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In July of that year, he was among those who spoke in eulogy at Yrigoyen's funeral march.

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His first case as an attorney was representing political prisoners detained in his native Paso de los Libres for their support of the banned UCR. They built a summer cottage in at the then-secluded seaside resort town of Pinamar. After the birth in of their daughter, Elena their only childthe Frondizis named the cottage Elenita. In December of that year, he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt while addressing a crowd.

They parted ways in a few years. Frondizi drafted a progressive platform alternative the Declaration of Avellaneda for the UCR before the February elections. He was elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies in Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Frondizi at his inaugural As president, Frondizi struggled with conservative and military interference over much domestic and international policy.

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Because of economic problems in the country and a steep rise in consumer prices, the military forced him to impose harsh austerity measures inwhich resulted in civil unrest. Better able to maneuver after the recession, Frondizi began to see results from his economic policies known as desarrollismo — "developmentalism" ; byhe earned the support of much of the country's large middle class. He tried to lift the electoral ban on Peronism. This led the military to withdraw their support from his administration, as it opposed leftist populist movements and Communism.

Military pressure on Frondizi did not relent. He signed the Conintes Plan inwhich banned Communism and suspended civil libertiesbut he eschewed doing any implementation. Frondizi tried to negotiate an entente between the U. The military scuttled any future talks, and Frondizi adopted a neutral stance afterwards. They gained significant victories in the elections in March The news triggered a constitutional crisis instigated by the Argentine military.

Developmentalist Economic Plan[ edit ] Economist Rogelio Julio Frigeriohis closest adviser, promoted record local and foreign investment in energy and industry, helping Argentina become nearly self-sufficient in both. Arturo Frondizi Presidential Speech in Economic and development plan. National Public Radio Argentina in Spanish. Frondizi sought to strengthen the economy by solving the main economic problems that had haunted Argentina over the last twenty years.

These subsidies cost the treasury a million dollars a day. The nationalized companies were modernized and expanded. Critics say they resulted in too many employees and bloated payrolls that have since strained national budgets. Frondizi assigned economist Rogelio Julio Frigerio to develop a bold plan to make Argentina self-sufficient in motor vehicles and petroleum, as well as to quickly extend the country's semi-developed road and electric networks.

To achieve greater investment in industrial development, Frigerio supported passage of the Law of Foreign Investment. This provided foreign corporations with incentives similar to those offered to local ones.

It created the Department and Commission of Foreign Investments, which was also designed to give foreign investors more legal recourse when operating in the country. Such measures gained him broad support from Argentina's large middle class. Foreign direct investmentthough concentrated in the oil and auto sectors, extended into appliance manufacturing and other industries.

Many were ultraconservative and had well-documented racist and anti-Semitic attitudes and fascist ties. It required sharply devaluing the currency, curtailing the lending programs, and reducing subsidies and other social programs.

Alsogaray appeared on TV and, armed with economic pie charts, declared that Argentines "must go through winter. The recession allowed Frondizi to marginalize Alsogaray in favor of Rogelio Frigerio, and Alsogaray eventually resigned.

Arturo Frondizi

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That same year, he began his university studies, with the events of the aforementioned Universitarian Reform taking place in the country. From onwards, after moving to Cruz del Eje, he began intense political activity, which he alternated with his professional life.

In he was elected Provincial Senator for the Department of Cruz del Eje, in the elections that took place on November From toIllia served in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies. Election as President of Argentina[ edit ] Pres. Illia waves during his inaugural parade.

Benigno Varela middle that he "should keep this photo During this period, the army became the Praetorian Guard over the politics of the country, and even though elections still took place, these were marked by a considerable lack of legitimacy, since Peronism which was supported by a great portion of the Argentine citizenry was banned during this period.

From to the country had five presidents, of which only Arturo Frondizi was democratically elected.