed a fast friendship. Ruiz talked Miller through some of the things to expect following the surgeries. Miller, in turn, kept Ruiz motivated on days he felt like giving up. We're both competitors and people who like to compete to win.

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And that's really what life is, and I think if football teaches us one thing, it's exactly that. Football just teaches us that no matter how hard it gets, there's always a will to win and there's always a way to win, so if you have that grit and you have that desire to truly be the best, and you take that into life, nothing's going to stop you.

The discovery wasn't made early enough. The tissue had been permanently damaged, and it was determined that amputation would be the best route. Since then he's received a prosthetic leg and returned to some of his normal routine.

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So, I'm just going to do as much as I can to get that point and see what happens. Miller's leg bent awkwardly on the play and he stayed down for several minutes until he was taken off the field on a cart. Officials later ruled that Miller did not maintain possession of the ball, negating a potential touchdown catch. Doctors performed emergency vascular surgery that night to repair a damaged artery in Miller's left leg that stemmed from the knee dislocation.

Holding On: Zach Miller’s fight back

Miller remained hospitalized in New Orleans for eight days before being transported back to Chicago in a medevac jet. Miller underwent a total of nine surgeries, but he was spotted walking without a limp recently at the Bears' team facility. Putting a lot of work in here just continuing to work on strengthening that area, everything around it.

That's kind of the big thing about this is it allows me to have that opportunity to continue to do that. So I feel good and continue to just get stronger, get healthier. Just put everything into it that I can and see where that takes me.

I'm not ready to do that yet.