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Virtually Overlooked: Super Baseball Simulator

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

Super Mega Baseball is an accessible, “lite” baseball simulation. Our number one goal from the beginning was to nail a set of player couch co-op/ competitive: This can be head-to-head, 2v1, . Any estimate on a release date? we can look at some of these things like online MP if the demand is. For Baseball Simulator on the NES, FAQ by SShannon. a Season Running a Season Edit Mode Editing Batters regular baseball , you could also play baseball with "Ultra Plays. Super Baseball Simulator is the only game I've had where the battery has died on me. Super Mega Baseball packs ultra-tight batting/pitching mechanics, a novel difficulty system dubbed “Ego”, and a deep baseball simulation with accurate isn't familiar with the rules, they will be after playing Super Mega Baseball. . Release date Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you're.

Displays ball Bstrike S and out O count. If the team is not an Ultra Team, there will be no number. More on "pinch" later. If the batter has selected an Ultra Hit, it will be displayed to the left of the Home Run count.

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

Note that four other objects may exist on the Batting Screen, depending on the situation of the game. If there is a runner on first base, there will be an inset window depicting the baserunner above the middle-right window; likewise, if there is a runner on third base, there will be an inset window depicting the baserunner above the middle-left window.

If there is a runner on second base, the baserunner can be seen behind the pitcher. Finally, if the pitcher has selected an Ultra Pitch, it will appear on the right-hand side of the mound. This results in far fewer foul tips than are usually found in a baseball video game or, indeed, a baseball game. The screen will then change to the Fielding Screen, which shows the playing field from above, with centre field being at the top of the screen and home plate being at the bottom. If the ball reaches far enough into the outfield, an inset showing the current baserunners will appear in the bottom-centre of the screen, enabling you to advance or pull back runners as you wish.

When you return to the Batting Screen, anytime after the pitcher begins his windup, you can steal a base by holding the Control Pad in the direction of the base you want stolen, then pressing B. One quick note here: Note that this score conforms to Japanese scoring conventions, where the away team is always mentioned first and the home team is always mentioned second.

So if you score a run after your opponent has scored two, the score will read " ". Assuming you want to insert a pitch-hitter, before a pitch press Start to pause the game, then press A. Move your cursor to the pinch-hitter you want to insert and press A to insert the hitter in note you will not get confirmation before thisor press B to cancel back to the game in progress. There are no pinch- runners in the game. Quick trick when playing against the computer: If the third baseman has the ball, move the runner on first to second to get the computer to throw to second, then move the runner back to first.

When the computer throws the ball to home, move the first base runner to second and motion the runner heading home back to third. The computer will let the runner on first take second unopposed.

Note the detailed stats on the bottom of the screen between half-innings. Now you are in control of the pitcher; press left or right to move the pitcher on the mound. Assuming a player has caught the ball you can move fielders around with the Control Padyou can then hold a direction and then press A to have the player throw to that base, or hold a direction and then press B to have the player run to that base.

Also note that whenever you throw the ball, ANY of your players in the way of that ball will catch it. To avoid this, after starting the throw to first base, immediately hold up or down to move the pitcher out of the way.

Substituting fielders is covered below. If you need to dive for the ball, hold the Control Pad in the direction you want to dive and press A; if you need to jump for the ball, take your thumb off the Control Pad and press A. If a pitcher is sweating, the pitcher is starting to get tired.

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To replace a pitcher, press Start before a pitch to pause the game, then press A. You will be asked to confirm the pitcher be inserted into the game before you return.

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

Note that the game will NOT ask for confirmation before doing this, so use this option wisely. If you want to use it, simply move the cursor over the fielder you want to move, press A and then use the Control Pad to move the fielder around. END simply returns to the game. Not all pitcher fatigue is due to how long a pitcher has been in the game, though. Whenever there are runners on second and third, there is a chance seemingly a greater chance if the bases are loaded that the pitcher will enter "pinch" mode.

You will know if the pitcher is in pinch mode because the background music will change, and the word "PINCH" will appear in the lower-left window. How a pitcher reacts to pinch mode seems to vary from pitcher to pitcher and from game to game; it just seems to be a matter of chance as to how the computer decides to place the pitcher.

Whenever a run is scored, the crowd flashes rapidly and you get a sound effect. The sound effect changes into something more triumphant-sounding after the tenth run. If someone hit a home run, in addition to all the special effects with each stadium, you may also be treated to a quick animation of that player high- tenning everyone on his bench, inset on the scoreboard screen.

