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Main · Videos; Dating website about us dating quotes investigacion bibliografica yahoo dating investigacion bibliografica yahoo dating statcalc online dating. By dates, serve you serve by need, need, serve inasmuch want, want, want, want ? investigacion experimental yahoo dating investigacion experimental yahoo. 1Instituto de Investigaciones Psicológicas, Universidad Veracruzana. 00(52)- [email protected] . Studies to date have focused on some factors of the environment, such as noise in elementary .. Investigación experimental de algunos factores ambientales de los centros de desarrollo.

Despite the relevance of these studies at the global level, in Mexico, information has not been found on the restorativeness of school settings. On the other hand, studies outside Mexico, which are based on the dimensions of ART, focus mainly on the physical qualities of the environment, ignoring characteristics of social context that may be linked to the restorative process.

Most of the studies use adaptations of the Perceived Restorativeness Scale developed by Hartig, Korpela, Evans and Garlingwhich is an adequately reliable and valid scale of the dimensions of ART, but is designed to evaluate different natural and built environments, and therefore fails to incorporate certain particular elements of the reality of school settings. A theoretical review and limited advances in research on restorativeness in Mexican educational settings underscores the need for fuller knowledge of the context.

This project was implemented at high schools in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, and had the following objectives: Identify the rest spaces that high-school students used at their schools. Determine differences in perceived restorativeness in those spaces, and establish comparisons and associations for such perceptions in relation to students' sociodemographic variables, preference for place, and physical characteristics of schools presence of green areas and size of schools.

The participants' age range was 15 to 19 years, with a mean age of Participating students were chosen by school officials based on their schedules and availability of space.

The inclusion criteria required that students were enrolled in school at the time of the study and answered the questionnaires voluntarily and fully. Students in the last three semesters were excluded, because they enroll in vocational electives which may provide them access to different restorative spaces unavailable to other students.

Settings The study was conducted in the city of Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz, in eastern Mexico. In this context, high-school level education is offered by public and private schools, which are organized in different modes general high school, vocational high school, and technical professional education.

Seven schools of Xalapa constituted the study settings and presented widely varying characteristics, which are presented in Table 1. Instruments Sociodemographic and general data sheet. Also, lines were provided for students to describe the characteristics of their rest space and activities in which they could engage there.

A psychometric scale constructed and validated for the purposes of this study and the inherent characteristics of school spaces unpublished. The EPREE uses questions specifically designed to assess the dimensions of the restorative potential of school spaces. It uses a Likert pictorial format Reyes-Lagunes, with 5 answer options, with five boxes next to each question from larger to smallerwith options corresponding to a traditional Likert scale Totally agree to Totally disagree.

The scale consists of 20 questions, divided in five dimensions: Maps obtained from the software Google Earth Prowere usedto calculate total extent and viewed percentage of green areas at each school.

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Then, interviews were conducted with officers at each site to inform them of the terms of the study. Surveys were applied in Junewith the support of a total of six survey takers, who received prior training. The survey takers explained the instructions to the group at the start. Application of the survey took approximately 20 minutes, during which time the interviewers were available to answer questions and explain complicated terms to the students.

Data analysis was performed using the SPSS software version Statistical analysis Frequencies, percentages, and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the general characteristics of the population. Differences between groups for categorical variables were determined by means of the X2 test and, due to the lack of normality, the Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U tests were used on continuous variables.

As measures of association, a contingency coefficient was used for categorical variables and Spearman's correlation was used for continuous variables. RESULTS The general characteristics of the sample obtained are presented below, as well as a report on the most used rest spaces by school, along with their perceived restorativeness. Also the differences in perceived restorativeness based on students' sociodemographic characteristics are shown.

Subsequently, perceived restorativeness was compared regarding the students' favorite or not favorite place. General characteristics of the population Table 2 presents the general data for the population surveyed, including: In regards to the gender distribution in some schools, males outnumbered females in the sample and in others the opposite applied. The mean age presented significant differences. School F had the highest mean of all.

