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tree size free alternative dating

With a good TreeSize alternative residing in your PC, you'll be able to put all across various groups such as file date, file ownership and file types. And although it's free to download for personal use, there's even a Pro. Software version, Compatibility, Release Date, Size, Download. TreeSize Free , Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, More than 13 alternatives to choose: WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer, JDiskReport and Free Software to Optimise Storage Space and Increase Processing Power. 8.

This entrant in our programs like TreeSize roster is looked upon as an open source disk usage statistics viewer that complies with different Windows versions.

Wondering how the program works?

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Well, it first attempts to scan the complete directory and then present the data bits recovered in a trio of methods. While the first option namely, directory list is sorted by file size, the second option shows the entire content in a simple manner with each file size representative drenched in a colored rectangle.

tree size free alternative dating

The subcategories are further broken up into smaller rectangles. The third is known as extension list and displays statistics based on the file types.

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The amalgamation also includes cushion shading for clearly displaying the directory structure. You can also salvage some precious gigabyte space by getting rid of useless files like internet, junk and temporary files.

After revealing a handful of Windows options in our apps similar to TreeSize array, we now shed light on a few solutions that are created for the Mac OS X. The shareware software which came into existence in scans your entire system and displays its findings across the screen in the form of sunburst interactive maps.

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There was no extra software, toolbars or add ons included with the installation. Interface The interface is simple enough.

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The folders for the Windows system drive are shown in size order initially in the far left column. There are several other columns where the size, number of files, number of directories and sub directorieslast changed date for any of the files contained in a given directory or sub directoriesand a percentage bar chart depicting what portion of the directory and sub directories are taking up of the drive capacity as a whole.

There are many menu options which add more fine detail beyond what can be seen in the main display. The filtering includes regular expressions and wildcard searches is perhaps the most powerful.

tree size free alternative dating

Pros Scan across hard drives to see what folders and files are taking up the most space Drill down to individual folders to see which files are the largest in that folder Quickly scans the hard drive Can access many file types include NTFS drives View pie charts depicting used vs free space Touch optimized interface for touch-screens Solid state drives are also supported Can scan some network drives, but not ones using Windows server or on a Windows domain Heavily customizable Strong filtering and search capabilities Cons Fairly basic looking with small text to read and difficult to make out some of the details.

It provides a number of ways to view the folders, files and data contained on a hard drive. It runs quickly, looks attractive and is an excellent option to choose.

Conclusion TreeSize Free is a decent software package to see what files are taking up the most space.