If you enter the seventh inning of a game, the game will display "Lucky 7" before each half of the inning. Or it could just be a silly graphic they put on the screen. The triggers for the end of a game are like Major League Baseball, except with one hitch: Anyway, the screen will display the box score for the game though not hits and errorsthe winning and losing pitchers and, if applicable, the pitcher who gets the save.

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  • Virtually Overlooked: Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

Although the game seems to give these awards out at random, and not according to standard baseball rules. Especially with pitches, the occasional Ultra Pitch will fool the computer, but throw more than two in a row and all of a sudden the computer will get a hit off of one. Good against both human and computer opponents, but increases the chance of beaning the batter.

White ball with a black "S" on top, on a blue background. After throwing, press A once to stop the ball. With the right timing, easily fools computer opponents; not so effective against human opponents. Light blue "STOP" sign on a black background. Useful, and risky, for obvious reasons.

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

Black question mark on a light blue background. Moves from side to side as it goes to the plate. As with Snake Ball, good against both human and computer opponents, but has a tendency to cause more beanballs. Also tends to make strikes out of what look like hits. Good against human opponents, less useful against the computer. Two white balls in the lower corners of the icon and a light blue left-right arrow between them, on a black background.

Increases in speed as it gets to the plate, then lights on fire. Like the Speeder Ball, turns some sure hits into strikes. Fairly useful against human opponents, less so against the computer. White ball with black flame surrounding it on a light blue background. The ball disappears as it goes over the plate. Fairly useful against the computer, but human opponents adapt to it easily.

Black "sparkle" lines on a light blue background. Somewhat useful against the computer, but human opponents will soon adapt to it and at least get foul tips.

White ball in lower-left hand corner with three light blue lines above it, and two white arrows to the right, on a black background. Ball turns to iron. Slow as heck, but unless the batter hits it with the exact middle of the bat, gets a strike. Useful against both human and computer opponents. Black ball on a white background. The ball spins in a very tight arc as it goes to the plate, and is much harder to hit.

Useful against human opponents, but the computer gets a lot of hits off of it. Seven white balls in a hexagonal shape. Select an Ultra Hit by pressing B before swinging; note that you can select an Ultra Hit while the pitch is coming to you.

Shallow outfield flyouts become home runs, but groundouts remain groundouts.

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

Somewhat useful in this regard, but creating a high-home run hitter may be simpler and not cost Ultra Points or Ultra Hitting slots. Light blue bat with two white arrows to the right pointing to it, on a black background. Bat fragments surround the ball as it flies through the air, knocking out any fielder who tries to catch it. What looks to be a black television set with the glass punched out, on a light blue background. Causes many other shadows to surround the ball as it flies in the air. Fools the computer easily, but not human opponents.

Limited usefulness in that regard. White ball with black shadows surrounding it, on a dark blue background. Hit becomes a very slow line drive that "catches" any fielders in its' way and drives them to the wall with it. White slash going from the upper-left to the lower-right corner of the box, on a dark blue background.

If the ball is a fly ball, any fielder who tries to catch it is knocked unconscious for a few seconds when it falls to the ground. If a ground ball, after its first bounce it explodes and then falls down the screen, towards the catcher.

Useful, and the computer fielders fall for it every time. For some reason, I tend to get a lot of home runs with this Ultra Hit, so maybe it increases batting power as well. A randomly selected Ultra Hit. Useful and dangerous for obvious reasons. If a fly ball, no effect unless it drops before being caught. If a ground ball, the moment it touches the ground the screen starts to shake, and the fielders are stunned for a couple of seconds while baserunners can run as normal. Combined with enough running power, this guarantees singles almost every time even for infield groundersand so this is useful.

What looks to be a black pot with the lid partway open on a light blue background. If a ground ball, no effect.

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If a fly ball, the shadow of the ball spins around, and it seems to fall prematurely. Human players will adapt to it easily, but computer opponents are always fooled by it. White ball with black lines behind it in the upper-right corner, black-and-white circle in the lower-left corner, on a light blue background. If a fly ball, no effect. If a ground ball, changes trajectory with every bounce. White ball with a black zig-zag underneath it, on a dark blue background.

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If a ground ball, rotates around as it rolls on the ground. Fielders seem to have a hard time picking it up until it hits the outfield fence. Light blue baseball with black eyes and a dark blue sneer, on a dark blue background. To use an Ultra Fielding, when the ball is near a fielder, press B to activate it. Allows fielder to leap about thirty feet in the air. White player with light blue lines underneath, on a dark blue background.

