Is beauty and the geek a dating show

Beauty and the Geek contestant reveals he is professional actor

is beauty and the geek a dating show

Models Lauren Bergfeld in Beauty and the Geek () Ashton Kutcher at an event for Beauty and Comedy | Reality-TV . After the second season, the show was picked up by The CW because The WB merged with UPN to form The CW. Looking for love on a reality television program can be fraught with drama Four years on from his time on dating show Beauty and the Geek. Beauty and the Geek (–) is a reality television show, airing first on the WB network and then on the CW network, in which 8 "beauties" (young women.

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I think my IQ's probably about If I got jealous every time a girl went home with another guy, I'd be jealous all of the time. My partner is the smartest guy in LA at this moment. But then I would've hit "spell check" when I was done. What state is east of West Virginia? I'm white to the point of being clear. Erika's not the smartest girl So we could both do well to help each other in different areas.

Is Thailand in Korea? Fifth graders today must be really smart, because I'm not following. What's the date of D-Day? Sometimes Chuck is talking, and I'm like, "What? Cheryl is probably not a girl I would've met at school. I probably wouldn't have met her in the library. Is that similar to Go Fish?

And then I went into chopping, and then fisting. These terms sound a lot more vulgar than they actually are. And then throw him off that balcony. I realize from being here that I'm kinda shallow. I just go for guys if they're really hot.

And they always end up being assholes. I'm gonna eliminate him and every other nerd in this fuckin' joint.

Beauty and the Geek contestant reveals he is professional actor

My fantasy has come alive - all of the girls were dressed in Daisy Duke shorts. Not only have I never sensually touched a woman, but I've never not sensually touched a woman. Cars are my first love, because I would love to help Richard.

is beauty and the geek a dating show

But I am not a miracle worker. I'm like, 'You're making me dumber by telling me this stuff.

is beauty and the geek a dating show

They have no lives, and we do. Why did it have to be me or Brad? The thing for Richard is, it's easier being laughed at for being the buffoon than being laughed at for being himself.

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It made me question if you even liked her. I thought it was important that Richard knew how to spoon. I don't know what a size zero means! A zero means you don't exist! I would assume so. It's like animal print, like leopard print or cheetah print or whatever it is.

When I walk out of here, I'm gonna feel better than the day I walked in. When I saw the goggles, I didn't wanna wear them because they're ugly and big and not fashionable. I never, ever, in my life thought that I was smart. I think that fashion is frivolous. I'd rather read about the Gospel according to Luke. Lachlan and Jordan started dating beyond the game. It was unclear what happened to Gilbert and Dolly. Episodes[ edit ] Episode 1: The beauties then did a "Round-the-World" challenge by matching selected foods to the country that they are associated with on a large map of the world.

The beauties were then offered immunity in a challenge where a disk was placed in a crate with 50 cockroaches inside, and the beauties had to pick up the disk with their mouth.

The geeks took part in a "What's Your Number? The geeks later took part in a roller-skating derby challenge in which a Sydney women's roller-derby team would try to knock them over. The last two geeks standing would then have to protect their beauties from falling over. Afterwards the geeks paired up with their beauty to choreograph and perform a cheerleading routine, with the top two couples having to compete with a professional cheerleading team.

The couple with the best photo would appear on the cover of the Famous magazine, and the geek of this couple as well as the couple that came second in the challenge would receive a makeover. After Lachlan and Helen's makeover, each of the geeks went out on a date with a female geek male for Helen specifically chosen to match their interests, with the beauties having to serve them as waitresses.

Afterwards they were given a choice; they had the chance to swap their beauty for their geeky date. After a lot of controversy, none of the geeks turned in their beauty for their date. As a treat there was no elimination for that week. The geeks introduced their partner as they came out, and the beauties then had to describe the powers that their superhero had. Following this challenge the remaining four geeks who didn't have makeovers the previous week had their turn, with some amazing results.

Using their new look they participated in a "Full Monty Challenge", involving each of them to perform a short dance dressed as The Village People at a local club with a big finale involving them stripping down to their underwear. Each time they misspelled a word their geek would receive an electric shock, and if they got the same word wrong twice in a row they would be knocked out of the challenge. The geeks then took part in a biker race, which had the beauties construct a bike and sidecar for their geeks to ride in, with the first beauty to finish giving their geek an advantage in the race.

The geeks were to carry members of the HOGS motorcycle gang in the sidecar, with the geek whose partner finished building the bike first having the advantage of carrying the lightest biker, and the heaviest biker riding in the bike of the geek whose partner finished last. After the race the geeks were offered immunity; the first geek to step forward to have their beauty's name tattooed on their body would go through to next week. Lachlan took the challenge much to everyone's surprise, getting Sarah's name tattooed on his buttocks and consequently causing much drama in the house.

Later the previously eliminated geeks who did not have the chance to get makeovers re-entered the house, with each of the geeks still in the competition giving them makeovers with a time limit of two hours. The beauties then voted on which made over geek had the biggest improvement, unaware as to which who made over which geek.