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Lars Erik Holmquist has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing Date of Patent: November 20, Assignee: Yahoo Holdings, Inc. Sep 8, View colleagues of Lars Erik Holmquist visual markers and radio frequency tags are due to a lack of up-to-date information about. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Holmquist, principal research scientist at Yahoo!, offers compelling Innovation: Strategies for Creating Digital Products eBook: Lars Erik Holmquist: Kindle Store. Rental price is determined by end date.

In at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITa group of science fiction-obsessed hackers created the first real-time computer game, Space War. Using a newly acquired and very expensive graphics display, they created a system where two spaceships did virtual battle in a computer-generated environment, complete with simulated gravity and hyperspace jumps.

Another groundbreaking effort at MIT was Evan Sutherland's Sketchpad inthe first computer-based drawing program. Rather than give the computer a stack of punch cards, or even type into a terminal, users would interact directly with their drawings using a so-called light pen, a pen-shaped input device. This mode of interaction emulated the way we normally interact with drawings while at the same time offering features that only a computer could give, such as effortless "undo" and a hierarchical organization of the components of a drawing.

In a contemporary recording, a reporter gushes about how the viewer will see a man "actually talking to a computer"—not with speech, but in a mode that was almost as effortless.

An even more complete vision of this computer future came with Douglas Engelbart's famous demonstration at the Stanford Research Institute in Here, Engelbart showed what was essentially a functioning version of the Memex, a vision of a worldwide information network imagined by Vannevar Bush in Computer terminals were connected in an information network that could call up information remotely, for instance, by clicking on a highlighted word in a text—just the way we use the World Wide Web today.

The system also included features such as live video conferencing, graphical windows, and a newly invented brick-shaped pointing device nicknamed a "mouse. The final pieces of the puzzle came together when Xerox, whose main business was in copy machines, decided to start a research center to figure out its next business model.

Envisioning a future where paper would go away the so-called paperless officeXerox gave its Palo Alto Research Center PARC essentially free hands to come up with the computer of the future. With close ties to Stanford and Engelbart's group, visionaries such as Alan Kay started to not just think of the future but to construct it in practice. Kay had already sketched a device he called the Dynabook, a precursor to today's laptops, which he envisioned as a computer suited for nonexpert users such as children and for creative tasks like drawing and music.

At PARC, researchers put their minds to building a functioning version of such a system. Thanks to newly emerging technology such as bitmapped displays which allow for more detail and faster updates than the then-dominating vector displayslaser printers a Xerox inventionand networking the Ethernet, the foundation of today's Internet, was also developed at PARCthey had the means to actually do this.

The result was the Xerox Alto, a computer workstation complete with a screen, mouse, keyboard, network connection, high-quality printer, and graphical user interface, completed in Compared to even the cheapest of today's laptops, the system was woefully underequipped—a primitive processor and kilobytes of primary memory—but when it came to interaction, all the pieces were there.

With the Alto, a user could sit down with an idea for a document, click on a symbol to start a graphical editing program, compose the document using both text and pictures, and then print it out exactly as it appeared onscreen. This was called "what you see is what you get," and it represented a quantum leap from other digital editing systems, which used command-based input and complicated page description languages. The metaphors used for the interaction with the system were picked from the office environment and dubbed the "desktop metaphor.

When users needed to move a block of text from one section to another, they would "cut" and "paste" it, just like if they were working on a regular piece of paper but using pointing and clicking rather than scissors and glue. Today, the computers that resulted from this development are literally everywhere, woven into the fabric of everyday life.

We use Internet-connected home computers to manage our travel tickets, to check what is playing at the theater, to chat with faraway friends. A method, apparatus and software related product e. According to an embodiment, the identification of one or more devices using gestures is asynchronous, so that the two or more devices do not have to be shaken together at the same time synchronously, which is one advantage over conventional approaches.

Another advantage is that various embodiments described herein do not require a user to download any special software applicationand it can work on all platforms, for example, with HTML5-compliant browsers. Grant Date of Patent: November 20, Assignee: Methods and systems for sharing content includes detecting a secondary device that is paired to a main device.

The main device is used to render publicly viewable content. Each secondary device is associated with a user and is used to access and view content provided by one or more content sources over a network and share the content with the main device and with other secondary devices.

Selection of a multimedia content for sharing, is detected at the secondary device. The selection causes the rendering of the multimedia content at a display screen of the secondary device. Share attributes defined for the multimedia content selected for sharing, is identified on the secondary device.

May 29, Assignee: May 17, Inventors: January 16, Assignee: Software receives a communication from a smart-television device. The communication includes a device identifier for the smart-television device and a geo-location for the smart-television device.