After catching the ball, the fielder throws it at double regular speed. Somewhat useful for outfielders, I guess, to catch runners at the plate.

play super baseball simulator 1 000 online dating

A light blue home plate turned sideways, with two white arrows pointing at it, on a black background. Increases slide distance about threefold. Increases running speed of fielder. I could see this as useful for some infielders, but only very rarely. A black kleat on a dark blue background.

A ghost-looking creature in white and black, with five light blue triangles surrounding it, on a dark blue background. You will then be asked to select a league from the season; either the Atlantic League, the Northern League, the Ultra League or the Original League you can create with the New League option described below.

Sorry, no interleague play. Highlight the league you want by pressing up and down on the Control Pad, then press A to select it. From there, you will be asked to assign each team a home stadium; teams cannot share a home stadium.

If you agree with the choices, select NO, otherwise select YES and a cursor will appear that you can move around the team names.

Select one with the A button, then the cursor will shift to stadiums. Press A again to move the selected team to the stadium; the team that formerly had that stadium will automatically move to the stadium the other team occupied. From here you will be asked to select a season; seasons can be 5 games, 30 games, 60 games or games long. In a five-game season, each team will face each other team once; in longer seasons, teams will face each other in three- game series, and after two series all the teams get a day off.

Move your cursor to the length of season you want and press A, and a schedule showing the first few games all of them in a five-game season will appear to the left. If for some reason you want to change the order of games, just re-select the same length of season and you will get a different order.

When you are satisfied with the order of games and length of season, press Start to continue. After selecting the option for the first team on the list, the cursor will move down to the second team.

Here you will be given the option of changing control of the teams from the default settings you just specified. Also, if both teams are set to AUTO, and twenty seconds goes by on the pre-game screen without anything happening, the computer will automatically start the game in WATCH mode. There are a couple of changes from an exhibition game you need to be aware of. First of all, instead of displaying the pre-programmed statistics in the bottom corners of the Batting Screen, it will display current season statistics, updated all the way to the last at-bat.

The big change comes with pitchers, however. Starting pitchers who have pitched in the previous game will carry over that fatigue to the next game, so you have to have a pitching rotation. The standard rotation in Baseball Simulator 1. The pitchers may not look exhausted in their portraits or on the mound, but they will act like it.

After a game is over, you will be taken to the Sports News screen, just as with an exhibition game. The only change is that the people who have hit home runs are listed in the bottom-left corner. Once you get past the box score, though, you will be presented with a new menu.

Note that pitcher batting statistics are not kept track of. Shows overall league standings. Displays a round-robin scorecard of how teams have fared against each other. The left-hand column represents the team, the topmost row represents the opponent. Within each box, the top number is the number of victories the team has against the opponent, and the bottom number is the number of victories suffered against the opponent.

Allows you to select a team to view individual statistics for the season.

Baseball Simulator 1000

See Team Stats section below for a guide to the header codes. Note that team batting average, home runs, RBIs, ERA, wins, losses and saves are totaled in the line below all the individual stats. Displays top 10 performers in batting average. Displays top 10 home run hitters. Displays top 10 runs batted in leaders. Displays top 10 pitchers by number of wins. Displays top 10 pitchers by earned run average. In this league, all the players have super powers.

Batters can hit the ball so hard that it knocks multiple fielders into the wall, or they can turn the ball into a leaf that floats to the ground after hitting.

There are 15 different Ultra Swings, ranging from the slightly disruptive removing the flying ball's shadow to the obvious turning the ball into a flaming projectile to the completely devious reversing the fielding controls, or spinning the screen. The pitcher has a similar arsenal of hilarious moves, like a pitch whose speed or direction can be controlled midflight, or an iron ball.

Each of the teams in the Ultra League have a different distribution of skills, but you can edit your team to distribute skill points among players according to your own preferences. This includes normal skills like speed, but also Ultra skills, each assignment of which costs some number of Ultra Points.

You can, of course, also change stuff like uniform colors and player names. There are few moments of multiplayer gaming as satisfying as having two fully customized teams face off with a well-designed arsenal of Ultra Swings and Pitches.

It really feels like a strategy game and a fighting game when you try to match your pitches to the current batter's skill. Also it's really dang funny when the fielder tries to catch the ball and it explodes.