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Do I need to have an earlier version installed on my computer before I install Instant Text 7? Should I uninstall my old version? Do not uninstall your old version. Just delete the desktop icon of your old version.

How do I get my glossaries into a new installation of Instant Text 7? You can transfer your glossaries from the C: Once they have been transferred, you can open these glossaries into the active glossary list of Instant Text. Can I use my own short forms? The advisory lines are customizable. You can have 1 to 20 lines. To have just 1 line, right-click on the number columns and choose 1 line to get used to visual feedback.

You expand with markers: How do I expand an entry further down in the advisories? There are several options to select an entry further down in the advisories: Type the corresponding line number Use the Shift key to move the highlight down one line at a time Use the Control key to select the last line Can I change the number of advisory lines? Clicking on C toggles automatic capitalization on or off. Clicking on S toggles automatic spacing on or off.

These buttons are green when automatic capitalization and automatic spacing are on, red when automatic capitalization and automatic spacing are off. Can I have the advisories on the side or at the top? Do you have a quick guide?

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Do you provide a manual? Yes, you can download the manual as a pdf or a zip file from our website: Glossary Questions How do I add a new entry to a glossary? Can the short form begin with a number? Can I add symbols to a short form? A short form can consist of letters, digits, hyphens and underscores. Can I add a whole template? The entry will be expanded in the format it was created in, font style and size included. How do I edit or delete a glossary entry? How do I get rid of duplicate entries?

How many entries can I have in a glossary? A glossary can have more than several hundred thousand entries. However, the more targeted your glossaries are, the more efficient you will be.

How long can a glossary entry be? A glossary entry can be 16, characters long. How long can the short form be? A short form can be 63 characters long. Can I print my glossary? Glossaries are text files. You can open them in any word-processor and print them.

Be aware the glossaries can be many pages long. How do I back up my glossary files? It is recommended that you do a backup of your glossaries regularly. How do I move my glossaries to a new computer? Included glossaries need to be individually copied to the new computer as well.

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Once the glossaries are transferred to the new computer, you need to go to the Glossary menu in Instant Text and open them into the active glossary list. Can I use more than one glossary at a time without switching? Next, click on Includes, then click on Add Include and double-click on the glossary you wish to include. Why do words have a one-letter short form? This is not the short form you will be using.

Words are listed in the Word section of the glossary under their first letter just like in a dictionary. They require no dedicated short form. Can I make up my own short forms? Creating Glossaries Can I create my own glossary? You can also create a blank glossary. In the Glossary menu select New, type the name you would like to give this new glossary and click OK. Select the appropriate button to select your list of shortcuts. The reports you want to compile need to be in one folder.

Special Glossaries Can I expand an entry with just one letter? The Current Singles Glossary, a special glossary active in parallel with any current glossary, will suggest very frequently used words or phrases after you type one single letter. It is the only glossary that allows single-letter abbreviations. How can I change entries in the Singles glossary?

How do I change the number of Singles displayed in the advisories? Can I disable the Singles glossary? The TypoCorrect glossary is another special glossary always active in parallel with any current glossary you may be using.

Can I disable the Typo glossary? These entries are coming from the Shorts glossary, a special glossary automatically activated only when you use the spacebar to expand. You can create a glossary entry with a Backspace command. Press the Backspace key and Enter. Then type -year-old and assign a short form. Your entry should now look like this: How do I create a bold heading? Follow the same method to insert the Time.

If the dates or times suggested do not correspond to your desired format, you can choose your own format clicking on Custom Date and Custom Time.

How do I insert fields into an entry? The field command should look like this: At the end of your template entry, you would need to include a command that will bring you to the top of your document. You could have an entry like this: When you expand this entry, at the first Stop command, the remaining part of the expansion is put on hold while you fill in specific text or numbers.

To resume the remaining part of the expansion, you expand a Resume command entry with a short form of your choice. The command could be: How can I avoid the extra space when I expand a command entry?

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You can add a NoSpacing command to the end of your entry. For instance, the following entry: You can also still add a trailing underscore with the same effect: The effect of a Merge is one new glossary file containing all the entries of the glossaries you merged.

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