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crear triptico online dating

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You then have the ability to move, rotate, and color each magnet. For mathematics, this gives students the opportunity to manipulate different parts of an equation or move along a number line, enabling students see all the moving parts of a problem. Other potential uses include helping students to learn proper syntax in an English class. Figure 2 — Order Sorter App Another tool is the Order Sorter app, which works very similar to a game show in which one must place the events or scenarios in a particular order.

You can alter the number of possible options as well as various other auxiliary settings such as background color. This is an especially useful app for social studies and history students to organize dates and events, for instance, the order of the American presidents. In mathematics, students can visualize and arrange the procedural steps to solving a particular type of problem.

Timers Triptico offers three types of timers to add to your arsenal of time management tools. We enjoy the use of these timers because they are simultaneously quiet and interactive. They offer the ability to count up to a desired number or be used as countdown clocks. We particularly like the simple look of these timers as they provide the desired services without many complicated buttons and distractions.

Timers are something we have all seen before; however, what we like most about the various types of timers that Triptico offers is the variety. The availability and usefulness of having different styles of timers in one place minimizes downtime in the classroom.

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Students often struggle to choose their own groups quickly or to pick new groups. On the one hand, they typically choose to be in a group comprised solely of their friends, leading them to spend more time socializing than being productive. On the other, when you try to pick their groups for them, the result can be a sizable pushback.

After entering the names of the students, which you can save for future use, you are able to alter the number of groups. Figure 4 — Score Tapper Great for class competitions Selectors also offer the ability to keep scores on tasks. This can be a good way to foster healthy competition on specific content.

One type of scorer is similar to the flip selector in that it allows you to swipe the new score for each student or team. When you swipe the bar up, you add points; when you swipe down, you subtract points. Again, this is a simple way to keep score for a class.

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Quizzes There are multiple free quiz apps currently offered by Triptico. Students and teams can gain points by guessing a correct answer, and they lose points by guessing incorrectly. Knowing that there are fewer wrong answers than right means that the students have to develop a strategy and think more critically about the question and answers. This app is a great way to test student understanding since working backwards to come up with the correct question means that students truly understand the information.

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crear triptico online dating

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crear triptico online dating