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This notation uses the same letters for faces except it replaces U with T topso that all are consonants. Addition of a C implies rotation of the entire cube, so ROC is the clockwise rotation of the cube around its right face. Middle layer moves are denoted by adding an M to corresponding face move, so RIM means a degree turn of the middle layer adjacent to the R face.

Singmaster notation was not widely known at the time of publication. Horizontal planes were noted as tables, with table 1 or T1 starting at the top. Vertical front to back planes were noted as book, with book 1 or B1 starting from the left.

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Vertical left to right planes were noted as windows, with window 1 or W1 starting at the front. Using the front face as a reference view, table moves were left or right, book moves were up or down, and window moves were clockwise or anticlockwise. Many general solutions for the Rubik's Cube have been discovered independently.

After sufficient practice, solving the Cube layer by layer can be done in under one minute. Other general solutions include "corners first" methods or combinations of several other methods.

InDavid Singmaster and Alexander Frey hypothesised that the number of moves needed to solve the Rubik's Cube, given an ideal algorithm, might be in "the low twenties". It is similar to the layer-by-layer method but employs the use of a large number of algorithms, especially for orienting and permuting the last layer.

The cross is done first, followed by first layer corners and second layer edges simultaneously, with each corner paired up with a second-layer edge piece, thus completing the first two layers F2L. Fridrich's solution requires learning roughly algorithms but allows the Cube to be solved in only 55 moves on average. A now well-known method was developed by Lars Petrus. One of the advantages of this method is that it tends to give solutions in fewer moves.

Rubikova kocka online dating

For this reason, the method is also popular for fewest move competitions. Next, the corners of the top layer are solved.

The cube can then be solved using only moves of the U layer and M slice. The easiest layer by layer methods require only 3—8 algorithms. The cross is solved first, followed by the remaining edges, then five corners, and finally the last three corners.

The user has to set the colour configuration of the scrambled cube and the program returns the steps required to solve it.

Speedcubing Speedcubing or speedsolving is the practice of trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in the shortest time possible. There are a number of speedcubing competitions that take place around the world.

However, the single best time of all tries is also recorded. The World Cube Association maintains a history of world records. In addition to the main 3x3x3 event, the WCA also holds events where the cube is solved in different ways: Their recorded time for this event includes both the time spent memorizing the cube and the time spent manipulating it. The event is scored not by time but by the number of solved cubes minus the number of unsolved cubes after one hour has elapsed.

In fewest moves solving, the contestant is given one hour to find his or her solution and must write it down. The world record average of the middle three of five solve times which excludes the fastest and slowest is 5. The world record fastest one-handed solve is 6. The world record fastest average of five one-handed solves is 9. The world record fastest Rubik's Cube solve with one's feet is The world record average of five feet solves is Very unlikely they would do that.

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