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Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies Jessie's feeling a bit insecure about her place in Lisa's life. Zack's Cold- A Saved by the Bell Sick Fanfiction by KellyKapowski Zack and Emily have been dating secretly for a month after the Halloween Banquet and go about telling their friends. To the casual viewer of Saved by the Bell, Zack had one major love interest. Dating your best friend's ex who is also close friends with your ex? life and for every moment of that friendship Screech has been in love with Lisa. . get to know her, as he's too busy coordinating wheelchair basketball games. However, the close working conditions mean Zack and Lisa grow close, leaving Screech brokenhearted and Saved by the Bell (–) . Release Date.

Then something tragic happens Second one shot ZackxOC there will be more to come. Sorry for the short length and the sucky title Rated: Soon the group tries to help her but all of their lives are now in danger. Can they keep their lives safe and protect each other as the ex and his family and friends start making things a lot more dangerous for everyone around?

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Zack was ready to quit school and move to Hawaii just to be with Andrea. Lucky for Zack, Andrea convinced him to finish school, before making any drastic decisions. Zack promised to look Andrea up once he finished school, but he never did. I wanted to tie up that loose end. Blue Christmas The College Years by mrs. Jessie and Lisa will be part of the story! Again, I'm trying to create continuity not disrupt it. So, this is fun and interesting. Hope you like it.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Samuel Powers has promised to take Lisa to the Max and dress up. So Zachary Morris is a expert he and Slater give Samuel a makeover. Lisa, will not believe her eyes on what happens next. C Slater to come to the rescue before screech's reputation is ruined forever. Jessie grows jealous though. Bliss - Complete A Song of Friendship by iloveromance reviews After her struggle with dependence on caffeine pills, Jessie faces another struggle; that of guilt and fears about her future.

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Luckily there are always people who seem to understand. They fought alot in high school over silly things.

saved by the bell lisa and zach dating games

Yet they always remained the best of friends. When Zack and Kelly decide to marry AC doesn't think its a great idea but will support them. He knows that someone else needs to show support too and maybe a phone call will change everything.

Homecoming Party by mrs. This story takes place after Edited Episode: If they could actually sing like that it would be the greatest accomplishment in human history. You know how the ladies love obstacle course race winners. Carosi that he can win the big volleyball game against their rivals, with Mr.

Gary ends up dating Kelly at the end of the episode, which was thankfully never expounded upon.

saved by the bell lisa and zach dating games

Rent-a-Pop S02E07 In one of the classic misdirection episodes, Zack tries to stay out of trouble by hiring an actor to play Mr. Mark Blankfield plays the actor and is actually very funny throughout the entire ordeal. There may not be a better highlight in the episode than watching AC Slater rock out on a drum set while his curly, wet mullet flies in the wind. One quick question; how does driving a golf cart prepare you for operating an actual car?

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After a series of miscommunications and betrayals, all is fixed when the guys change their raps to apologies to their girls. Can you imagine how confused the audience was during this? As silly and fun as the show was, this was a great finale that focused on the evolution of the characters. Did I really just say that about Saved by the Bell?

The Zack Tapes S01E14 For some reason the students learn about subliminal advertising and Zack immediately exploits it for his own gain. His power of persuasion is so strong that it turns all of his victims into brainless zombies that obey his every demand.

His ploy is revealed and the entire school decides to put education on hold to pull a prank on him and get revenge. Who is the superintendent around here?

It was painful to watch. I met Patrick Muldoon, who played Jeff, and he said people still come up to him and say mean things because he broke up Zack and Kelly.

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Does he not realize how many dreams he crushed? Masquerade Ball S04E07 This was definitely the episode with the most moving parts and the only episode on the list that featured Tori. Zack and Slater both play to kiss Tori at the dance, but she finds out their plan and turns the whole thing on them. Get out of here, Tori. Pipe Dreams S03E11 Bayside strikes oil, but the whole program is shut down because Zack was in love with a duck named Becky. Do you think that oil is still there?

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If so, Zack should have mined it ages ago. Do you know how many George Michael tickets you could buy with that? For some reason the gang wants to buy tickets to a U2 concert. They discover a bag of cash, which leads them to believe the mob is after them. I would have preferred this to any of my proms. No expensive tuxedo or limo rental?