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It comes with fantastic programming tools to make you intimely interact with objects, an object being an elementary computational unit.

You will miss the beauty of the thing. You would not enter a French restaurant and order a cheeseburger. You may want to try to work with the core of Roassal. Just focus on Part I of this book.

The related code is everything contains within the Roassal2-Core package. Just look at the Roassal Example in the example browser, within Pharo. Play a bit with the concepts belong to Roassal core. Once you understand the basic functionalities of Roassal, we invite you to read more about the builder infrastructure.

Builder enables fantastic scripting and visualization composition not seen anywhere else! One last advice before beginning your journey: Builders may ease your life! The book is essentially about programming interactive visualization using D3. Roassal addresses this problems in a particular perspective. Other perspectives are also available: Acknowledgements We would like to thank various people who have contributed to this book. In particular, we would like to thank: Your enthusiastic support and trust in what we have done has always been invaluable.

We thank Inria Lille Nord Europe for supporting this open-source project and for hosting the web site of this book. We also thank Object Profile for sponsoring the cover.


The chapter assumes you have i some basic notion of programming and ii have a connection to internet. Basic Installation From scratch novice Installing Roassal is fairly easy. It is just the matter of downloading a couple of files. You simply need to download two. The files are available form: You can get it from http: Pick the virtual machine according to your platform and operating system. The virtual machine weights less than 5 Mb. Create a folder and unzip the two downloaded archives.


And voila, Roassal, Moose, and Pharo are installed. Your filesystem will not be polluted: Loading from Pharo advanced In case you are a Pharo user and want to integrate Roassal in your working developping environment, you may be interested in loading Roassal directly from its repository. Here is the Gofer script to execute in a Playground: Running Roassal Dragging-and-dropping the file moose.

Moose is a platform for data and software analysis. There are many types of data that users need to manage and access otherwise.

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For example, users keep word processing documents, spreadsheets documents, calendars and schedules, numbers of telephones and addresses, electronic mails and voice messages, financial information and as successively. Users also want to receive regular information from various sources, such as telephone calls, electronic mail and other readable messages, pages, alarms and so on.

Users can access this data to solicitndolos demand from storage, or data can be sent in real time to the user, such as a text message or pager, or as graphics or a mailbox of voice on a portable device computation. In general, users receive and maintain such varied information on various devices including personal computers, handheld computers, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

At the same time, each user tpicas is changing situations regularly. For example, a user may prefer not to receive a call from a cellular telephone in a restaurant unless the call is an emergency, but can leave the phone on and risk getting other calls, or turn off the phone telephone and risk losing emergency calls.

La plataforma necesita ser escalable, extensible y permitir un control considerable o personalizado por cada uno de los usuarios. The platform needs to be scalable, extensible and allow considerable control or customized for each user. In addition, the various data exchanged should be well defined, so that, for example, the current situation of the user can be described in a manner that is consistent, or receives a notification from a source of information and handled the same standardized, regardless of the source.

EP-A relates to a unique technology of introduction data in which the data is transmitted to receivers according to a particular state of the intended recipients.

The technique enables a network server enable the transfer of data from a source server to a client entity, based on the particular state of the customer entity.

El estado de la entidad del cliente puede ser el estado de estar conectado a la red. The status of the client entity may be the state of being connected to the network. The network server provides access to information transient state entities network client.

Status information specifies whether a particular device is connected to the network, if a given user is logged onto the network and whether a particular user is actively involved in a particular application.

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The system includes a message distribution center connected to at least one source of information and arranged to process the data to generate messages for a particular subscriber information according to a subscriber profile defined by the user.

Information messages are transmitted to the mobile subscriber terminal in the form of text messaging short message service. Information messages can be transmitted at predetermined times or when a predetermined or may be dependent on localization of the subscriber event occurs.

A particular subscriber can also request information from the information source at any time, from any localizacino based on an event, and receive the information, as well as information messages mentioned above, in a format intended for men.

The document "Negotiation based effective agent for telecommunications services" from G. The purpose of this agent is to select the best service combinations offered by multiple service providers, taking into account user preferences According encoded in the user profile as the corresponding charges given by suppliers.

The analyzed agent is based on a simple model for the calculation information online user utility of various combinations of services, and an algorithm for negociacinrpida and effective, that is not based any supposition about the structure of the provider's rates. EP-AO relates to a dynamic masking and modification of media content based on the content specification.