Who is the lead singer of afi dating

Gwen Stefani LEFT OUT as No Doubt form band with AFI's Davey Havok | Daily Mail Online

who is the lead singer of afi dating

Turns out, Davey Havok of AFI had not been made aware of the context of the .. What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't a musician?. Current A.F.I. band members are: Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget A.F.I. has released 7 albums up to date, including (oldest to most recent): "Answer That and My sister's fav band. the lead singer sounds like a girl or a boy going through. In the track released on Thursday she sings: 'I was fine before I met you. Gwen Stefani LEFT OUT as No Doubt form band with AFI's Davey Havok .. Elon Musk and singer ex-girlfriend Grimes spotted enjoying a meal of.

AFI’s Davey Havok talks rumors and misconceptions: “I don’t really get involved in any of that”

Following the good reception from the fans, they decided to reunite and record an album. Inthe band released Black Sails in the Sunsetwhich was the first album to include the current line-up: In the fall ofthey released the All Hallows EP.

who is the lead singer of afi dating

Inthey released The Art of Drowning to fair record sales. The group had toured with another band, Samhainon their reunion tour.


However, Havok told an interviewer that he'd never leave AFI as it was his own band. Inthe band's first major label release, Sing the Sorrowwas released, attaining great record sales.

who is the lead singer of afi dating

On June 6,Decemberunderground was released on Interscope Records. Havok, along with AFI, toured around the world. DecemberUnderground achieved Double Platinum status inhaving sold more than 2, copies worldwide.

who is the lead singer of afi dating

AFI's ninth studio album, Burialswas released on October 22, In lateAFI released a series of teaser videos featuring song clips and backwards audio, eventually revealed to be promotion for the band's tenth album, AFI The Blood Albumwhich was released on January 20, via Concord Music Group. Material was released on April 15, Released inthe record also marked AFI 's crossover into the mainstream.

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II," both of which were popular on MTV. Working again with Jerry Finn who had also produced records for blink and Green Daythe band began recording the follow-up that would be their most labor-intensive to date, resulting in two years of detailed songwriting. DecemberundergroundAFI 's seventh album, surfaced in on the Interscope label.

The album was an instant success, debuting at number one on the Billboard charts and launching a summer-long tour, followed by a string of overseas performances in October.

who is the lead singer of afi dating

While on tour, Havok and Puget dedicated their spare time to a side project that would eventually become Blaqk Audiowhich they debuted in early Live from Long Beach Arena later that same year, but the bandmates continued pursuing their own projects, with Hunter Burgan playing bass for several other bands while Jade Puget did remix work for the likes of the Cure.

AFI properly reconvened in to begin writing new material; by November, they had announced their intention to begin recording with producer David Bottrill.

Two months later, they traded Bottrill for a pair of new producers -- Joe McGrath and Jacknife Lee -- and continued working on the album, focusing on songs that were harder than those found on Decemberunderground.

who is the lead singer of afi dating

The result, Crash Lovewas their most straight-ahead rock record to date. The album was released in September and proved to be another success, though it did not chart as highly or sell as well as the previous two albums. AFI toured extensively throughout to promote the release before going quiet for a couple of years.