Eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

Eastern Cape's corruption-busting DG finally ousted

eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

Advertised Tenders. Category. - Any - Department. - Any -!Kai! Garib Local .. Tender No. Date published, Closing date, Compulsory briefing session. dates of the Government Tender Bulletin, are published for your . Eastern Cape .. from to at SCM office 3rd floor 14 Long Street Cape and and Office of the Premier, JW Sauer Building, Cnr Roper & Quinn. GOVERNMENT TENDER BULLETIN, 20 APRIL No. 47 DESCRIPTION REQUIRED AT TENDER NO CLOSING DATE Previous Transversal Contract SERVICES TO EASTERN CAPE OFFICE OF THE OFFICE OF THE 25 April , Bids obtainable from: Office of the Premier.

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However, many of its members were discouraged by the on-going political in-fighting, which they felt white-anted its state-of-the-art anti-corruption and service delivery initiatives. According to Izindaba sources, the current controversy is being discussed at the highest levels of the ANC and Motsoaledi is demanding answers as to why the dispute resolution mechanism appears to have failed so spectacularly.

Some of Pillay's biggest clashes with the 'union-friendly' Gqobana centred on tender procedures, as well as Pillay's attempts to rationalise a hugely unwieldy and inefficient service delivery platform in order to match scarce human resources and achieve cost efficiencies. Insiders at Bhisho spoke of Pillay once marching into Gqobana's boardroom where a prospective IT supplier was making a presentation for a province-wide 'virtual provider network' VPN tender, linking a wide sprawl of healthcare facilities.

Pillay apparently uncovered more than employees who were not registered with the Pharmacy Council, Nursing Council or Medical and Dental Professions Board, which enabled immediate dismissal.

In spite of all I encountered I stuck it out because I really believed I was making that difference. As a health activist you do not want to abandon ship, but certain circumstances forced me to resign in June when I hit the wall.

When that resignation was not accepted, I devoted myself to changing the service, turning up and fighting strong, but my contract was not renewed. I've re-applied for the job only because I believe I can add value.

If I really wanted to resign, why would I re-apply? At the height of his tenure, Pillay survived a night-time murder attempt by a pistol-wielding motorcyclist near the entrance to Mdantsane township, which left bullet holes in his vehicle,[2] as well as a dusk confrontation with a side-arm-carrying man in the deserted health department car park after work in Bhisho, during which the exit was blocked by a BMW.

The pit we're digging for you is getting deeper and deeper and when we bury you, no-one will ever get you out.

However, after 3 weeks, no answer has been received. Izindaba suggested that a response by the Health MEC would be inappropriate except on the allegation of tender interferencegiven his feud with Pillay, and that Premier Kieviet should respond instead, but this was simply ignored. An excerpt from Izindaba's e-mail to Bhisho reads: Dr Pillay was also intimately involved in the Multi-Agency-Work-Group for proper procurement and monitoring and corruption busting and has two publicly documented attempts on his life.

The removal of an SG appropriately clinically qualified to understand and run a provincial health department plus his reported achievements and his replacement with a teacher albeit acting and a local government veteran also requires some comment from yourselves. Without a considered response from your office, these facts, when taken together, imply that something is seriously wrong with the state of healthcare government in the Eastern Cape.

Pretoria intervention saves E-Cape corruption-buster. S Afr Med J Port Elizabeth's tertiary care reaches crisis point. The other two respondents namely, The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services and the Minister of Finance, did not oppose the application.

eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

SITA and Neotel thereafter concluded a Service Level Agreement in terms of which the latter would provide broadband and related information technology goods and services to the Western Cape Government. They are, inter alia that: SITA was subsequently also requested by the former to provide various government buildings with broadband connectivity.

There thereafter followed a series of meetings and extensive correspondence between the provincial government and SITA in respect of the farmer's request for the roll-out of broadband services.

This was obviously done in support of its contention that the latter was either unable to perform the services, or simply not committed to ensure that the roll-out of broadband connectivity was undertaken expeditiously.

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They are the following: There can accordingly be little doubt about SITA's standing to challenge any attempt by a government department to acquire technological information services without its involvement and in contravention of the SITA Act. Thus it matters not whether the Eastern Cape Government attempted to acquire the services pursuant to an open tender process or by "piggybacking" on an existing contract concluded by another organ of state: I am accordingly of the view that SITA does have the necessary locus standi to bring these proceedings.

eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

The application was launched on 12 Marchsome five months after the impugned decision was taken. In my view this is not an unreasonable delay in the context of the case. It is common cause that SITA was not idle during this period.

It has, for example, attempted to secure the intervention of the National Treasury which culminated in a meeting between the parties during December The respondents were in any event not able to show that they have suffered any prejudice in the conduct of their defences as a result of the five months' delay.

I am accordingly of the view that the delay was not unreasonable. And in City of Cape Town v Premier Western Cape and others 6 SA CPD Swain J said that the provisions of the Framework Act must be interpreted consistently with sections 41 3 and 4 of the Constitution, which vest in Courts a discretion to decide disputes between organs of state even if all other remedies have not been exhausted.

By the time that SITA had become aware of Liquid Telecoms' appointment, the horse had already bolted, since the Eastern Cape Government had by then already created contractual obligations vis-a-vis a private company, which could not be undone without judicial pronouncement.

Tender Bulletin No. , 20 April , Vol , Page 47

That regulation provides as follows: It is apparent from the provisions of the contract, and in particular those to which I have referred to above, that the contracting parties to the Western Cape agreement were SITA and Neotel. There can thus be little doubt that the relevant organ of state from which the Eastern Cape Government was required to obtain approval for participation in that contract was SITA, and not the Western Cape Government.

eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

In the event, the Western Cape Government's declaration that it had no objection to the Eastern Cape Government's participation in that contract can by no stretch of the imagination be construed to amount to consent as required by Treasury Regulation 16A6. The Western Cape Government having been of the view that it was SITA and not itself that contracted with Neotel, the relevant functionaries of the Western Cape Government could not have properly exercised their minds regarding the granting of approval as required by the Treasury Regulation.

The Western Cape Government's statement to the effect that it had no objection to the Eastern Cape's participation was thus based on its understanding that it did not have authority to grant such approval.

eastern cape office of the premier tenders dating

The relevant portions of that letter read as follows: This is once more a sincere attempt to provide the best professional advice to the ECPG connectivity programme on the basis of the information available to SITA.