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The UP Board of Regents, at its th meeting on September 22, appointed Dr. Luis Rey I. Velasco '74 as chancellor of UP Los Banos (UPLB). UPLB February Fair, College, Laguna, Philippines. 19K likes. The annual tradition of UPLB Students since Sept. Hosted by the USC, it aims to. UPLB maintains linkages with more than foreign and six (6) Philippine We envision UPLB to become a globally competitive graduate and research.

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The student will not be allowed to enroll in a subject the prerequisites of which, taken elsewhere, have not yet been validated, or repeated, as the case may be. Application for advanced credit should be made on the prescribed form to the Dean of the college where he has been admitted.

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Validating tests begin two weeks before the first day of registration at the opening of each semester and end one week after the last day of registration. There is no fee for validating tests during this period. A validating test may be held outside of this period with the consent of the department and approval of the Dean and upon payment of a required fee per subject.

A student transferring from any recognized institution who possesses an Associate in Arts or its equivalent of 66 units of work may be enrolled without validation.

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The grant of advanced credits for courses which are completed in other institutions, but which have no equivalent in this University, shall be left to the faculty of the unit concerned.

Advanced standing may also be granted by the University Registrar to students who graduated from an institution recognized by the University Council for subjects listed in the course or courses duly recognized. Advanced credit for work constituting only part of courses recognized by the Council shall be awarded by the department or division concerned in accordance with the above provisions on application for advanced credits. Transfer Within UPLB A student who has earned at least 30 collegiate academic units and wishes to transfer from one college to another should file at his current college an application for transfer.

Students love to sit on the steps. This is the center of all things in UPLB. This is where students hold their protest rallies and other activities.

Mariang Dalam-banga Maria and her jar is a statue of the mountain nymph Maria Makiling. The campus has a vast field of grass called Freedom Park. At its end is a big acacia tree and the Jose Rizal Carillon Tower. The big tree is playfully called Fertility Tree because at night, this place is very dark.

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And dark, romantic places attract couples and lovers. They make the ground fertile: A very unique chapel amidst the green trees along the road leading to the upper campus adds to the tranquility and spirituality of the area. Part of the upper campus and the Mt.

It provides a breath-taking view of the town below. People come there on weekends for picnics and relaxation. I was very fortunate to have studied and lived in this place for five years. LB will always be my second home and my refuge.

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