Taking the red pill dating websites

taking the red pill dating websites

It is in a dating website's financial best interest for the product to fail. The interesting thing about this .. November 28, Take The Red Pill. “And if she's that. I'm actually now scared to continue dating this girl now because I feel like . Here's the thing about taking advice from The Red Pill, though. Recently, a comment at RPW mentioned a red pill dating site (no, not the April Fool's joke, but that one was funny!) and one or two others.

That's the one you ought to get. Have you read the Bible yet? It might be valuable to you too, even if you do not believe. Your vocabulary, how is it? If you haven't got the word for it, then you can't think about it. Find the right word for it, and learn it. Proles do not understand words and the power of the right words, and that's one of the reasons why they're still cattle.

You see, they don't really get that they are, and if they do, it's very hard for them to stop being cattle. New movies are shit.

taking the red pill dating websites

Old movies are better. Some new movies are good, but the majority is just indoctrination to keep you docile. But what I wrote about books is also true about movies and TV. Great movies and Great TV is like great books on fast forward. When you do watch movies, any movie look for bio-RP-Truths. What Bio-Truths about girls can you find in Tangled, for instance? Stop playing video games. Women are not magical, celestial, heavenly creatures anymore. They are either good, god-fearing, assisting helpers to their family, and those women believe in the old ways.

Or they are single feminists, who are fat, loud, slutty and slow-brained, who do not properly raise or maintain good men. Think in terms of this: Women either support you loyally, or they grind you down like cancer. Develop disdain and avoid those who do not try as hard as you do. You are the average of your five best friends, and if they're pathetic, you're also pathetic. So you need to ditch them. You want great friends? They need to want you too, or else they will be without you, so get your shit in order.

Learn to be okay with boredom. The proles don't, and they seek new awesome stuff daily, and that's why they fail. They don't practice anything, so they are mediocre to shit in everything. Except what they've been bred to do. So whatever you try to learn, to get better at every day. Drop anyone who accuses you trying too hard, because they're afraid of losing you, which they ought, since they're holding you down. Get comfortable being alone. You'll do most of your stuff alone.

Sometimes you don't want to be with friends. Somethings friends won't help, sometimes they can't help you. If men around you give an inch to feminism, they're morons. Morons who do not realize that they're selling everything and everyone for the possibility of a fuck, with any girl. Even the unattractive girls. They will sell themselves, you, his wallet, your wallet, his beliefs, your beliefs. Those guys aren't your friends, and they are to slow-brained to get that.

They aren't even aware of what they're doing, so they are the one's you need to avoid. Men who are shameless about Traditional, Reactionary Religion or shameless about their hobbies or beliefs are those you want to get friends with. I have a friend who sends me pictures of his dick to me daily, and I do similar shit back to him.

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I Believe, He doesn't. But that doesn't really matter to me. He is a friend. Not the other guy, who claims to be a good christian, and tries to sell me, who agrees with the feminist. I don't like the dickpics, really, but at least he knows what he is doing. Unlike the donkey who doesn't understand why women do not respond to him and his advances, but avoids him more than I do.

Red Pill Theory

Treat women as femine, dumb, silly, young boys, with whom it's okay to have sex. If they are more than that, they'll impress you, and you can apologize if you want, but the majority is to be avoided just like any other cost. Only one woman gets to be your wife, so who gives a shit about the rest of them, really? Women aren't as smart as men, nor can they lead, because they aren't supposed to lead.

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They're here for us, for their family, to obey her brothers and elders, for the sake of giving us children. But if they find you unattractive, you're not a man yet. Because a man is person who makes more than he consumes.

taking the red pill dating websites

A child, a growing boy with potential still costs. Great women are worth their cost, partly because they cost so little in comparison. My favourite sentence of all time credit to Jim Rohn is: Or are you going to be a Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Upworthy sort of guy? Conventional dating advice to men consists of a few cliched refrains: Talk to her about it!

Mainstream dating and relationship advice consists of equal parts useless platitudes, and counter-productive self-sabotage.

The world is starting to come around with popular books such as Wheat Bellya good popular introduction but the evidence has been clearly in favour of high-fat, grain-free diets for a long time. As Taubes points out, diet books from the s recommended restricting bread and pasta. The Red Pill community is also one of the few places that keeps an open mind to the potential benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Young Men.

Could it be Zinc?

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Is his whey isolate Does he use HIIT or high volume? Not to rag on good training, diet and supplement advice I supplement with Zinc and Vitamin D and I recommend you do the same but it is ridiculous to write about high-level strength training and bodybuilding, without mentioning the elephant in the room.

Red Pill blogs will not hold back from telling you the truth.

taking the red pill dating websites

The Red Pill is the only community that gives you the no-nonsense advice to avoid the major landlines: Consider that Return of Kingsthe most diverse and prolific collection of Red Pill articles on the internet, uses the tagline: There is no room for cooperation between masculine men, and the sort of woman who interprets the mere expression of masculinity as offensive. The Red Pill will cleanse you of whatever negativity in your self-image remains. In a similar vein: We started reading eye-opening blog posts by men like Steve Sailer and Chuck Rosswho showed us the hypocritical reality behind modern racial politics.

Incidentally, I believe that modern progressive racial ideology is at least as harmful to American black men. Some of our best and most popular writers are Black, Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern, and for the most part no one gives a shit and gets along great. Does meeting people off the internet sound weird to you? Spending your entire life with a weak crew, when you could be strategizing, sharing ideas, and chasing girls with like-minded men.

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