The geo-location results from collaborative location detection that uses stored geo-positions previously received from one or more mobile devices positioned proximate to the smart-television device. The software causes the smart-television device to display a first view that includes a visual icon and a message identifying a connected-television service.

The software receives a geo-position for a mobile device. Entrepreneurs who work for inclusion of the BoP need to focus on delivering impact to the communities and segments they want to serve and rest will fall in place. The whole social enterprise space is at its infancy, so opportunity to innovate is immense. There are many "low hanging fruits" in this sector, so the best thing which entrepreneurs can do, is to choose any and drive it with percent execution focus.

Social entrepreneurs need to invest good time in articulating their idea. This is very important, because only then can they communicate to stakeholders customers, investors, and others what they stand for, with minimal mismatch in expectations. The imperative to set up social enterprises impacting bottom of the pyramid population is felt now more than ever.

Social enterprises are not just about financial inclusion anymore. It has moved to several other sectors. As investors, we at Lok Capital believe in giving a lift to social enterprises across sectors. Lok Capital II will be focusing on four key sectors - financial services, education, healthcare, and employment services.

The common thread is "inclusion" i. One key aspect that will drive the successful delivery of BoP business models is technology. Most of them impact businesses, especially when they are serving the BoP as "customer", are trying to balance three things — a Quality b Accessibility, and c Affordability We feel technology for impact businesses is as important for any other business, but becomes significantly more relevant from the accessibility and affordability aspect.

How can we utilize technology for better reach and penetration accessibilityand in a cost effective manner affordability? Having said that, right technology and application development will always need the right, minimum scale, which is the other struggle for most impact businesses. So within the life cycle of Services Company the time to invest in technology becomes important. In our experience, technology for most of these BoPservices companies is always an enabler and not the key value proposition in itself.

Sometime people put too much focus on technology too soon. We have carefully selected sectors where the "demand" for the services is well established and proven.

Therefore, in theory, impact and financially viability can co-exist. Achieving both, social impact and financial viability is key to proving Lok s social VC model. Lok Capital is a Gurgaon based venture capital firm. It focuses on high potential financial inclusion and broader inclusion enterprises like education, healthcare and livelihood serving the bottom of pyramid BOP segment.

Be it buying a cell phone or selecting where you will have dinner tonight, almost all our decisions are affected by the results that appear on search engines.

In fact almost The names that appear as the top results win a large share of the market pie. But how do some websites make it to the top while the others lose? This makes the SEO a highly sought after industry.

However,the technology used for SEO is one that can be grasped easily by individuals. This gives rise to a host of freelancers who do internet marketing individually thus making it an unorganized sector. In the yeara young BE student saw a vision of creating a substantially big business in this unorganized sector. He is polite, motivated and looks like any other tech enthusiast.

But what sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he is the founder of a unique company that is transforming the SEO industry.

Calaméo - India Edition

He founded ClearpathTechnology to help businesses leverage the power of the internet. With approximately two billion people online, thousands of businesses now have an online presence.

But unless their websites appear prominently on major search engines, they cannot tap into this vast community of netizens. This is where Bansal positioned Clearpath. He began doing SEO which helped search engines find and rank website higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.

Theinitiation Clearpath had a modest beginning with as few as four employees but has now transformed into a market leader and employs more than employees across major Indian cities, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai and now Bangalore too. With the advent of time they understood the new demands of the industry and added other tools of internet marketing to their repertoire. Search engine marketing as a domain is most dominating in internet marketing and grasps a share of over 50 percent in the total business.

Its ability to drive direct traffic and thus direct sales makes it all the more important. Clearpath could sense this change in trend and thus steered itself towards internet marketing, a wide-ranged phenomenon which uses SEO in addition to other web marketing tools to attract the attention of potential customers and also search engines.

They also moved with the times and understood the value of sites such as Facebook andTwitter which today are an integral part of any internet marketing campaign. Tapping into these new modes of marketing gave them the much needed edge against their competitors. They now offer a bouquet of services right from pay per click, social media, local listings and reputation management. Clearpath has been able to harness the industry better than any other player in the market and is working towards creating a substantially big business within its sector.

Deepak Bansal The internet marketing industry is cluttered with a host of freelancers or home based businesses. Lovethyclient The company understood that a 50 year old businessman who runs a rather traditional business will not know the value of internet. Also, a small startup will suffers if its website is not picked up by search engines. It is the work of an SEO provider to assist their clients by leveraging the power of the internet.

Clearpath does exactly this. Bansal, a passionate entrepreneur, convinces his clients about the use of SEO and online marketing techniques. Several of his clients who were unaware and unsure about SEOs have benefitted immensely from the technology and today do not shy away from recommending the company to others. Raghvendra Agarwal, director of IRG World, a corporate leasing company exclaims that he was not very sure of the results that Clearpath Technology could bring to his company. This is not an isolated case.

