The prime minister is dating episode 16 recap

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the prime minister is dating episode 16 recap

Oh boy was this a rough episode of Prime Minister and I. There was some .. In Ho asks Da Jung to date him after she ends it with Yul. Hostages is an Israeli drama television series that was first broadcast on Channel 10 in October season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, USair date . Adam is stuck with the Prime Minister in an abandoned Yeshiva building on the 16, 6, "Episode 6", Rotem Shamir, Omri Givon, Rotem Shamir, Omri Givon. Episode 1 wastes no time getting to the big questions of the series. Sir Antony Eden, the Prime Minister, learns of this uprising in the middle of.

Important enough to let everyone down and the people who are depending on him? If he goes out now and clears things up, Da Jung will become either a mistress type or a loose woman. She slaps him before saying thanks. Da Jung sees this.

Joon Ki gets a report from his staffer that this little twist has turned the tide of public opinion back towards Yul. In Ho brings Da Jung to a conference room for her to spend the night until the news dies down. She asks how his face is doing and In Ho admits he saw stars for a few seconds.

In Ho thanks her but she thanks him for coming up with this solution. And if things goes wrong, In Ho offers to take responsibility for everything.

He hands her a blanket and leaves while Da Jung wonders how he plans to take responsibility? Yul sits in his office and thinks about what In Ho and Da Jung said to him. Yul makes up his mind. Da Jung is sprawled on the sofa fast asleep. She turns over and falls off the sofa, opening her eyes to see Yul standing over her looking very disgusted. Then she will have to tell the world that they have broken up. He tells her to stop and she can leave now. Da Jung tells him to save all his exclusive interviews for his girlfriend her.

Especially her work place Scandal News. Da Jung says no to all the above. Da Jung calls Yul and asks him to save her number as the first speed dial before hanging up.

Hye Joo warns her not to mess up before storming off. Da Jung is wondering how to leave the building when In Ho comes by. She asks older brother Woo Ri whether he thinks dad will marry that girl. Joon Ki notes that Woo Ri is becoming more like his dad.

Yul and In Ho are heading home and discussing the high public opinion towards Yul now. He crumples the newspaper and throws it away. Yul comes him and asks what Joon Ki is doing here? Da Jung finds reporters gathered outside Scandal News headquarters. She gets a call from her dad who read the newspaper and demands to know what she is doing dating the future Prime Minister!

How can she find a guy who already has three kids! This involves her being dragged out while Yul is all verklempt and has to be restrained from going after her. Yul cries to his staff to be gentle with his woman otherwise she might shatter. Hee Chul wonders why Yul would have her tossed in the police station and Da Jung says it was because she asked to break up with him because of their vast differences.

Cue romantic ballad and a kiss in the rain.

the prime minister is dating episode 16 recap

Da Jung finishes her story and Hee Chul buys it because Da Jung prevented him from tracking the kids and also got an exclusive with Yul. Her editor tells her to call Yul right now then. Da Jung says she dialed wrong and calls back.

Da Jung asks him to come pick her up after work because her co-workers want to meet him. The Scandal team leave work and Da Jung keeps trying to explain that she is not lying and her honey is just upset at her for going to the press conference. Her coworkers tell her to bring Kwon Yul then if they are to believe her.

Yul speaks up and asks if someone is calling him. Everyone turns in shock to see Yul standing there. Da Jung runs towards Yul and they put their arms around each other. Yul takes Da Jung away leaving Hee Chul and her editor gaping that their romance is real. Da Jung is in the car and positively ecstatic that Yul magically showed up right on time. He warns her to pipe down since there is a driver also in the car and they need to keep up pretenses.

She asks why he came and he reminds her that she told him to come.

Prime Minister and I Episode 16 Recap

The driver hilarious turns on romantic music and tells Yul and Da Jung to not let his presence keep them from chatting. Hye-joo chases after him and protests that they both know Yul would never do such a thing.

And then Hye-joo uses her last card: He points out that no one could know how they truly feel though, and tells his daughter to take good care of them. He initially declines on account of being busy, but then changes his mind a moment later, much to her delight. Ooh I knew that would come back to bite later.

In-ho escorts Da-jung to her meeting with Na-young and asks if this is something she must do. Da-jung says she does. Na-young gets up at that, and Da-jung says that the children miss her very much.

