Front page of assignment online dating

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front page of assignment online dating

Unit Code. Unit Title. Name of Lecturer. Due Date. Topic of Assignment. Group or Tutorial Please include this page with your submission. Aspects of writing. In addition to setting a due date for an assignment, instructors can can also view details for all assignments on the Assignments Index Page. The cover page is the first thing people will see of your word document. a specific title, the author name, date, a one-liner on the subject and For an academic assignment, do check with your instructor before using a cover page. . Saikat Basu is the Deputy Editor for Internet, Windows, and Productivity.

When Multiple Grading Periods are enabled in a course, assignments are also respected against closed grading periods. Some attributes may not be available to editing. When an assignment is set as a moderated assignmentonly the moderator or a Canvas admin can edit the assignment after it is published.

front page of assignment online dating

Open Assignment To open an existing assignment, click the Assignment name [1]. To create a new assignment, click the Add Assignment button [2]. If you created your assignment as an assignment shell, this field will be populated for you, but you can change it if necessary.

front page of assignment online dating

Use the Rich Content Editor to add images, text, links, equations, or insert media [2]. Use the Content Selector in the Sidebar to link to or upload course resources, including files and images [3]. The Rich Content Editor includes a word count display below the bottom right corner of the text box.

Enter the points for your assignment in the Points field [1]. Select the Assignment Group for the assignment in the Assignment Group drop-down menu [2].

front page of assignment online dating

If you created your assignment as an assignment shell, the points field and Assignment Group will be populated for you. You can edit these if necessary. Change Points Possible If you change the points possible for an existing assignment with graded submissions, you will need to regrade the assignment. This warning message applies to any grading type with assignment submissions, including changing points from or to zero.

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Select Grading Type In the Display Grade as drop-down menu, select the method you want to use for grading. The grading type is how the assignment score will display in the Gradebook. Insert an Attractive Cover Page Microsoft Word makes it painless to create a professional cover page. The Microsoft Office suite comes with a few well-designed cover pages that you can re-purpose for your document.

Open a new Word document. Click on the Insert menu on the ribbon.

APA Style 6th Ed.: Title Page and Running Head - NEW VERSION IN DESCRIPTION

The dropdown for Cover Page is the first feature you will spot on the menu under Pages. Click on tiny arrow next to it and open the inbuilt gallery of templates.

front page of assignment online dating

Select the one you like and click on it. The cover page appears at the beginning of the document by default. But to place it in any other location, right click on the cover page thumbnail in the gallery and select from the options given.

Customize Individual Fields Click on each pre-formatted field the square brackets and the whole thing gets highlighted with a blue field label on top. Type in your version for the given field.

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The author name might appear by default if the Microsoft Office installation is in your name. Change the date fields with the drop-down arrow and select a date from a calendar. You can format all fields just like normal text. You can easily edit graphical cover page elements like any other image.

Change the Design on the Fly Customizing a pre-formatted cover page is a piece of cake. So, you can change any part of the template on the fly. Notice a picture on the cover page template? Maybe, you would like to swap it out with a logo or another more appropriate image.

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You can use drag and drop to upload feedback files. View gradebook New feature in Moodle 2. File submissions will be downloaded in the format uploaded by the student. Online text submissions will be downloaded as html files. Each file in the zip will include the student first and lastname at the beginning of the filename for identification purposes.

Keeping records archiving, exporting, backing up When students unenrol from a Moodle area, their records become invisible through the Gradebook interface.

front page of assignment online dating

In order to have the information to hand, departments or course teaching teams may need systems in place to keep their own records for the data retention period required in their particular context. There are two separate procedures for exporting student submissions and marks. To export marks with or without feedback: From the Grader Report Settings block, select Export; a menu displays. From the menu, if you need easy viewing and running calculations you probably want to select one of the spreadsheet formats; a page of export settings loads Use the Visible Groups pulldown menu to limit the export to specific groups, as required In Options, you indicate whether feedback comments are included In Grade Items To Be Included lists you can, if required, omit particular Activities from the report When you've finished with the settings, click on Submit; a preview of your export displays Click on Download to export to the format you chose, and save the file.

To download the original student submissions: In your course area, click the link to the Assignment whose submissions you want to download.

Click the link to 'Download all submissions' either from the Choose menu or from the Settings blockand save the file. Tips and Tricks Want to use an Assignment activity again in another Moodle site? Use the backup and restore options. Want to use an Assignment activity in another course you teach?

Use the Import function in the course administration block.