Marcion and the dating of synoptic gospels

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marcion and the dating of synoptic gospels

Mar 13, This is majority opinion: the two source theory of synoptic . (On this, see M. Vinzent, Marcion and the Dating of the Synoptic Gospels. I have just learned that Matthias Klinghardt (Dresden) is going to present a two volume edition (with introduction) of Marcion's Gospel where he. Marcion and the Dating of the Synoptic Gospels (Studia Patristica Supplements) [ Markus Vinzent] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Are the.

Therefore, I agree with W. When it comes to his theory, Vinzent had to show how the Synoptics were all written at the same time in the same place and that at least Luke was an apologetic expansion of Marcion.

To show that apologetic tendency, Vinzent mentioned one, and only one example: If the Lukan redaction adding verse 39 was meant to by anti-Marcionite because it exists nowhere else then this is incorrect.

The Aphorisms of Jesus. Even if his reading of the verse were true, one swallow cannot make a summer. This cannot support the idea that all the Synoptics and perhaps John were written at the same time in the same city in reaction to Marcion.

The phenomenon of the Synoptic tradition is certainly way more complicated than the way it was handled in that book. Was Marcion dependent on Luke or vice versa? I am not in a position to give an opinion regarding that Gospel. However, I believe that dependency is not the only way to describe the existence of similar texts.

Hoffmann on Marcion: Justin says M taught about two gods, with the creator god being the lesser one Justin is silent about any visit of M to Rome and about his supposed excommunication Justin expresses surprise Marcion is still teaching Justin discusses Simon Magus, generally regarded as first of the heretics Justin tells us Simon visited Rome during the reign of Claudius c. Marcion had been successful in his preaching Marcion presented his views to a diverse audience Marcion is still active around c.

Hoffmann also directs our attention to the following: He was obviously in a position to know the extent of Marcionite influence in the East. Justin does not specifically connect Menander the disciple of Simon Magus with Marcion, but nor does he suggest any long time between them. Before the middle of the second century Marcion already had many converts from many nations and diverse cultures.

Bib3. Gospel of Matthew, Luke, Marcion, Mark, James, The Evidence of Justin Martyr. Bible Dates 3

Marcion was well-known outside Rome. Justin expressed surprise that Marcion was still preaching around c. Both of these could have been reactions against Marcionite teaching. Harnack,doubted the genuineness of this verse.

He thought Polycarp wrote ca. Harrison,demonstrated that this letter was a conflation of 2 letters and that the first 12 chapters dated from c. Only chapters were from c.

Marcion and the Dating of the Synoptic Gospels

So the statement above from 7: Harnack also noted that 7: Irenaeus Heresies 3, 3. Irenaeus narrated a visit to Rome by both Polycarp and Marcion, and set this at the time Polycarp was known to have visited Anicetus ca. Conclusions Justin informs us that Marcion had extensive accomplishments from preaching prior to c.

marcion and the dating of synoptic gospels

Ignatius and the Pastorals hint at even earlier dates. A New Suggestion, attempts to break through the deadlock betw Marcion — Synoptic Problem 4: Thus, any involvement of Marcion with the genesis of the canonical gospels has been subtly and also not so subtly put to one side.

This schizophrenic attitude toward Marcion and his work continues even today.

Roth on Vinzent on Marcion

No more proof-positive could exist that the Christian tradition continues to do all it can to ignore this information that is fatal to its own claims to authority—that is, to ensure the primacy and hence authenticity of the synoptic gospels. We will be looking at the mechanics of the argument in the next post. The result promises to be a nightmare for the tradition.

This, of course, has colossal ramifications—both theological and chronological.

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Or, shall we say: Tertullian and other ancients nowhere cite passages from a written gospel of Marcion. In short, they witnessed to the thought of Marcion, not to a concrete written text. Reading the church fathers closely, it astonishes me that scholars have gotten this so wrong!

marcion and the dating of synoptic gospels

It has simply been successfully marginalized for over years. In the first half of the nineteenth century, J. Schwegler all proposed that Marcion preceded the canonical gospels particularly Luke and not the other way around. On this, see M. Vinzent, Marcion and the Dating of the Synoptic Gospels Adolf von Harnack — is having a headache.

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