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Her tears betray her words, however, and she later asks how long she has to keep this truth from Yul. Is it to his benefit to keep him in the dark? In-ho answers that on a humanistic level, Yul and the children should know the truth.

She declines a ride back and goes for a broody walk. Na-young walks back to the shelter, only to be met by a surprise visitor: Omg how cute—Yul picks out flowers to give to Da-jung, who in turn buys a watch for him. I think we need to have to talk about our flower choices, prime minister. Da-jung loves it all the same, which is what counts at the end of the day. Yul explains that he picked it because they symbolize innocence and pure of heart and was reminded of her.

He says that sounds like a farewell, and though she brushes it aside to put it on, the worry remains on his face. In the best casual tone she can muster, Da-jung asks if knowing the truth is always a good thing. What would Yul do in that situation? He asks where this is coming from and Da-jung plays it off as if simply asking for his opinion.

Hyun Joo agrees not to read the news and Won pulls her in for a hug. Eun Sang gets called out to the kitchen pantry by Tan in order to surrender her passport to him. He tells her to stay where he tells her to and do what he asks her to. Her body language is a bit stiff but all in all she reciprocates and the two kids kiss. Afterwards Tan hugs her and makes her promise again not to leave him. Tan decides to go to school with Eun Sang in the morning figuring Dad always knows so why bother scurrying around.

Afterwards, Rachel and Hyo Shin almost bump into each other in the hallway. To makes things less awkward, Rachel calls him and asks that he avoid her for the time being. They stop in the middle of the hallway and stare at each other and suddenly there is this tension. After Rachel walks away, Hyo Shin peeks to stare at her. Won scoffs at Tan doing all this for a girl but Tan candidly says that girl is his everything.

Young Do is looking at the bandaid Eun Sang gave him which leaves Myung Soo sighing about his lovelorn self. Myung Soo notices that Young Do has gotten skinnier lately and wants to take him out to eat. Young Do declines because he has another place to go.

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He walks up and drapes his coat over her before taking a seat. Eun Sang smiles to hear that. Eun Sang wishes she knew earlier that Young Do is both a good guy and a bad guy wrapped together.

Eun Sang tells Young Do to let her become a passerby in his life.

the prime minister is dating episode 16 recap

Eun Sang takes off the coat and thanks him, for a short time it felt warm. She tries to leave but Young Do tells her not to and he looks worried. Eun Sang says they agreed to meet before the meeting. Still Young Do can tell the look of someone planning to sneak away in the middle of the night.

He demands to know what happened? Has she been kicked out? Eun Sang walks away leaving Young Do sitting there in a daze. Tan goes to see Won and takes the key to the apartment from him. Won reminds him about the shareholders meeting and says Tan needs to vote to keep him. Won warns Tan that their dad will find that girl very quickly. So he will use everything in his power to protect that girl from now on.

Eun Sang sadly remembers the Chairman insulting her as young and shameless and ruining so much, making Rachel a laughingstock and destroying families and turning Tan into a joke in the eyes of the world. Eun Sang is waiting outside a store when Tan comes up and back hugs her.

Young Do has followed her in his car and looks sad before driving off.

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Tan and Eun Sang are modeling couple shoes and hanging happily at a cafe. Tan takes Eun Sang to the apartment he got from Won and says this is hers now. Tan says this is all he can do for now. Eun Sang is not happy with this and Tan knows and apologizes for doing things his way. Eun Sang notices the dreamcatcher hanging in the window and she blinks back her tears. They wave goodbye and Tan says they are like a real married couple.

Once the door closes, Eun Sang starts sobbing but stifles her cries. Everyone files into the conference room for the Empire Group shareholders meeting to vote on whether Won will be removed as President. The votes are so staggering that its clear Chairman Daddy never intended to remove Won and told his followers to vote for him from the get-go. Everyone looks stunned at the results while Chairman Daddy sits there with a self-satisfied smirk.

Chairman Daddy goes to congratulate him but Won glares at him before leaving. Ji Sook asks if Tan understood what just happened? Tan asks if that was all just a show? Ji Sook says Tan has grown up and warns him to stay away from Won who will be in a foul mood. Chairman Daddy says he did it to give Won a little taste of shame and embarrassment to have him run around like a headless chicken to get votes when he was never in danger to begin with.

Chairman Daddy says this whole exercise was also to teach Tan a lesson.