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We estimated the force of JE infection in two cohorts of 15 sentinel pigs by fitting a generalised linear model on seroprevalence monitoring data observed during two four-month periods in Our results provide evidence for intensive circulation of JE virus in a periurban area near Phnom Penh, the capital and most populated city of Cambodia.

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Understanding JE virus transmission in different environments is important for planning JE virus control in the long term and is also an interesting model to study the complexity of vector-borne diseases. Collecting quantitative data such as the force of infection will help calibrate epidemiological model that can be used to better understand complex vector-borne disease epidemiological cycles. Author Summary Japanese Encephalitis Virus JEV is the most important cause of viral encephalitis in Asia in humans with an estimated 68, cases annually.

The disease is considered a mainly rural one because it occurs mainly in rural areas dominated by paddy fields where the main mosquito species vector of JEV breed. However, other mosquito species, breeding in urban areas, and a large range of animal hosts can play a role in the transmission of JEV, and JEV could therefore be transmitted in peri-urban and urban areas. Our results show an intensive circulation of JEV in sentinel pigs in a peri-urban area of Phnom Penh Cambodia at two different periods of the year.

htv the thao online dating

It shows the potential for JEV to circulate in a large range of landscapes and suggest that JEV control should not be limited to rural areas and that JEV may have the potential to emerge and be and be maintained in new areas.

Introduction Despite the increased use of vaccination in several Asian countries, Japanese Encephalitis JE remains the most important cause of viral encephalitis in Asia in humans [ 1 — 3 ].

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A recent review based on updated incidence data estimated that 68, JE cases occurred annually in the 24 JE-endemic countries, for an estimated incidence of 1. Half of these cases occur in China where expanding vaccination programs should dramatically decrease the incidence of JE in the future. One-fifth occur in areas with no or minimal JE vaccination programme such as Cambodia [ 1 ]. Cambodia is a JE high-incidence country with a nascent vaccination programme that should develop into a national program in the coming years [ 4 ].

A sentinel surveillance study on Japanese encephalitis in six Cambodian hospitals estimated the clinically-declared JE incidence in in the country at The epidemiological cycle of JE is complex with different potential host and vector species.

JE is considered a predominantly rural zoonosis with a wild cycle involving aquatic birds and Culex mosquitoes and a domestic cycle where pigs are amplifier hosts [ 56 ].

This classical description of JE in which wild ardeids are considered the main reservoir of JE dates back to the s and the first extensive studies of JE epidemiology in Japan [ 7 ].

htv the thao online dating

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