Tazza the hidden card shin se kyung dating

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tazza the hidden card shin se kyung dating

Tazza: The Hidden Card. Monday, 30 March Starring T.O.P, Shin Se-kyung, Yu Hae Jin, Honey Lee, Kwak Do-won. mins. In Korean with. Shin Se Kyung (신세경); South Korean; Shin Se-Kyeong was born in She came to public But after nine months of dating, they broke up in because of their busy schedules.. Hide ads with VIP , Tazza: The Hidden Card add. Release date. September 3 Tazza: The Hidden Card (Hangul: 타짜: 신의 손; RR: Tajja: Sineui Son; lit. based on Huh Young-man and Kim Se-yeong's manhwa of the same name. . "Shin Se-kyung, Choi Seung-hyun to co-star in Tazza 2".

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However, Shin's next project Fashion King was poorly received by audiences, particularly its controversial ending. Shin then released her first digital single, "You Were Sweet," which she recorded to promote a coffee franchise she models for. A former singer trainee in middle school, Shin has also contributed songs to the soundtrack of Hindsight, the charity album Love Tree Project, and did her own singing in showcase piece Acoustic.

tazza the hidden card shin se kyung dating

Inshe recorded a Christmas carol duet with Epitone Project. In March Shin returned to television in the melodrama When a Man Falls in Love opposite Song Seung-heon, but she received criticism from viewers for her passive character.

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The same year Shin was choosen as the first ever korean representative celebrity muse for Guess watches Inshe played a more "bold and confident" role in the gambling film Tazza: The Hidden Card, followed by the fantasy-action series Blade Man. In a break from her usual dramatic roles, Shin played an aspiring comedian in the webtoon adaptation The Girl Who Sees Smells in as the titular character, her supernatural ability to visualize scents is tapped to catch a serial killer.

Despite of just average ratings the drama manage to top Contents Power Index CPI rankings for the most influential dramas. Shin then reunited with Fashion King costar Yoo Ah-in in Six Flying Dragonswhere both actors won 4 awards for their great performance. Its another period drama from the screenwriters of Deep Rooted Tree. Its purpose to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science and culture in order to further universal respect for justice the rule of law and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in UN talents.

tazza the hidden card shin se kyung dating

Seung-hyeon and Se-kyeong have absolutely no reason to want to be together, however the whole concept rests on the fact that Seung-hyeon wants to make enough money to impress her, even though the interest she showed in him during their brief screen time together was minimal at best. However as the script has put zero effort into creating any kind of romantic tension or meaning between the pair, the reaction from most will likely be one of shrugging the shoulders.

After the reveal proceedings veer off the rails into an increasingly laughable series of melodramatic and graphically violent scenarios, which are at complete odds with the initial tone that the movie kicked off with, not to mention the brisk and colourful pacing of the original.

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The more the cumbersome minute runtime chugs along, the more a distinct impression is formed that Hyeong-cheol has bitten off more than he could chew by taking on this sequel. In an attempt to at least create some connectivity to the original, along the way Yoo Hae-jin reprises his role, and like in the original with Seung-woo, here he teams up with Seung-hyeon in an attempt to hustle the hustlers.

Kim Yoon-seok also reprises his role from the original, shoe horned into the last 30 minutes almost as if the producers thought that his presence would be enough to save everything which has come before and also give them an excuse to put his character on the promotional material.

Indeed while Yoon-seok was only a supporting player in the original, his character was one of the most memorable ones, with a scarred face and a zero tolerance policy for anyone that he catches cheating, his method of dealing with hustlers with a hammer was wince inducing in the best possible way. To get to the finale though, viewers will have to endure what amounts to close to an hour of little more than double cross upon double cross, once again exposing a script that appears to be so eager to come across as clever, it forsakes any chance of being fun.

tazza the hidden card shin se kyung dating

By the time the last round of successive backstabbing has taken place, most will have likely given up on caring what takes place during the penultimate game, as proceedings ensure what little investment we did have in the characters is trampled all over in the name of fitting in as many twists as possible. The Hidden Card saves the last nail in its coffin for the finale, in which all of the key players gather round a table for a game of Go-Stop that raises the stakes to the level of life and death.

In a move which leaves a particularly bad taste, Do-won states that to eliminate the chance of anyone cheating, the game should be played naked.

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Onscreen the suggestion plays out as ridiculous as it sounds on paper, and seems to blatantly be included for no other reason than to have Se-kyeong strip down to her underwear, in a scene which also includes her having to be searched for a hidden card finally, a connection to the title!

It speaks volumes that Kim Hye-soo revealed much more in the original, however despite featuring less nudity, the scene in The Hidden Card feels forced at best. The Hidden Card was one of them, up your sleeve is probably the best place to keep it.