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ptqmf yahoo dating Assay results from a total of 41,m of diamond drilling have now been disclosed to date on the Toroparu Property. . (TSX:PTQ)(OTCBB:PTQMF)(FRANKFURT:P7Z) announces that Iberian has. rruff, I have a theory shorts are getting very nervous as the 26 July date approaches. PETAQUILLA MINERALS|PTQMF|BB||0||| |1 YAHOO JAPAN CORP|YAHOF|NBB||0||||1. Yahoo! Personals was an online dating service provided by Yahoo!. Contents. 1 Features; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links. Features[edit]. The Yahoo!.

My biggest up day in a long time. Terrapin22 Phil, I just wanted to say thanks for being there. The world needs more of you.

Your site continues to positively change my life daily. Chasw Phil is a fundamentalist to his fingertips.

As such, his recommendations are invaluable to a investor who takes a value-oriented approach. I've been here 6 months, mostly watching and learning.

Lots of smart people on the site and I've learned a lot from Phil and many others. I have learned a lot and am still learning even occasionally about political issues - ha! Phil's Stock World has been the most important site in my financial life. It's impact on me over the past years has been huge.

As have my tax bills! Winston Thank God for Phil. When I first started to read it, none of it made a blind bit of sense to me, but I stuck with it and gradually began to work through some of the trades to see how it worked. Now I am putting on 5: Tomorrow, I will let them expire, with the RUT at give or take. I didn't care when the RUT went tonor when it dropped to Easiest, no touch money I've made in a long time.

Judahbenhur I cannot believe the success I have had in the last 6 months because of what I have learned here! It has been truly life changing.

Petaquilla Minerals - Top-Job im Urwald (Seite 91)

It's like the old adage about teaching someone how to fish instead of just giving them a fish. Thank you Phil, I am forever grateful and hope I have helped someone else along the way.

ptqmf yahoo dating

As suggested I am taking the money and running to home depot for some shelter supplies! This is the grand finale of several successful trades from you through this roller-coster and as you have further suggested it is time for me to sit back and relax in cash.

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May even be able to talk my wife into the premium membership after these intelligent trades in a stupid market. You should know that your premium membership is amazing on many levels, You and your readers offer a ton of economic and statistical analysis that I was able to use in my clerical level job in finance. It's a shame that someone as talented and honest as you is not on television each night providing a true service to the investing public and not the clowns and hucksters that are talking up their books to dump on retail investors.

Sorry for the long post. I had to say something to you that I never thought I would have the opportunity to. You helped put my family in an almost debt-free life through the stock and option plays that I made during my time as a customer of your service and that has made us very happy.

You are a good man and I wish you and your family many years of joy and happiness.

Gabelli Gold Fund, Inc. (Form: N-PX, Received: 08/28/ )

I wish I could do ads for you! DaveJ What a great post today, Phil. A veritable feast of ideas! I've been reading your posts for years and have modeled my whole trading style after yours. You should be taking 2 and 20 off of me at this point???? I don't post often so I want to say thanks for sharing your incredible market acumen with all of us.

Your site has a unusually talented group of investors and some characters and I enjoy my days trading more because of it. DaveW You are doing a fantastic job. I think most of us our very well balanced and consequently have learned how to manage through these ever so short declines in the market without panic. Dclark41 Your board has been fantastic helping the less experienced includes me navigate through all the turmoil.

The contributions from your members has been well rounded, objective, and extremely helpful. Sans the politics you have built a fantastic community and that is a tribute to you. I thank you and all fellow members for there contributions over the past few days. Have a great weekend!! Thanks for the tip. I remember back in March of '09, you stated " Unless you think the country is going to hell in a hand-basket, NOW is the time to do your buying". Now that was the best Ford I ever owned I now drive a Mercedes but still "love" the Ford.

Over the last week I have been trimming back my positions selling stock and taking out my callers and putters. With money to spare from those positions. Texasmotion Phil - Moved today to send kudos. I do not trade I give you lots of attaboys I have followed this company for quite some time and did not feel comfortable with getting on board with them in the past for a lot of reasons.

The main problem was their past management, which did not have such a great track record for getting things done, especially on time. For a long time it seemed that Petaquilla was just a very poorly managed junior mining company. There were also other issues that introduced too much risk for me, such as the politics of starting up the first mine in Panama in modern times. So off and on I kept an eye on Petaquilla to see if they would resolve some of these issues or not.

It is good to be patient when you are in the world of junior mining stocks. Take your time and wait for the opportunities to meet your requirements. Some penny mining stocks can begin as real ugly ducklings and eventually turn into beautiful swans.

However, many of them unfortunately will not turn into anything at all. Petaquilla lost a lot of trust over course of with delay after delay, a quickly dropping stock price, and a lost of confidence in their then CEO Richard Fifer. Richard Fifer was surrounded in controversy which I believe made many investors uncomfortable and head for the exits. However inPetaquilla started to turn the corner. There were many positive changes that really removed a ton of risk for this junior gold stock.

After reviewing the events of and earlyPetaquilla now meets the requirements for my hot penny stock picks list. After many delays, Petaquilla finally makes its first gold pour. Perhaps the best news! Fifer should have left too.

ptqmf yahoo dating

Panamanian Government authorizes commercial production. Discovery of significant gold mineralization on its Oro Del Norte concession. Producing 6, ounces of gold per month. Commences exploration drilling program Oro del Norte concession. Petaquilla is a Canadian mining stock in position for its share price to move substantially higher over the next 6 months if they continue to execute well.

They are already producing gold produced over 26, oz of gold! Resource expansion in on going and could add much more upside to this company by the end of Elimination of this debt will dramatically improve their bottom line.

ptqmf yahoo dating

This is about 7. With this kind of profit potential, Petaquilla certainly looks like pretty good play. People- Recent management shakeup has been very positive for the company. Oro Del Norte concession could have times mine life of Molejon.

Financial risk pretty much eliminated. Also, good Oro Del Norte drill results could put a nice pop in the share price.

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