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These carriers create new channels for dissemination of the music and introduce new elements into the music aesthetics, a procedure that continues till today. The modern, West-European scientific historical and musicological approaches give rise to various questions about the present state of the chanting art and about the aesthetic qualities of chanting, at times guiding to reconstructive projects while in other cases developing theoretical documentations of the practices in use.

Round the change of the century, recordings and the musical industry introduce even more new aproaches, not only in methods of writing down the music but also in ways of perceiving it. The development of formal musical education and research in the next years brings to the surface even more issues.

revista unica ultimul numar online dating

Given all these changes, one comes to the question: To which extend the contemporary performances of the Greek Church music resemble their older counterparts? Certainly, such rise does not appear suddenly but draws its affect from the famous 17th century group of four: Along with these, a significant number of prominent musicians - melourgoi deliver a series of Doxologies composed in all eight echoi modes.

Daniel Protopsaltes, Petros Lambadarios, Iakovos Protopsaltes and Petros Byzantios are some of the last composers — melourgoi of Doxologies of the period between 18th and 19th centuries.

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Dionisios Fotinos, a great Greek scholar, poet, painter, writer, famous Psalt chanter and melourgos composer follower of the Psaltic tradition of Constantinople as a student of Iakovos Protopsaltes and Petros Byzantios and Ieromonachos Nektarios Prodromitis Vlachos, experienced melourgos who came from Wallachia in his way to Mount Athos, they both constitute the link to the continuity of the Psaltic tradition at Mount Athos and the Danubian Principalities.

Two musical manuscripts at the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest as well as one at the University of Thessaloniki and the printed version of Christodoulos Georgiades Kessaniaiospreserve the Doxologies of Dionisios Fotinos.

revista unica ultimul numar online dating

The texts of Synaxaria contain many interesting elements about Holy Psalmody, which can be epitomized in the following aspects. Psaltic as an Art, having close ties and being inseparably linked with the ritual elements of the Orthodox Worship, an Art which, however, went through gradual modification, reaching through the centuries high levels of artistry and virtuosity.