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beetlejuice rajzfilm magyarul online dating

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A number of times, Beetlejuice interacted with Lydia's parents in the "real world" of Peaceful Pines, always under the name of "Mr. Beetleman", and in a couple of instances, he performed a gender change on himself to become a teenage girl about Lydia's age at Lydia's school as "Mr. Beetleman's" younger female relative "Betty Juice", along with once or twice appearing as the male gender "Cousin BJ" claiming to be on Delia's side of the family.

In "Out of My Mind" it is revealed that Beetlejuice loves to pull pranks with spaghetti.

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In one fourth-season episode "Substitute Creature"he appeared at Lydia's school as visiting teacher "Professor Beetleberg". Lydia Deetz voiced by Alyson Court - A Goth girl in her preteens at the start of the series, she was in the seventh grade, as mentioned in "The Big Face Off", and Lydia's sixth grade graduation speech is mentioned in "Laugh of the Party" and early teens later in the series at one point she expressly states that she is Lydia often addressed as "Lyds" or "Babes" by Beetlejuice is established as being a creative, bright, lively, sharp, yet eccentric young girl, but otherwise Lydia's unique outlook on life makes her stand out from most of the other school-girls, which leaves her feeling out of place and alone in the real world, finding it difficult to fit in well with most of her classmates—leading her to frequently visit and seek out reassurance with her closest best friend, Beetlejuice, in the Neitherworld, where she is accepted and loved for who she is as a person.

Her regular outfit at home is a long dark purple top, a pair of black leggings, a light purple and pink sash tied around her waist and black slipper-shoes. Her Neitherworld attire consists of a large spiderweb pattern red poncho, over a full-body black Unitard the ends of the sleeves are like finger-less gloves, and the bottom of the legs double as footwear. Lydia is a talented photographerseamstressand artist with an innate affinity and love for all things gross, scary, weird, surreal and macabre, and who celebrates all that is in the words of her film incarnation 'strange and unusual'.

Despite her love of all things 'strange and unusual', Lydia is also a positivewell-mannered, friendly and patient girl being best friends with Beetlejuice is a testament towards Lydia's saint-like patienceand aside from also being emotionally mature for her age given what her best friend and her parents are likeLydia can be accredited as being very responsible for a girl in her age group. Lydia is also shown to be a naturalistshown to feel very strongly about environmental issues in Spooky Tree, Lydia cut school and chained herself to a tree in protest of the workmen who were about to chop it down.

She has also shown that she is extremely gifted with anything mechanical and understands a lot about cars she knew what to do to build Doomie, while "Bee-gor" Beetlejuice did not know very much, such as what a carburetor is. Lydia is Beetlejuice's best friend; in the events of the pilot episode, Critter Sitters, both she and Beetlejuice have already known each other for a year, as they are celebrating their first anniversary of friendship.

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Beetlejuice frequently addresses her as "Lyds" or "Babes" rather than "Lydia" though he does use her full name from time to time, like when he is scared, amused, or worried about her; for example: Lydia knows how to summon Beetlejuice to her presence or make her own way to his: Occasionally she is shown making use of a longer, more elaborate ritual using the aforementioned four-line chant to bring him out of the Neitherworld or send herself into it, but this seems not to be a necessity.

Unlike Beetlejuice himself, Lydia is almost universally loved by the Neitherworld cast of the show although some of them are amazed that she hangs out with Beetlejuice of her own free willand she once won a Neitherworld award for Cutest Mortal to Ever Visit the Neitherworld. In the pilot episode, Critter Sitters, she is shown summoning him through the longer ritual; as part of the ritual, the colour of her clothing changes, possibly merely by her choice.

Her invariable Neitherworld costume—unless she is in disguise—is a full-length red spiderweb-patterned poncho worn over a black, form-fitting body suit. Lydia is the only person he will heed. Having found herself a kindred spirit in Beetlejuice, Lydia looks up to Beetlejuice in certain ways, admiring his outrageous sense of humour as she would constantly be seen laughing at his jokes or gags.

In one episode, Beetlejuice lent Lydia his funny bone so she could be funny as part of a school show, but without his funny bone Beetlejuice became much more serious and normal; this change in him even disappoints Jacques and Ginger. When Beetlejuice gets his funny bone back however, he becomes his abnormal self again much to Lydia's delight as she hugs him.

In some respects, Lydia sometimes has been seen virtually parenting Beetlejuice. It is frequently made clear that Beetlejuice's dedication to her is a source of Lydia's own self-confidence.

Although most of Beetlejuice's antics are motivated by self-amusement rather than malice, he can become genuinely hostile if Lydia is threatened, and any who might conceivably threaten their relationship such as Prince Vince are the objects of Beetlejuice's profound jealousy and resentment.

In the episode "Out of My Mind", it is learned that Beetlejuice actually has a working shrine to Lydia in his mind. Lydia never shows any romantic interest in anyone else except Prince Vince, and that quickly turns into a straight-out friendship. She has hugged Beetlejuice a few times. When Lydia was inside Beetlejuice's head, she gave a donation towards the maintenance of his shrine to her.

beetlejuice rajzfilm magyarul online dating

Her main hobby is reading literary classics such the collective works of writers such as Edgar Allan PoeStephen King and others. Supporting characters[ edit ] Peaceful Pines inhabitants[ edit ] Charles Deetz voiced by Roger Dunn — Lydia's father, a nervous man who likes quiet activity and calm. One of his favourite hobbies is ornithologywhich he seems to be very fond of, and he also likes baseball. He is closer to Lydia than Delia is, as they share a love of baseball.

