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the raid 2 review uk dating

Apr 10, You want hardcore? Here it is: after his extraordinary martial-arts picture The Raid set in gangland Jakarta, Gareth Evans gives us another slice. Nov 6, Read the Empire review of The Raid 2. Release date The Raid 2's plot, in fact, calls to mind a number of crime classics, not least Infernal. This item:The Raid/The Raid 2 Collection by Iko Uwais Blu-ray £ Studio: Entertainment One; DVD Release Date: 11 Aug. . Showing of reviews.

With this, his third film under Evan's tutelage, Iko Uwais finally proves himself a worthy hero. In the first Raid, and to some extent, in the duo's first collaboration, Merantau, the skilled stunt performer was a rather limited actor.

We could read his emotions, but not really "feel" them. In The Raid 2, Uwais convinces us of his fear, of his trepidation over being on the wrong side of extremely lethal situations.

Even when he's covered in mud, battling inmates in a prison riot or trading body blows in the epic finale, he sells the inner struggles. The rest of the cast is terrific, a compendium of professionals and fighters who form a kind of inner world where we buy the Olympian antics and Herculean harms.

Let's face itno real human could fight like Rama or survive the punishment he does, and yet Evans never once makes us doubt the authenticity of what's going on.

That's the key to any genre revision - changing the tenets without messing with the main idea.

A Gonzo 'Godfather': 'The Raid 2 - Berandal'

When Hong Kong invested their sometimes superficial stories with lots of wicked wire fu, it was the novelty, not the overall notion, which brought audiences in. The same can be said for slo-mo, CG, or that bile-producing earthquake cam. Once seated, however, your cinematic stunt better mesh flawlessly and deliver, or it will soon find itself on the pile of previous attempts at reinvention.

Sure, pencak silat is the same as any other hand to hand skill set. It takes someone like Gareth Evans, however, to make it work as part of a movie. With this, his third attempt at mixing martial arts with meaning, he truly succeeds.

Berandal is not only a terrific film, it's a game changer.

the raid 2 review uk dating

The Assassin subdues Rama. Bejo commands his men to get rid of him. In a car chase several vehicles are destroyed before Yuda is rescued and driven to safety.

Ryuichi informs Goto and Keichi that Reza was seen entering Bejo's restaurant. Goto tells Ryuichi to "take care of him". Ryuichi tells him Bejo is not alone.

He informs him of Uco's betrayal of his father. Goto declares war against Bejo, Uco, and Reza. When his son Keichi interjects, Goto responds, "They're not cops anymore. They're in my world now. Bunawar, who informs him the gang war escalated.

The police commissioner was shot dead. Bunawar claims Eka "went rogue" and ten honest cops died. He informs him that Reza, the true objective, is meeting Bejo and Uco at the restaurant. Rama breaches its warehouse and fights through Bejo's men. Bejo and Uco meet Reza to discuss terms against Goto.

the raid 2 review uk dating

Still shaken from his act of patricide, Uco discovers the bug in his wallet. Uncertain who planted it, he notices Bejo has the same tattoo as Benny, suggesting the prison attack may have been another attempt to spark a gang war. Uco sits in shock realizing he has been used. Rama defeats Bejo's three hitmen and disrupts the meeting carrying The Assassin's pair of karambit.

Bejo attempts to shoot him. Uco grabs another gun and shoots Reza dead.

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He shoots Bejo, before turning his gun towards Rama who throws the karambit at Uco then stabs him. Uco dies in his arms. Rama limps from the premises and encounters Keichi, Ryuichi and their men sent to attack the meeting. Bunawar drives to the site, Keichi smirks as he shares a silent dialogue with Rama. Rama is heard saying, "No His alias "Yuda" is a reference to Uwais' character in his debut film Merantau.

Arifin Putra as Uco, a nefarious mobster who is the impatient son and heir to Bangun. While the dramatic scenes are individually strong — particularly one portraying a karaoke session that goes sour — there is an enormous quantity of information to take in and a surprisingly measured, meditative tone, reminiscent of Only God Forgives.

The story-cogs take a good while to start whirring. Rama-lovers may also be disappointed that the cherubic killing-machine gets somewhat sidelined this time around. At points, the fact that this has been reverse-engineered into a Raid sequel can be felt. Memorable new additions to the swelling Raid mythology include Bejo Alex Abbada dapper psycho with shades and an unexplained limp, a Japanese crime syndicate headed by Kenichi Endo, star of the spectacularly titled Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger The Movie: There is an astonishing amount of violent action here, doled out in hearty portions and captured with such an unflinching gaze that even the strongest stomach might spasm.

Throats and knives interact. Heads are pulped into sausage-meat.