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Laiseacker – The mobile organic farm shop with Sprinter.

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Laiseacker – The mobile organic farm shop.

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And when the family business from Nussdorf in Germany began to implement this, it was one thing above all: The Internet was just starting and online shops were still a thing of the future. Whoever wanted to place an order mostly just gave the driver a note for the following week. Crate for crate the farm shop and its selection grew steadily.

In the organic farm switched to computers. The traditional company also took a pioneering role with their online shop. In the meantime, orders can also be made via messenger services. Or you can simply visit Laiseacker at their idyllic farm shop. From crazy people to pioneers.

But what now appears to be a success story, back then met with resistance. At the end of the s when the Butz family changed their farm to organic, began to grow vegetables and then even wanted to deliver them to their customers, many people thought they were crazy.

The success of the Laiseacker organic farm is proven by the fact that they have several imitators. Today you can find fruit and vegetables from organic farms in every supermarket.

Naturally, the year-old is pleased about this development.