Charles is allergic to dogs. He is often the victim of Beetlejuice's continuous pranks and mischief. Despite this, Beetlejuice is oddly quite fond of him, probably because Charles is one of the few people who is always falling for his pranks, usually when Beetlejuice is in his "real-world" guise of "Mr. Charles' catchphrase is "Try to relax. Delia is an eccentric, air-headed yuppiewho is also somewhat self-absorbed. While she talks about wanting to express her creativity, she also tries to get Lydia to give up her love for scary stuff and focus on cute "normal" stuff and doesn't notice the hypocrisy in her actions ; this was emphasized briefly in "Critter Sitters" and was the plot of one of the stories in the comic book "This is Your Lice", where Delia hires a hypnotist to make Lydia conform to doing normal, girly things.

While in the film, the fact that Delia is Lydia's stepmother is made clear, in the cartoon this fact is never pressed upon; Percy — The Deetz family's pet black catan animal so high-strung that he makes Charles look relaxed. Considering the amount of torment that Beetlejuice puts Percy through, this is not really surprising. Although Percy is most times a victim of Beetlejuice's pranks, he sometimes manages to take revenge on him, in more than one way.

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Bertha voiced by Tara Charendoff — Lydia's friend from school. She is tall, gangly and has an overbite. Bertha loves to swoon over teen boys, read teen magazines, and eat chips. Like Lydia, she too shares a passion for anything strange and unusual.

Beetlejuice refers to her as 'Burp'. Prudence voiced by Paulina Gillis — Lydia's other friend from school, who is a lot smaller than Bertha. Like Lydia and Bertha, Prudence is interested in anything strange and unusual, but doesn't like anything too scary. She is a straight A student and loves to read. Beetlejuice refers to her as 'Prune'. But he does appear to get on well with both her and Bertha always in the guise of Betty Juice.

In the episode "Brides of Funkenstein", Beetlejuice helped Prudence become more confident during the group's brief time as a rock band. He also praised her and Bertha's bravery during a camping trip in the Neitherwoods when they saved him and Lydia from a sandworm attack.

Also when Betty Juice was running for school president, he tried to get them on board supporting his campaign.

beetlejuice rajzfilm magyarul online dating

Claire Brewster voiced by Tara Charendoff — Lydia's upperclass rival and Beetlejuice's second rival from school. Claire is the epitome of the ' spoiled little rich girl ' stereotype and a typical spoiled princess; being overindulged by her parents, Claire believes everything should go her way and because of that, she clashes with Lydia, serving as a personality foil for Lydia in the series. Claire hates Lydia Deetz with a passion and swears to embarrass or outdo Lydia at every opportunity, usually because Lydia stands up to herbut the one person she hates more than Lydia is Betty Juice.

For the most part, Lydia tries to ignore Claire's scathing remarks, comments and attempts to humiliate her, not wanting to validate any of Claire's actions, but nevertheless there is many a time when Claire gets under her skin, and Lydia dreads being humiliated in front of Claire see "Stage Fright", "Laugh of the Party", and "Caddy Shock".

Claire is a narcissist who believes she is the prettiest, beloved and most popular girl of all though it is clear that nobody likes herand abuses any power she's given as seen in "Foreign Exchange". Claire is not only egotistical and overtly vain, she is also outright cruel, unapologetic, and incredibly obnoxious and shows no redeeming values whatsoever; she also reacts very badly to anyone who by her own definitions is prettier than her, as shown in "Foreign Exchange" when she deliberately embarrassed Alex Spenceten, a female foreign exchange student from Scandinavia whose eyes were bluer and whose hair was blonder than Claire's.


In "Brides of Funkenstein", it is revealed that Claire is tone deaf. In "It's a Wonderful Afterlife", it is revealed that, had Beetlejuice never met Lydia, Lydia would never have had the confidence to stand up to Claire's antics. Claire's vanity and narcissism is further demonstrated in an episode where she and Lydia design a haunted house. Believing due to her egotistical nature that everyone would want to see "her in danger" she filled the house with cardboard cutouts of herself, rather than anything that was actually scary.

A running gag in the series entails Jacques getting broken into multiple pieces, often thanks to Beetlejuice, who will then proceed to call a number of random dogs upon him.

In spite of such antics, Jacques actually likes Beetlejuice and it is revealed that Beetlejuice reciprocates this despite his vehement pretensions to the contrary as seen in "Skeletons in the Closet. During the exhibition it was possible to see sets and characters that were used for the stop motion feature film. The website's critical consensus reads, "Frankenweenie is an energetic stop-motion horror movie spoof with lovingly crafted visuals and a heartfelt, oddball story. The man should make more small movies like this one.

Louis Post-Dispatch gave the film three out of four stars, saying "Some audiences might feel that Frankenweenie is creaky, but those on the same wavelength as Burton will gratefully declare it's alive.

Frankenweenie hearkens back to the director's salad days and, in turn, to the old-school horror classics that inspired him in the first place. The science is murky at best, but the underlying themes are profound, and the story is equal parts funny and poignant. It's Burton's most moving film. But he just doesn't know when to stop, and his overgrown creation gets the better of him.

Scott of The New York Times gave the film three out of five stars, saying "While Frankenweenie is fun, it is not nearly strange or original enough to join the undead, monstrous ranks of the classics it adores. Frighteningly good, you might say.