Grade averages also presented significant differences, with schools C and D reporting the highest averages. The fact that students at schools in the city center mainly schools B and C are dependent on parents with higher educational levels is noteworthy.

Most used rest spaces in schools The answers given by participants regarding the rest spaces they use were grouped in six major categories: Halls or balconies outside classrooms, 3.


Courtyards, patios, or playing fields, 4. Eating areas or cafeterias. Other spaces libraries, stairwells, school entrances. Rest spaces in schools and perceived restorativeness For comparative analysis of restorativeness in the categories of rest spaces, the Kruskal-Wallis was used.

It was necessary to exclude category 6, due to the variety of answers given, which reflected highly specific characteristics of the schools. To determine which rest spaces scored highest for each restorative characteristic, comparisons were made between the mean ranges of each of the categories for rest spaces grouping data from the 7 schoolsfor each factor in the scale and the total scale, by means of the Mann-Whitney U test.

Table 3 shows the statistically significant differences found between adjacent rest spaces, in the order of their mean ranks. On the other hand, classrooms were the spaces with the lowest perceived restorativeness, which received the lowest scores for all dimensions on the scale and for total restorative potential.

Perceived restorativeness in relation to students' sociodemographic characteristics To determine whether there were gender-based differences in the perceived restorativeness of school spaces, an analysis was conducted by means of the Mann-Whitney U test, which found that males perceive greater fascination mean rank: For the other dimensions, no statistically significant differences were found.

In all cases, the mean rank was higher for older students. Significant differences were also found in relation to the educational level of mothers as heads of households.

When the total restorative potential was analyzed using the rest of the sociodemographic variables studied, no statistically significant differences were found.

The least favorite spaces were classrooms 9. To determine whether rest spaces coincide with students' favorite places in schools, analyses of correlation by category were conducted.

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A significant contingency coefficient 0. To determine whether there were differences in perceived restorativeness between students who rested in their favorite places and those who rested elsewhere, an analysis was conducted by means of the Mann-Whitney Utest. School size and perceived restorativeness In order to determine if there were differences between small and large schools in relation to levels of perceived restorative potential, schools were grouped based on their size in two categories: Extent of green areas and perceived restorativeness As an important part of the theoretical considerations supporting this investigation, the restorativeness of schools based on their percentage of total extent of green areas was analyzed.

For this purpose, four groups were defined: Schools without green areas only potted plants2. The specific differences between groups were analyzed by means of the Mann- Whitney Utest. This was the overview, and only three schools A, B, and C had no spaces in the category of green areas. The study shows that green areas are the school spaces with the greatest perception of fascination, compatibility, extension, and total restorative potential.

To interpret this, it is important to consider that the activities for which spaces are used are important to perception of those qualities. Some comments collected on those spaces clearly confirm this: On the other hand, it was found that classrooms are the school spaces that receive the lowest scores for restorativeness and are at the bottom among preferred spaces, but are located where a majority of students spend their free time.

Some comments about classrooms are: It's almost all white and it almost always feels overcrowded". Of the five main categories considered for rest spaces, the spaces preferred by students are courtyards, patios, or playing fields These findings allow us to observe that the relationship between use of rest spaces and preference is inverted in some cases, where the most widely used rest space classroomis also the one least often mentioned as favorite and the preferred space courtyards, patios, or playing fields is in fourth place in use for rest, among the five categories.

This suggests that, although schools have different settings, short rest times do not allow students to get to distant sites which may have greater restorativeness. It is important to mention that outdoor spaces are used by some students who take part in athletic activities such as soccer and basketball. Therefore, it is proposed for future studies examining psychological restorativeness of school spaces, to consider the differences of access and time such athletic activities entail, where only some students are involved.

Mejia-Castillo and Lagunes-Cordoba found that halls or corridors outside classrooms are spaces where large numbers of students spend their rest time. The study found that those settings allow the perception of extent and therefore contribute greatly to perceived total restorative potential.

The findings presented here confirm that those spaces are widely used by students, occupying the second place in the use of rest spaces, only behind classrooms.

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