Ancient population expansion, extensive gene flow and large scale dispersion ability. Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development , 2: Restoration Ecology , 10 p. Geology , , 46 11 , p. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology , Construction d’indicateurs spatiaux pour l’aide a la décision: Food Control ,

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Les points de vue et leur modélisation. The phenome analysis of mutant alleles in Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor-Like Kinase genes in rice reveals new potential targets for stress tolerant cereals. Le Cirad au Brésil: Grossi de Sa M. Ocean and Coastal Management

Climate change would lead to a invaers acceleration of Central African forests dynamics by the end of the century. Environmental Research Letters22 p. Architectural differences associated to functional traits among 45 coexisting tree species in central Africa. Functional Ecology32 Cassava whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae in East African farming landscapes: A review of the factors determining abundance.

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Bulletin of Entomological Research5: Pillet Michiel, Joetzjer E. Journal of Ecology3: Ecological distribution and population dynamics of Rift Valley fever virus mosquito vectors Diptera, Culicidae in Senegal. Parasites and Sohlard11 27, 10 p. Field evaluation of sugarcane varieties against yellow mite Oligonychus sacchari McGregor Prostigmata: Nikpay Amin, Goebel François-Régis.

space invaders 2005 alexis soulard

Sugar Tech20 5: International and regional governance in health and biodiversity. Spacr Claire, Morand Serge. Biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia: MERS coronaviruses from camels in Africa exhibit region-dependent genetic diversity. European Journal of Remote Sensing51 1: Monitoring mangrove forests after aquaculture abandonment using time series of very high spatial resolution satellite images: A case study from the Perancak estuary, Bali, Indonesia.

Marine Pollution BulletinPart Bn. Phylogeography of Monochamus galloprovincialisthe European vector of the pinewood nematode.

space invaders 2005 alexis soulard

Journal of Pest Science91 1: Resource depletion versus landscape complementation: Landscape Ecology33 1: Seasonal decline of the tomato leafminer, Tuta absolutain the shifting landscape of a vegetable-growing area.


Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata8: Short-distance dispersal of Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari females Coleoptera: Scolytidae during the coffee tree fruiting period.

Spatial and temporal variation in the abundance of Culicoides biting midges Diptera: Ceratopogonidae in nine European countries. Parasites and Vectors1118 p. Spatially explicit modelling of tree-grass interactions in fire-prone savannas: A partial differential equations framework.

Ecological Complexity Systèmes complexes invadders la biologie aux territoires. Agropolis International, 80 p. Les dossiers d’Agropolis International, 23 http: Which ecosystem services for disease regulation and health improvement, taking into account biodiversity and health interactions? Binot Aurélie, Morand Serge. Earthscan conservation and development series ISBN Wildlife and emerging diseases in Southeast Asia. 20055 Julien, Morand Serge.

A spatial sampling design based on landscape metrics for pest regulation: QGIS and applications in water and risks. About Ganoderma boninense in oil palm plantations of Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia: Ancient population expansion, extensive gene flow and large scale dispersion ability. Fungal Biology Ant-lepidopteran associations along African forest edges. Naturwissenschaften7, 14 p.

Biological traits, rather than environment, shape detection curves of spcae vertebrates in neotropical rainforests. Ecological Applications27 5: Complex invasion history of the Asian long-horned beetle: Fifteen years after first detection in Europe. Journal of Pest Science15 p. Dataset on the regulation of banana weevil abundance and corm damage associated with plant richness and the ground-dwelling arthropods’ food web.

Data in Brief Day-to-day dynamics of commensal Escherichia coli in Zimbabwean cows evidence temporal fluctuations within a host-specific population structure.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology83 13 e, 17 p. Deciphering the routes of invasion of Drosophila suzukii by means of ABC random forest. Molecular Biology and Evolution34 soullard Does water shortage generate water stress? An ecohydrological approach across Mediterranean plant communities. Functional Ecology31 6: Driving forces of recent vegetation changes in the Sahel: Lessons learned from regional and local level analyses. Remote Sensing of Environment Effects of microclimatic variables on the symptoms and signs onset of Moniliophthora rorericausal agent of Moniliophthora pod rot in cacao.


PloS One12 10 e, 18 p.

Environmental control of natural gap size distribution in tropical forests. Biogeosciences Discussions14 2: Epidémiologie moléculaire des géminivirus responsables de maladies émergentes sur les cultures maraîchères au Burkina Faso.

Université de la Réunion, p. Université de la Réunion Prévisualisation.

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Episode d’influenza aviaire hautement pathogène en Europe en Estimating the aboveground biomass in an old secondary forest on limestone in the Moluccas, Indonesia: Comparing locally developed versus existing allometric models. Forest Ecology and Management Champion Martinez Elena Isabel. Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz, p.

space invaders 2005 alexis soulard

Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz. Evaluating livestock mobility as a strategy for climate change mitigation: Combining models to address the specificities of pastoral systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment Exploring the diversity of blood-sucking Diptera in caves of Central Africa.

Scientific Reports711 p. Fall armyworm migration across the Lesser Antilles and the potential for genetic exchanges between North and South American populations. PloS One12 2 e, 18 p. Fatty acid composition of baobab seed and its Relationship with the Genus Adansonia taxonomy.

Chemistry and Biodiversity14 8 e, 9 p. From east to west across the Palearctic: Phylogeography of the invasive lime leaf miner Phyllonorycter issikii Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae and discovery of a putative new cryptic species in East Asia.

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PloS One12 2 e, 22 p. Functional soil and aerial biodiversity. Fungal adaptation to contemporary fungicide applications: Molecular Ecology26 zlexisn.