Clearpath replicates it with almost all of its clients. With the services extended in complete internet marketing domain, Clearpath is a one stop solution for any internet based business.

To build a successful company like Clearpath is no ordinary task and their approach needs to be unique. Since a majority of their clients are based outside India, the round the clock work becomes all the more important. The company is dedicated towards its customers and do not give them a chance to complain. Rebekah Fensome, a UK based life coach and a long time Clearpath client says that the team keeps her updated all the time.

She also adds that her mails are answered almost immediately. Making clients happy is not an easy task for any organization.

But a personal connect with their clients makes this target attainable. Clearpath focuses heavily on building healthy customer relationships to better comprehend their needs and expectations. Peoplecentriccompany Acompany can grow only when its core strength, its people truly believe in it. But Clearpath boasts of several of its original team members still being with thecompany.

Their dedication seven years back has not waivered and has now transformed to confidence in the company. The company values its employees and works towards creating a positive environment for them to work in. Clearpath also believes that a company is only as strong as its weakest employee and thus gives importance to hiring the right talent.

To work in the internet domain, you require the perfect skill set. The company has worked hard towards recruiting talented people to work for them. After having tasted success in the NCR region they have moved their quest for quality to Mumbai and Bangalore where they opened offices in March and September respectively.

They believed that every region has its own culture and it would work better to have region specific employees who would connect better with the clients. Most of their back end work is done from their head office in Delhi and the new offices in Mumbai and Bangalore comprising mainly of sales teams.

The company also has plans to expand to Chennai next. With major business developments on their roadmap ahead, the company still has a long way to go according to Bansal. Companywithaheartofgold Before you pin down Clearpath as an aggressive business focused only on monetary growth, think again.

The humble company understands that it owes its success to the society and thus wants to give back to it. They are big on Corporate Social Responsibility. They have set up various eye and diabetes camps. But a truly unique achievement of the company which cannot be lauded enough is their effort to enrich the lives of physically disabled individuals.

The company employed three such special people and has trained them with the necessary domain knowledge. Clearpath believes that physical disability is only a minor setback and not a major deal breaker for them as employers. They want to train such people to give them a fair chance at living a life with dignity and financial security. The company aims at leveraging the power of technology to help its employees provide more accurate and effective output.

They are also planning to foray into mobile SEO which according to the company is going to grow into an important domain in the next few years. The company is also set to expand its business to other countries such as Dubai and Singapore within the next year since these are extraordinary business cities. With a motivated team, plans of expansion in sight, loyal customers and their heart in the right place, Clearpath Technology can only pave its way upwards. I was skeptical at first being that I am located in Australia, however their commitment to ensuring our businesses have ranked well on the key search engines has negated any borders.

Thanks again and I would have no hesitation recommending Clearpath Technologies to anyone interested in their services.

Whereas before I was dependent on being found through a web portal featuring my competition as well, my clients can now get in touch with me directly. I am very pleased. K si Clearpath believes thatacompanyisonly as strong as its weakest employee siliconindia 20 N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 2 siliconindia 21 N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 2 C CI IO O I In ns si ig gh ht ts s It is important that the higher authorities in the company are directly involved in the purchase requisition thus avoiding any compliance made by the secretaries while placing the order.

Portable devices and Mobile applications have ensured that the top management gets relevant information on their mobile so as to allow faster access for approval. This is an example of proper knowledge management system which is an extensively important implementation in the current scenario.

Virtualization is akin to placing all eggs in a single basket. It has always played an important role in reducing the cost of operation, and little did Tulip realize this until Narayanan transformed the company to a virtualized version and led to a whopping 70 percent deduction in power consumption. This equates to a return of investment ROI time for virtualization within a year.

With the sand clock turning upside down, it is time for the CIOs to change their roles from just being technocrats to that of business experts as technology can be explained by vendors or product specialists in the industry. Spending more time with sales, product development and the financial team is of paramount importance and there are some activities which compulsorily need the attention of the CIO. Some processes have nothing to do with technology but are more inclined towards careful planning and standardization in the organization.

For example, it usually takes about 25 days from billing to delivery of the product to the customers. If the CIO is capable of reducing the time frame to 18 days, then it can lead to positive revenue growth.

The more than 36 years of experience in the industry has taught me that you need to be the master in adapting the changing environment. Initially every management believed in micromanagement of the employees rather than developing faith and assigning responsibility to them.

