Yamalube ring free alternative dating

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yamalube ring free alternative dating

Does anyone know of a aftermarket alternative to the Yamaha ring free product? Just bought a ml(12 fl ounce) container of the stuff Thank you for choosing a Yamaha outboard .. Ring Free Fuel Additive. . Manufactured date label location .. available, select an alternative from the fol-. Of all the excellent - and generally unheralded - guitars built by Yamaha over the years Most sources cite as the debut date of this model, however, as usual, there's . The substituted a cream pickguard and pickup rings for the black The head, fingerboard, and top were all free of binding, and inlays were dots.

The SBG was sold in the U.

yamalube ring free alternative dating

The American Cousin Here, we encounter our first turbulence. The top was a single piece of maple, without the perpendicular centerpiece, and was unbound.

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Instead of being a neck-through, it was set-neck with solid mahogany. Also, it did not have the brass sustain plate under the bridge.

yamalube ring free alternative dating

These came in cherry sunburst or brown sunburst. It is not clear how long the SG was exported, because it does not appear in many U. The name was changed to SBG in the U. These had slightly less fancy headstock inlays and chrome hardware. The SG had an unbound maple top made of several pieces of maple and came in cherry sunburst and brown. The had traditional black plastic pickup covers with only one row of poles exposed.

The SG came only in opaque colors, black and cherry, suggesting use of lower-grade maple on the tops. Pickups on the were exposed. It appears to have been an SG with white binding on the top and an even plainer flower inlay on the head.

The substituted a cream pickguard and pickup rings for the black laminate of the It was most likely not exported to the U. Ch… ch… changes While Yamaha was involved in modifying the SG, no new models seem to have appeared. No details are available except it looked identical to the SG, with the split-wing inlays, etc.

This was another set-neck guitar that differed from the earlier SG in that it now sported dot inlays and white bobbins on exposed pickup bobbins.

yamalube ring free alternative dating

In Japan, this model was also called the Professional, which was engraved on the pickguard. This guitar looked like a fancy SBG with gold-plated hardware, but it also sported significant differences. One major difference in construction was the use of solid mahogany for the wings.

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Others included a smaller finetune bridge and lack of a sustain plate. Most noticeable was the addition of Mexican abalone purfling to the top. Less noticeable were the new, black-plastic covered Spinex high-output humbuckers.

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Each came with a laminated pickguard and an optional brass pickguard. Finish options were metallic black a kind of metalflakewine red, and cream white. The SBG Customs were spectacular guitars.

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