Online dating tv advert TV Commercial, 'First Date' -

online dating tv advert

One terrifying ad is reminding everyone of the risks that come with meeting complete strangers online. Studies and seek you spot the world of meeting people online dating or red Raimondo tv ad attacks fung over cranston police are fairly harmless, but it for. An advert for dating website eHarmony has been banned for its In response to a complaint, the online matchmakers said they use a.

And the icing on the cake, the gratuitous logo on the phone screen. Just unnecessary, but we all know where these calls came from. The glowing force field between the couple on the dance floor feels slightly odd too.

online dating tv advert

A reverse disco ball maybe? The next step should be to remove the tech talk and stick tight to the spark idea. Or if the tech is your point of difference, embrace it. An honest approach gets respect: They make no wild promises about the end result, yet nor do they completely wash their hands of any responsibility for poor user etiquette either.

online dating tv advert

Is teasing your user base a good idea? At least it implies that Tinder is for confident people who can take a joke - not for the faint-hearted or the needy. I always thought James Blunt was a bit of a tosser. A celebrity comes in, takes over the marketing department or becomes part of the organisation, gets paid a squillion, then is never to be seen or associated with the brand again.

Dating website eHarmony's 'scientific' match ad banned

The ad was cut into shorter pre-rolls, but does it make any stronger? The work James did for Vevo earlier in the year feels very close to this. For me that was a much better execution. He answered questions from people writing in to him asking for love advice, and it worked a treat.

Tinder, Apple TV Macgregor: Feels like a sitcom. And strategically it works hard. Getting Tinder onto the big screen at the heart of family life does a swift job of normalising the app and sweeping aside any nagging stigma. It still feels contemporary, clever and confident — almost wholesome in fact.

Casual Online Dating Commercial

A series that continues to put Tinder in a category of its own in the world of dating aps: And now, thanks to Apple TV, everyone can get in on the act as Tinder is streamed live to their home and big screens. I liked this series.

Online Dating: Should Advertisers Take Notice? - NMPi

This definitely gets a swipe to the right. I really like the way this campaign puts the product at the heart of the idea, without shoving it down your throat.

The natural tendency here would have been to shoot this from the other side and have the Apple TV box on the coffee table, do a cutaway to a Tinder branded remote, and give the entire ad away in the first few seconds.

This ad is memorable. I was only asked to watch one ad but ended up watching all 17 spots. Definitely worth searching up.

online dating tv advert

This is a keeper. If eHarmony sells the universal myth of fairy-tale romance, and Elite Singles lets you project who you want to be, RSVP feels like a platform for real, less than perfect, everyday people. Less impersonal, less intimidating, I would imagine this one does well.

online dating tv advert

And just when I thought it was all going to get a bit naughty, you know, a bit 50 Shades of Grey, they pulled the rug from beneath my feet to reveal a smarmy smiling man massaging hers. This is by far the best Aussie work out there in this space. Establishing the brand in a territory that shows its understanding of human behaviour and the little things that make us tick is a really strong area to own. Especially in a category where emotion rules, and more often than not takes brands into the dark world of cheese.

So, thanks for avoiding the cheddar. That moment of realisation when you think a person might be the right one for you. This is brought to life really well in this execution. TV Commercial, 'Easy Steps' -

Once again, good talent and a little humour have gone a long way. My only criticism of this ad is that whilst the scenarios work, they could have been pushed a little further to be a little more unexpected. I hope both parties keep building the platform on the back of a great line and the work gets bolder and braver. What is happening in those flashbacks? This feels like one of those ads that does a superb job of literally illustrating the consumer portrait who is mostly a projection of what we think people want to be anyway.

I would suspect the brief had a paragraph that went something like: Elite Singles is for mature, confident, high achievers who have a positive, outgoing attitude. Well-travelled and sophisticated, they are looking for a meaningful relationship with someone who will share their passion for the finer things in life.

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