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Alia Nankoe is the programe offical for the United Nation population fund in Senegal. She says the ideal behind the film festival is to get people to face the issue of violence against women. She is also working to organize local support system for victims.

She says this means that the police not just the system and associal and help servicers are all trained and work together for the long - term.

The images shown in the films may be difficult to watch, but the hope is that they will influence people to take action against the word of violence that many people find difficult to talk about. Victims are sometime told to be quiet about their most horrible experiences.

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The worry is that they were become victims again. This time of dishonor that may place on them by their community. The organizers of the film festival hope to make it a yearly event. You can download MP3 file and trancript about programe at voaspecialenglish. For years, activist for the right women have marked November 25th as a important date.

November 25th was chosen to honor 3 sisters in Dominian republic. Minerva, Patria and Maria Teresa were political activists. They were killed on November 25th, on orders from dictators Rafael Trujillo. In Septemberthe US nations recognized the observants. The General Assembly, they declared November 25th: The UN inveited governments and international organizations to plan activities to increase public understanding of the problem. Women face different forms of violence: Having their property taking away when they have a legal right to do it.

Many cases go unreported. The person responsible may be a stranger but often it is husband or someone else close to the victim.

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They day in between are known as the sixteen days of activism against gender violence. The idea is to make the statement that the violence against women is a violation of Human Rights. One of the event planed this week is a march by women and girls in London as part of the observants Saturday we called: Alia Nankoer is a program officer for the US nations publication fund in Senegal. She is also working to organize local support systems for victims.

She said this means that the police, the adjusted system and social and health services are all trained and work together for the long term. The image shown in the film maybe difficult to watch, but the hope is they will influence people to take action against the form of violence that many find difficult to talk about. The worry is that they will become victims again.

This time of disorder that maybe. After Senegal, the film will be translated into other languages and shown other African countries. For years,activitist for the right some woman have mark November Twenty-fifth as an importan date. It is a date recognized the gold ending violen again women.

November Twenty-fifth was choosen honor 3 sister on American Republican. In December of ,the UnitedNations recognized the observans. The general assembly declare November Twenty-Fifth is the international day for elamination of violence againts women. This is in the news in VOA special English For years, Activists for the rights of woman have marked November twenty fifth as an important date.

It is the day to recognize the goal of ending violence against woman. November twenty- fifth was children to honor three sisters in the Dominican Republic. They were killed on the November twenty-fifth nineteen sixty-one on orders from dictator Rafael Trujillo. In the September of nineteen ninety-nine, the United Nations recognized the observant. The general is simply declare November twenty-fifth is the international day for the ilimi nation of violence against woman.

The UN invited governments and international organizations to plan activities to increase public understanding of the problem. Woman face different forms of violence: Having the problety taken away when they have legal right to it. It is considered economic violence.