Normally every person who begins a role in an organization starts as a technocrat. As the individual moves up in the hierarchy, he has to go up in the delegate and impose trust with the coworkers. Emphasizing on micromanagement will not lend enough time for strategy and creative innovation. This strategy has saved time and helped me in discussion with the various stakeholders in the organization. Technology is continuously changing making it important for the company to be flexible, scalable and upgradable.

This would enable the future needs of the organization as flexibility and scalability are big challenge in the IT infrastructure industry. As told to Vignesh. With multiple responsibilities within the organization, I wear several hats. But three of my resposibilities are more important.

Roles vary within the organization depending upon the need of the moment.

Lars Erik Holmquist

Thus, I also act as the product development manager. The overall experience of more than 36 years within the industry at large has helped immensely in implementing new initiatives within Tulip.

The normal problems faced, the pinpoints and how can they be addressed are some of the issues solved within the organization. The third cap is managing the network of professional employees in the team and their projects Currenttrendsintheindustry: Tulip is a managed services and connectivity player.

Rarely, some of the entities may not be working to the satisfaction of the end user; hence the trend is to give a deal for every transaction that the end user is going to do.

This will eventually lessen the possibility of dissatisfaction for the customer. Normally there is a database administrator who looks into the database structure. The applications manager, networking consultant and web server manager analyze the system as a whole. Together there are no discrepancies that can escape the eye of the team members. Thus the second trend is using multiple individuals within the firm to pinpoint faults rather than a single individual.

C R Narayanan initialized the virtualization of Tulip Telecom eventually leading to 70 percent reduction of power consumption by the company. With a market cap of Rs In a chat with Narayanan, he gives us prominent descriptions on how the industry has changed and new trends which are changing the course of IT. Today its is on the cusp of a major transformation.

We also hear his views about the transitioning role of a CIO and the absolute necessity for the IT team to transform to a business IT team. Excerpts from the interview. Chartingthegrowthgraph Yes Bank began rapid expansion a year and a half back and has reached a different stage in its maturity cycle where we are on an upwards growth trajectory. Our aim is to obtain retail liabilities and assets and build an entire retail franchise for the bank from scratch. The atmosphere is exciting and filled with enthusiasm.

The insights and learning from our past experiences lead to right choices today.

Lars Erik Holmquist

This challenging environment needs us to come up with innovative solutions which will ultimately impact the quality, cost efficiency and also customer execution. Being at the eye of growth is the most satisfying point for any professional. But the frontrunner is always innovation. Our sole purpose is to keep Yes Bank ahead of the technology curve. Internet solutions are not enough and they want solutions on their mobile and on social media.

They require instant gratification of needs. Banks today are transforming using technology to keep pace with the customers. Apart from external customers the bank staff and people working in the back office also expect sophisticated technology to aid their functioning. Nobody wants to log into 10 different systems to complete one transaction. They want all their work to be done on a single screen. The entire technology landscape has evolved where we have cloud based deliverables both on private and public cloud.

We are enabled to increase and enhance scale as the customer wants. The entire process has become extremely agile and fast. ChangingroleofIT There was a time when banks used to own everything, but today we function on partnerships. Banks maintain the core operations and product and sales infrastructure, but when it comes to technology servicing, the organization forges partnerships to help maintain the infrastructure and enable a smooth functioning.

It has become increasingly important for the technology team to understand the business domain and quarterly priorities. They must work closely with partners who will be able to deliver the right solutions. This provides more flexibility in terms of pricing, and also helps in increasing agility. IT is now measured in terms of deliverable values.

Today, we do not talk about uptime or project timeline only; we talk about how IT has created business value by delivering a particular project. IT matrices are converting to business matrices. The transaction volumes and the scale of growth have increased manifold. To cope with these volumes we maintain a private cloud environment where we can scale up as required. In terms of software, we have already got into a grid architecture which means there is no glance or a single application server to cater to everything.

And as you scale up, it simply keeps up adding that to the application server so that you can take the load and scale up. There is a huge amount of unstructured data which is outside the core banking environment which could be residing on the web.

Using various partnership models that do all the analytics that we require, we define what kind of big data analytics, and structured and unstructured data we want.

They also help us to get data related to customer sentiment or lead management or getting feedback on how particular product is performing in the market or co-creation of the product in the market. We have started virtualizing our end desktop. Due to the inherent security features which virtual desktop environment lets you put, you can actually put a board of restriction.

You have to patch up or the end user device has to come at a particular level before you can login into an infrastructure. Since everything rests in the central servers and nothing on local devices we are able to tackle any security issue surrounding BYOD. Our technical man force cannot do only with technical skill set.

They must also possess soft skills such as leadership and communication skills along with marketing and sales skills. Our biggest challenge lies in transforming the mindset of our technical workforce.

They need to have a business outlook.